Jos Thoné (As, BE): 1st National Bourges II 2021 with the moto “Never give up”

Jos Thoné from As is the National Victor of Bourges II 2021 against 8.409 old birds and the fastest out of all 39.072 pigeons. “Nina” (BE19-5095058) traversed 491.957 km with an average velocity of 1621.75 m.min. The perfect story of the determined master Jos Thoné and his team.

For any flock of pigeons, 2021 has turned out to be a harsh year, there have been plenty of losses among both the younglings and the experienced yearlings and old birds. Jos Thoné in the Limburgian As was no exception. The All-round colony suffered increasingly heavy blows, heavy losses on the disaster races as well as birds of prey, which caused an understandable amount of unrest and nerves. Thoné was difficult to enjoy during these moments, but Jos is an ace fancier, and he was not going to throw in the towel. To any who would listen, he would express his steadfast belief in his colony. It cost him and his team plenty of energy, but he got his optimism through. “Never give up” was the motto of the entire season. And the end result?  A well-deserved national victory Bourges II with “Nina”. Is that name a coincidence? Most certainly not, but that name had already been given before that other Limburgian Nina (Derwael) conquered gold at the Olympic games in Tokio. That should tell you everything you need to know about the confidence that Jos Thoné has in this pigeon.

Bourges II

Earlier in this reportage, we briefly discussed disaster races. There was the disaster race from Sens, with an unprecedented scale of losses. Jos lost his top hen “Sega” (BE18-5025677), a sister of “Nina” with western victories at the short middle distance (2 x Sourdun (320km) and Melun (344km). Jos could not be enjoyed that week, but even here he turned the tide because “Sega” returned home and was the following week excellent at the short-distance race Chimay. There was also “Remco”, 12th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance Yearlings 2019 and partner of “Nina”. He stayed behind on another disaster race and was reported a week later in Germany. And then came Bourges II

"Nina": the National victor of Bourges II.

This national race had been looking promising for the Limburgian lofts. Jos said “This Bourges II was a golden opportunity. I had to win big and thus I also basketed my middle-distance birds “Sega” and “Nina”. I believed in my chances, made sure there was extra motivation and remembered my national victory at Tulle 2018, won by “Tilly”, who hadn’t been on the pan that entire year. “Nina” hadn't not been on the pan yet, but also saw her loft mate “Remco" again. The result: an explosion of motivation.”

Jos went on to tell us the story of “Nina”’s homecoming : “She came down like a missile, immediately chose the correct entrance, right down on the Antenna, we watched breathlessly on the computer, the tension and emotion, the countless congratulation, the best the pigeon sport has to offer,… It was only made better by being able to say that “Remco”, the partner of “Nina” had arrived on the loft as well in between the congratulations, good enough for the 29th National, thank you very much.”

Jos told us the story as an overjoyed newcomer who just won his very first race, even though he regularly stands at the apex of the podium.

"Remco": partner of “Nina” and himself 29th Nat. Bourges II.

Click here to view the pedigree of "Remco"

The Bourges-weekend was one to remember with among others.

1st (fastest 39.072 pigeons) and 29th Nat. Bourges 8.410 old birds
22nd and 85th Nat. Bourges 11.952 yearlings
50th National Bourges 18.710 younglings with ‘BE21-5035002’ son ‘Pano’ x ‘Sua’ (see pedigree)
21st Nat. Tulle 7.267 pigeons with ‘Figaro’, direct son of ‘Figo James’ (see pedigree)

“Sua”: mother of the 50th National Bourges younglings.

Pedigree of “50th Nat. Bourges younglings”.

“Figo James”: father of the 21st Nat. Tulle 7.267 pigeons.

Pedigree of “Figaro”, direct son of “Figo James”

Jos Thoné with his sons Xavier and Maxim.

“Everything has to go perfect in the pigeon sport of modern times,” says Jos humbly, as is fitting for a true sportsman after winning this Bourges II, a classic that was not yet on his massive honours list with 7 National and 2 International victories. The two youngest national victories came from “Tilly” at Tulle in 2016 and “Sachi” at La Souterraine in 2012. Now Bourges II is added to this impressive list of achievements. Jos says “For our old bids and yearlings this Bourges is the conclusion of a challenging season 2021, they get to stay at the loft from now on. Only the younglings still have races to race, after all it is of grave importance that they are properly trained.”


