Jos Cleeren (Zepperen, BE) in pole position for the titel of Primus Inter Pares 2012

Although the submission of results at the Bruges Barcelonaclub is still allowed, it is more than clear that this year's title of Primus Inter Pares, or the best Barcelona bird between 2008 and 2012, will go to Jos Cleeren from Zepperen (Limburg, BE)!

Anyone will agree that qualifying yourself among the best Barcelona participants of Belgium five years in a row, is something that is only reserved for the real top class birds with a strong build, power and preserverance, ...and the boundless will to come home! This result is a remarkable achievement in itself, and that is why the Barcelonaclub has started granting a special title to the best bird of Belgium that has been able to accomplish this feat five years in a row. Our PIPA-man Steve Van Overstraeten started recalculating every result after receiving the official national Barcelonaresults of 2012, and this was his conclusion:

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Many thanks go to Steve Vanoverstraeten!