Joost De Smeyter - Restiaen (BE, Melden): excellence in the extreme long distance

'Good wine needs no bush'. In this article we talk about the pigeons of Joost De Smeyter, a class-leading pigeon family, one of the absolute best. The miracle man delivered again in 2020...

The palmares of the De Smeyter-Restiaen family is almost endless. It would take us way too long to take you through each and every championship title or remarkable result, so we limit ourselves to their most prestigious results. And that includes an impressive 5 (!) international victories in Melden, often in very difficult conditions. Joost, Grand Cru, Cas, Floorke and Celcius are the pigeons that were responsible for these important victories, they are without doubt among the team's absolute stars.

Internationale overwinningen

1st International Perpignan 4,534 yearlings '03 ('Joost')
1st International Bordeaux yearlings '06 ('Grand Cru')
1st International Pau 9,062 old birds '15 ('Cas')
1st International Barcelona hens '18 ('Floorke')
1st International Narbonne old birds '18 ('Celsius')
Floorke, 1st int. Barcelona hens 2018

"The first ever youngster of Floorke that was ringed was a late youngster of 2018, and her sire was Cas (sold in the November 2018 PIPA auction). She is now a very promising breeding hen for Geert De Schepper", says Joost. She is in fact the dam of:

1st Agen yearlings '20
1st + 2nd Brive yearlings '20
4th Narbonne yearlings '20
5th Souillac yearlings '2 
13th in PIPA ranking for best Belgian yearling
across all international races with 2 prizes (BE19-2014652)

The first youngster of Floorke to enter a race was a late summer youngster of 2019, and she claimed a 25th national Narbonne yearlings in her first proper marathon race. Good blood never lies.

Outstanding in Pau...

The team claimed many great results again in 2020, adding several more titles to their palmares: a 4th, 15th and 16th national ace pigeon extreme long distance and 1st national ace pigeon Perpignan across 4 & 5 seasons. The pigeon family was particularly impressive in the international classic from Pau, with a 3rd-8th-15th-20th-21st-30th-34th-45th-63rd-86th-100th etc. against 2919 pigeons and as many as 11 (!) pigeons in the national top 100. They also claimed the prestigious title of Primus Interpares Barcelona with racing bird Calor (BE14-4263816), which was also the best pigeon over four years in Barcelona.

Celsius, 1st int. Narbonne 2018

As always, the team received several references across the 2020 season as well, which Joost is very pleased about. The following is an overview of the top results that were won with pigeons related to De Smeyter. Cas, their international winner in Pau 2015 is grandfather of a 1st Nat. Marseille (France), a 5th Int. Marseille, a 6th Int. Perpignan 2020 and of the winner of an OLR in Japan on 12th of March 2020 for Mr. Watanabe Kazutoshi.

References 2020

2nd Nat. Agen
1st Nat. Marseille France
2nd &e 3rd Nat. Marseille
5th & 6th Int. Perpignan
1st Nat. France
2nd &3rd Int. Narbonne YLs
Cas, 1st int. Pau