Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) stands out again in 2018 with descendants of den Argenton and his Vandenabeele birds

Jos Goessen has always had great confidence in his Argenton and in the pigeons of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele, and his confidence paid off again in 2018, in which he claimed two second places in the demanding races from Montluçon and La Souterraine NPO. In other words, Jos can look back on another successful season of racing.

Jos Goessen (r) together with grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele

Limitless confidence leads to excellent results

The 2003 season has been pivotal in Jos Goessen's pigeon racing career and in his palmares. It was the year of birth of NL03-1523198 De Argenton, a fantastic racing bird with three teletext prizes to his name (2nd NPO Argenton 2200 p., 7th NPO Etampes 5763 p. and 10th NPO Gien 3460 p.). This chequred cock soon turned out to be a fantastic breeding bird as well, as the sire of three different NPO first prize winners:

NL08-1869136 Yula     1st NPO Bourges     5122 p.
NL12-1894099 Froome   1st NPO Montlucon   3884 p.
NL12-1894136 Sagan    1st NPO Bourges     8278 p.

Super class racing and breeding bird Den Argenton, the sire of NPO winners Yula, Froome and Sagan

NL12-1894136 Sagan, son of De Argenton, wins a 1st NPO Bourges.

Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons the main pillar

De Argenton, as well as his youngsters and grandchildren, were most often paired to pigeons of the grandmaster from Dentergem. Such pigeons as Bettini Lady, Rudy Jr. and Rudy Maya are now playing a crucial role in the pigeon family of Jos Goessen. The achievements of some of this team's best birds in 2018 explains why Jos always had great confidence in these bloodlines. Let's take a closer look at some of the strongest birds of this pigeon family.

1st Ace Pigeon one day long distance Entente Maasvallei/2nd NPO La Souterraine

NL16-1759380 Tommy Sagan, 2e NPO La Souterraine 1240 d.

One of the two racing birds that came close to winning a first prize NPO for Jos Goessen is NL16-1759380 Tommy Sagan. He won a 2nd NPO La Souterraine of 1240 pigeons, and it was one of the results that led to his first place in the Ace Pigeon Championship one day long distance in the Maasvallei Entente. Tommy Sagan was also 2nd ace pigeon old birds in this Entente in 2018. The 16-380 is a son of Sagan, one of De Argenton's most renowned sons. Sagan wins an NPO race from 8278 p., and he claimed a 2nd NPO Pithiviers of 11,422 p. and a 2nd NPO Lorris of 20,694 p. Sagan was paired to NL12-1988544 Super Gabyke (from Kleine Tom x Blauw Sprietje), which was a gift from Gaby to Jos, and together they have been a proven breeding pair. They are for instance the grandparents of a 2nd NPO La Souterraine Prov. 4, a 2nd NPO Chateaudun Prov. 8, a 2nd NPO Peronne Prov. 3, a 4th NPO Fontenay Prov. 1, a 5th NPO Montluçon Prov. 4 and a 4th Belgian Master 2017. Click here for the full pedigree of Tommy Sagan.

1st Ace Pigeon/4th Ace Pigeon one day long distance Entente Maasvallei

NL16-1759360 Rudy Jr Sagan, 1st Ace Pigeon Entente Maasvallei 2018

The first place of NL16-1759360 Rudy Jr Sagan in the Ace Pigeon championship of the Maasvallei Entente is just one of many top results won by a grandchild of De Argenton, in a successful combination with direct Vandenabeele pigeons. The sire of Rudy Jr Sagan is Rudy JR, a full brother of Pico and Poco, and thus a son of the renowned breeder BE06-3008003 Rudy (Bliksem x Kaatje) of Gaby Vandenabeele. Rudy JR follows in the footsteps of his forefathers, being the grandfather of the winner of a 3rd in the final of the 2017 Great Derby. The dam of Rudy Jr Sagan is a sister of Sagen, bred from De Argenton x BE11-3170468 Bettini Lady. And Bettini Lady is an excellent Gaby Vandenabeele based breeding hen, and for instance the dam of 2 winners NPO. Click here for the pedigree of Rudy Jr Sagan.

2nd Ace Pigeon Yearlings Entente Maasvallei

NL17-3717260 Froomie Jr 2nd Ace Pigeon Yearlings Entente Samenspel Maasvallei 2018

The one year old NL17-3717260 Froomie Jr showed his potential in 2018 with a title of 2nd Ace Pigeon Yearlings in the Maasvallei Entente. He won 13 prizes, including 10 prizes 1:10, which shows his enormous potential. His sire (Froomie) is a son of NPO winner NL12-1894099 Froome, and he is in turn a son of De Argenton paired to Bettini Lady. Froomie was purchased by John van Bragt in the form of a voucher, and Jos in turn received one young bird of Froomie (Froomie Jr.), which did really well. Meanwhile, John van Bragt wins a 2nd Peronne of 21,000 pigeons in Province Brabant 2000 with a brother of Froomie Jr.

2nd NPO Montlucon 1884 p.

NL17-1504193 Magic 193 2e NPO Montlucon 1884 d.

Jos Goessen was close to winning a victory NPO for the fifth time over the past ten years when he claimed a second place in the NPO race from Montluçon with NL17-1504193 Magic 193. This one year old racing cock claims a 10th prize in the Ace Pigeon championship one day long distance in the Maasvallei Entente. His pedigree shows that he is related to such Vandenabeele birds as Schone Bliksem (Bliksem x Bieke) and Marie (Son Wittenbuik x Marion). He is related to the teletext pair of Huub Hermans (Born, NL) from his mother's side. Click here for the full pedigree of Magic 193.

Descendants of De Argenton lead to excellent references in 2018

The descendants of De Argenton have led to great results over the years, both for Jos and for numerous other fanciers. And the grandchildren of De Argenton and his son Sagan have delivered again in the highly demanding 2018 season. We take you through some of the most remarkable references:

1st NPO NU Chateaudun Prov. 8                 Falco Ebben (from daughter Indy, grandchild Argenton)
1st Queens Town Open  South Africa 642 km. of 1000 p. Sire Oliver Redford
2nd NPO Chateaudun    Prov. 8 of  4997 p.  dhr. Van Olderen Meeuwsen
2nd NPO Peronne       Prov. 2 of 21225 p.  John van Bragt
2nd Asduif            Prov. 4 with super 59 Lou Feijen (13th-27th-31st NPO etc.)
3rd NPO Lorris        Prov. 4 of 13239 p.  Jos Smeets
4th NPO Nanteuil              of 14370 p.  Rien van Oss
4th Laon              Prov. 6 of 14362 p.  Jos and Peter Nijman
4th NPO Fontenay      Prov. 1 of  3306 p.  Fam. De Kooning
4th Final Belgian Masters 2017               Rien van Oss
5th NPO Sens                  of  4012 p.  J & F Hendriks
5th NPO Montlucon     Prov. 4 of  1884 p.  Ide Hoefs

Keep it simple

Don't expect any complicated strategies in the loft of Jos Goessen. The young birds are basketed just to make them used to the basket, and he does not darken or lighten his lofts, nor is there any medical support. Jos delivers with nothing but a top quality pigeon breed, and he did that again in 2018 in the one day long distance, his favourite competition. The Goessen pigeons feels particular at home in sunny conditions with a northerly wind.