Jos & Jules Engels (Putte, BE) win 1st National Limoges against 15,013 olds

The opening classic of the season has been won by a loft with a solid reputation, one of Belgium’s top class pigeon families. This has been their 10th national victory. Jos and Jules have actually won three top prizes from Limoges, including their first and second nominated.

Pigeons were facing rather difficult weather conditions for the third consecutive weekend but the race from Limoges could take place on Saturday, according to schedule. We have to say it was a close call: Limoges had excellent weather conditions in the early morning but pigeons soon had to cross a 200km line of clouds and a slight drizzle 50km down the road (see cloud maps 1 + 2). This was also indicated by the weather reports and the late release from Bourges, where the skies cleared by 11am. However, the area between Blois and Orleans and Belgium saw excellent racing conditions.

As a race organiser you have a tough decision to make, trying to take into account the less than favourable weather conditions in the days after the release. Every fancier knows that a good start is very important for the outcome of the race. The weather in Limoges was perfect, and the wind blowing from the southwest enabled the pigeons to cut through the strip of clouds and to complete the final 450km in great weather. A release at 7:30am proved the right choice.

Still, pigeons were slowed down by the clouds, and so the average speeds were lower compared to other races. In addition, pigeons arrived home fairly late, especially in the first 30 minutes. The race took two hours (per 4), which is twice as long compared to a regular race. This shows that pigeons have suffered to make their way through the heavy clouds somewhere along the line of Tours-Bourges.

Jos and Jules Engels

A win and a great overall result for Jos & Jules Engels

The Belgian Entente can add a renowned pigeon loft to their list of winners, with the brothers Jos (76) and Jules (75) Engels from Putte taking the win in the opening classic. They clocked their winner, which was basketed as second nominated, at 15:47’44”. It had completed 665.142km with a velocity of 1336.34 m/min, making him the country’s fastest of 15,013 pigeons.

The Engels brothers achieved a great overall result from Limoges.  Their second fastest pigeon was clocked exactly 13 minutes later and took a third provincial; their first nominated was clocked 35 minutes later and finished in 10th place provincial. This gives us the following overall result from Limoges:

Limoges Prov  1,313 old birds: 1-3-10-252 (4/6)
        Nat  15,013 old birds: 1-22… (expected top 100)

The national winner is really one of a kind: he did particularly well as a one year old in last year’s national long distance races as well.

-Limoges BE13-6096329

’15 Limoges   Nat    15,013 p. 1
’14 Tulle     N.Zone  2,037 p. 14
’14 Limoges   Prov      634 p. 9
              N.Zone  2,298 p. 68
’14 Poitiers  Prov    2,011 p. 18
              N.Zone  2,708 p. 19
’14 Bourges   Nat    24,019 p. 1605
’13 Chateauroux Nat  12,071 p. 1178

He is an inbred pigeon based on the illustrious breeder and stock sire ‘178’, coming from a pairing of son x granddaughter ‘178’.

Sire: ‘Zoon 178’ BE10-6166240
A direct son of ‘De 178’ BE94-6495178 (bred from the number one stock sire in the Engels family, the 231/86  x 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon of Belgium 111/93) x Super Kweekster BE06-2253000 (a daughter of Indurain 329/02 x Red Lady 158/01).

Dam: half sister of 1st Nat. Argenton BE09-6130670
A daughter of Vader Argenton BE99-6151734, the sire of 1st Nat. Argenton, and Salbrieke: 1st Prov. Salbris (and a son of ‘De 178’ 178/94 x ‘Granddaughter 231’ 091/97) x ‘Zus As’ BE06-6154542, a full sister of As, 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB (from Marcel 161/02, a direct M.Aelbrecht x ‘Dochter 178’ 573/02, a super class breeding hen).
Click here for the full pedigree.

This is a top class pigeon bred from this loft’s best bloodlines. This is the old breed that Jos and Jules inherited from their father Flor Engels. His stock pigeons were Witpender 304/81 (winner of 3 prov. First prizes) and his son 231/86. These pigeons have made the loft of Engels an internationally renowned breed that has won many provincial and national top prizes! This pigeon breed appears to have made a successful transition to a modern day loft as well, which illustrates the potential of the Engels racing and breeding pigeons.

Flor Engels and his sons Jos & Jules

It was the late Flor Engels, who passed in 2002 at the age of 93, who laid the foundation for the highly successful loft of Jos & Jules Engels, whose pigeon collection has gained a truly impressive palmares. Their list of achievements is nothing short of impressive. Flor started keeping pigeons shortly after the Second World War (around 1947), and he got his two sons Jos and Jules involved in his hobby from the very beginning. It was obvious that Flor had a great talent for keeping pigeons, as he quickly managed to play an important role in the sprint competition. Eventually he made the switch to the middle distance, in which he proved equally successful. However, he only started to become a well known fancier in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The basis of the world renowned Engels pigeon breed originates from Witpender 301/81 (winner of 3 provincial first prizes) that was paired to Grote Blauwe Brutte 311/79 (a daughter of stock pigeon Oude Lichte). This pairing has given one of the world's very best breeding pigeons, the legendary 'Den 31' B86-6616231, a truly special stock bird. You can tell from the history behind the pigeon breed of Flor Engels & Sons that 'Den 31' and his descendants have indeed played a defining role. 

The bloodline of Den 31 and his many successful descendants has significantly influenced the outcome of many provincial and national races. The Engels pigeons became even stronger when the fanciers from Putte paired their 'Den 31' to 'Daughter 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon 111/93'. It was this pairing that gave a new world class breeding pigeon, namely the '178' B94-6495178. He is a magnificent stock sire that plays a central role in the current generation of pigeons of Jos & Jules Engels. The winner of their national victory from Limoges is a good example, as the 'De 178' appears in his pedigree no less than three times!

Solid start to 2015 with a 1st provincial Vierzon, followed by a 1st national Limoges

Their provincial victory from Vierzon against 1,576 yearlings two weeks ago (16 May) in the very first provincial classic in the longer middle distance is now followed up with a victory in this season's first long distance classic from Limoges. This is already the tenth national victory in the career of Jos and Jules. Many congratulations!