Jos & Lars Vercammen (Vremde, BE) claim 1st Zone Argenton in an already successful season

Father and son Vercammen have already won about ten first prizes this season, and after a long series of first prizes at club and regional level they eventually managed to add a big victory to their palmares as well, winning a 1st Zone Argenton on 24th of June. Their first prize winner was Lilly, a daughter of Mustang (1st Nat. Châteauroux) and a half sister of Aladdin (1st Nat. Bourges).

Jos with racing hen Lilly, 1st Zone and 1st Provincial Argenton

Icing on the cake

The pigeons from Vremde had shown to be in great form over the past few weeks, as you can tell from the list of achievements of the racing team in April, May and June. They managed to win a first prize almost every single week:

Melun (310 km)
ZAV 832 olds: 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-17-26-27-28-38-41-47-49-51-… (29/34)
ZAV 482 YLs: 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-22-23-30-33-37-39-… (24/29)

Noyon (208 km)
Pallieter 524 YLs: 1-2-3-6-7-12-25-26-29-34-39-40-54-… (23/41)
1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest 786 p.

Chevrainvilliers (354 km)
ZAV 688 olds: 1-2-3-8-15-17-28-29-32-33-40-42-44-47-49-50-51-55-57-… (37/67)
ZAV 480 YLs: 1-8-10-19-20-23-24-26-27-28-31-33-37-38-46-46-… (27/52)

Blois (462 km)
St.-Job 269 YLs: 1-2-7-9-11-13-18-19-23-24-… (27/32)

Brive (704 km)
St.-Job 146 olds: 1-2-… (7/10)
Provinciaal 793 olds: 4-8-… (7/10)

Noyon (208 km)
BAB 361 YLs: 1-3-10-12-13-15-16-18-25-31-37-… (18/42)
Fastest of 607 pigeons

Noyon (208 km)
Netekant 692 yearlings: 2-3-7-8-9-22-41-42-50-51-… (22/40)

Noyon (208 km)
Netekant 307 olds: 6-12-13-17-19-20-… (13/19)

Melun (310 km)
ZAV 351 YBs: 2-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-15-16-19-24-25-29-39-… (32/83)

Melun (310 km)
ZAV 713 olds: 7-11-13-19-25-26-40-45-52-53-54-56-… (23/35)
ZAV 461 YLs: 5-8-10-15-18-28-32-33-34-… (18/28)

Racing hen Lilly was responsible for the first major highlight of the season for Jos and Lars, with a zonal and provincial first prize from Argenton on Saturday 24th of June.

1st Zone Argenton

The 1st Zone Argenton and a 3rd National 13,525 p. was won by Lilly (BE15-6026002), a blue coloured hen with a pedigree based on some of the best Vercammen bloodlines. The sire of Lilly is Mustang, 1st Nat. Châteauroux 22,818 p. and the fastest of 33,018 pigeons. Mustang is a grandson of Barco and Elektro, two outstanding breeders that were crucial in the developent of the Jos Vercammen breed. The dam is Polina, a breeding hen with a proven record. She has also bred Aladdin (1st Nat. Bourges 37,357 p. and the fastest of 64,621 p.), Bourges Diamond (2nd fastest Bourges 9,716 p.), (grandchild) Polar (1st Nat. Zone Tulle 3,448 p.), (grandchild) Joker (1st Nat. Zone Bourges 1,649 p.), etc. Lilly's full pedigree can be found here.

This first prize in the zone was by no means her first top result. She had already won quite a few top prizes earlier on:

1st Noyon 492 p. (fastest of 810 p.) 
1st Noyon 226 p. (fastest of 448 p.)
2nd Chevrainvilliers 688 p. (behind loft mate)
5th Bourges 217 p. (39th Nat. Zone 3,024 p.)
9th Noyon 262 p. 
12th Souppes 133 p. 
15th Souppes 461 p. 
19th Chateauroux 613 p.

She clearly has what it takes to win top prizes.

Lilly, 1st Provincial Argenton 1,516 p. and 1st Zone


Descendant of Elektro dynasty just shy of national top result uit Elektro-dynastie op zucht van nationale klassering

The number one racing bird for team Vercammen is currently BE16-6032012 Elektro Junior. He was once again successful on 24th of May, winning a 7th from Melun against 713 pigeons. This is his list of achievements for 2017 so far:

1st Chevrainvilliers 480 p.
2nd Quievrain 534 p.
3rd Chevrainvilliers 736 p.
7th Melun 713 p.
12th Chevrainvilliers 1,844 p.

These results put him in pole position for a top placing in the national ace pigeon championships middle distance. He has clearly managed to meet the expectations after showing some very promising results as a young bird, including a 1st Noyon 480 p. and a 1st Noyon 393 p.

Elektro Junior, the star of the team in 2017

As his name suggests, Elektro Junior is a descendant of the highly successful stock breeder Elektro. "He is without doubt one of the best breeders in Belgium", says Lars. And this is not much of an exaggeration, if you look at the achievements of the following Elektro descendants:

BE14-6175237 Mustang: 1st Nat. Châteauroux 22,818 p. and fastest of 33,018 pigeons
BE14-6175226 Olympic Eva: Olympiad Pigeon Cat. C Long Distance 2017
PL0264-13-400 Olympic Elektro: 1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B Middle Distance 2017 (the best of all competing countries)

And Elektro continues to prove his worth in 2017, not only with Elektro Junior. BE16-6032013 Didi managed to beat his own nest brother Elektro Junior in the race from Melun, claiming a 1st against 832 pigeons. Their full brother BE15-6026082 Samsung has been very strong this season as well, winning a 1st Souppes against 9,249 pigeons. What we have here are three first prize winners each bred from Elektro, which was paired to BE11-6282004 Delphine each time. Could this be the discovery of a new stock pair for Lars and Jos? Click here for the complete pedigree of Elektro Junior.

In a great position

After claiming several first prizes over the course of the past two months the team went on to win a well deserved 1st Provincial from Argenton on 24th of June. The race was won by Lilly, a descendant of top breeder Elektro. Meanwhile, a son of Elektro called Elektro junior is in the running for a national title, and his full brothers are having a great season as well. It shows that the Elektro bloodline is still in full effect, and that Jos and Lars are in a great position for the next serveral years.