Jos Thoné has, up till now, achieved 1st place 81 times this year, including doubles. Among these victories are “Rhea” with 1st club / 4th Chimay – 1.138 pigeons (140km) and “Rombina” with 1st club / 9th Dizy-le-Gros - 752 old birds (189km):

VIERZON 23-05-21 (492 km) 24th Prov. Vierzon of 4.530 old birds + yearlings with BE20-5040292 direct from ‘Gaggan’ (= 9/1.638 yearlings) MELUN (334 KM) 29.05.2021 1st Melun (334 km) – 1,626 pigeons with 'Rhea' (= 15th Prov. – 12,123 old birds + yearlings) BOURGES I 29.05.2021 18th Nat. c. Bourges - 1,962 old birds (493 km) with ‘Kirana’ (h.sister ’Nina’) CHATEAUROUX I 2021 (547 KM) 2nd Nat. c. Chateauroux - 2,830 old birds with 'Oliver 149' bred from Superbreeder 'Oliver' x 'Alabama' also 3.-5.-6.-18... Nat. c. Chateauroux, old birds 3rd Nat. c. Chateauroux - 1,414 yearlings with son 'Figo James' bred from 'Figo James' x 'Ria' (inbred 'Sedna') also 10.-20.-31... Nat. c. Chateauroux, yearlings ARGENTON, NATIONAL RACE 19-06-2021 (572 KM) 2nd Nat. c. Argenton (572 km) 1,588 yearlings with daughter 'Billy' = 11th fastest Prov. Argenton against 2,989 yearlings + old birds = 139th Nat. Argenton 21,282 pigeons VALENCE, NATIONAL RACE 19-06-2021 (678 KM) 19th Prov. Valence 1,206 old birds with BE19-5095305 'Special Opium' CHATEAUROUX NATIONAL RACE 17.07.2021 (547 KM) 1st Nat. c. Chateauroux, fastest old birds + yearlings = 82nd Nat. Chateauroux 7,100 pigeons with 'Felix' son 'Fyto' x 'Zara'. 'Felix' already won 69th Prov. Sens (355 km) 5,080 pigeons in 2019. He is also to 'Galaxus' and 'Hulk', two top racers. BOURGES II (VIERZON) - 31-07-21 1st Nat. Bourges II 2021 - 8,410 old birds, fastest 39,068 pigeons with 'Nina' but also, 29th Nat. Bourges II of 8,410 old birds with 'Remco’ TULLE (670km) 31-07-21 21st Nat. Tulle (670 km) - 7,267 yearlings with son 'Figo James' x ‘Ria’ (bloodline ’Sedna’)

Pedigree of “Felix” (BE18-5025894)

Figo James

Important references this season 2021:

- 1/11.261 p. Chimay 215 km (Thed v. Wel, NL) father ‘Eagle Koka' is 100% Thoné (grandson superbreeder ‘Koen’)
- 1/537 p. (Gert Noels, Ham BE) from son ‘Sachi’
- Gianni Fascella (Bray, BE) wins 1.-3.-5.-6... Semi-National Bourges I 29.05.2021 (390 km) of 2,446 birds.
- The winning bird (= 1st Nat. zone B2 Bourges (390 km) of 4,675 birds) is bred from a full sister to 1st Nat. Acebird 'Babe', bred from super breeding pair 'Apollo' x 'Lena'. He bought this pigeon in an auction on PIPA!
- 7th Int. Pau 14,246 pigeons ( = 5th Nat. / 5000 p.) 721 km. Winning hen is bred from 'Koen' x 'Tilly 879' h.sister ‘Tilly’ (bred by Jos Thoné)
- Marc Spalart, Normandy, France wins 1st Federal Perpignan with grandson 'Crow'
- 5th Nat. Narbonne (880km) 5,972 yearlings, raced by Luc & Stef Mommen (bred by Jos Thoné)

More extremely good references from every corner of the world, in particular Montenegro, Peru, Columbia, but also nearby France and the United Kingdom

Jos Thoné with family and friends: Bourges II brought great joy.