Johan De Belser - Berlaar-Heikant (BE) Two weeks in a row ‘Provincial Primus’!!

For the last 2 weeks the colony of Johan De Belser has achieved remarkable results which made more or less all the ‘headlines’ in the pigeon media. Not surprising when you can pocket ‘provincial victory’ 2 weeks in a row, and can also clock the fastest pigeon of the entire convoy of participating pigeons.

So won Johan
1° Prov Chateauroux 1.605 old (fastest of 4.216 p.)
1° Prov Bourges 1.728 old (fastest of 4.530 p.)

Admittedly, placing your colony in the headlights in such a manner… only a few can manage it! Though Johan De Belser is not unknown in the pigeon sport, quite the contrary. He inherited the pigeon bug from home via his grandfather and of course father Victor… a passionate sprinter. Johan on the other hand directed his arrows towards the grand middle distance, with overwhelming success by the way. From Bourges last weekend he had his 5° provincial victory of his career. The Johan De Belser colony is mainly based on direct Jos & Jules Engels pigeons, and made the ‘pigeon news’ thanks to the exploits of his super pigeon ‘Den 500’ ring B00-6485500 which shined with:
Bourges Nat 36.506 p. 8
Bourges Nat 15.716 p. 21
Argenton Nat   4.955 p. 28
Limoges Nat 23.661 p. 39
Bourges Nat 11.089 p. 45
Chateauroux I.Prov   6.494 p. 35
La Souterraine I.Prov   5.551 p. 56

Johan has now built up a good stock of ‘top racers’ around this clapper, which belong to the very best that is flying around Antwerp province at the moment. One of the most discussed ‘crack pigeons’ from this success line is without doubt ‘Mr Belgium’ ring B07-6031626, which in 2007 was one of the best, if not the best youngster in the ‘National Long Distance races’ for youngsters with:
Bourges Nat 31.824 p. 376
Argenton Nat 20.844 p. 90
La Souterraine Nat 19.058 p. 73
Gueret  Nat 12.586 p. 36

He was bred from the ‘Engels I’ 044/01 x ‘Miss Flanders’ 036/01 (daughter of ‘Goldwin’ or the own nest brother of ‘Den 500’).
Both provincial winners of the last 2 weeks stem from this same top line, which is developing into one of the best breeding lines in the grand middle distance and extreme middle distance at the moment. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 brand new 1° Provincial winners:
-‘Summer of 69’ ring B07-6031669, is a son of ‘Darkness’ 874/99 (Direct J & J.Engels from an inbreed coupling of ‘grandson x granddaughter of stock father ‘231’) x ‘Sister 500’ 774/02. This super racing pigeon has already the following ‘top prizes’ to his name:
’09 Chateauroux Prov 1.605 p. 1 (fastest of 4.216 p.)
’08 Chateauroux Prov 2.179 YL. 5 (club 1° Prize from 153 p)
’08 Argenton  Nat 6.177 YL 46
’09 Issoudun  Prov 1.619 p. 116
’08 La Souterraine Nat 4.659 YL 159
’08 Limoges  Prov 2.587 YL 74
   Nat 16.012 YL 236
’08 Bourges  Prov 2.532 p. 318

-‘Junior 500’ ring B07-6031645 is a son of no-one less than ‘Den 500’ x ‘Dochter 1° Prov Blois’ 862/00 (a direct J & J.Engels, Putte, and half-sister of the 1° Prov Argenton 2000). He had already excelled with:
’09 Bourges  Prov 1.728 p. 1 (fastest of 4.530 p.)
’08 Argenton  Nat 6.177 YL 34
’08 Chateauroux Prov 1.554 YL 37
’08 Argenton  Prov 1.965 YL 82
’09 Bourges  Prov 2.181 p. 98
He proved that the condition was good at the start of the middle distance season with Etampes 1.161 p. 68, and Etampes 1.039 p. 135, something which also resulted in provincial victory during the weekend of the 20th of June!

Johan started the season with 33 cocks and 12 racing hens, which are raced in ‘traditional widowhood’. A team that has now been thinned out… because whoever can’t handle the regime soon disappears from the team… these are the rules of the sport! The cocks take part in a race every other week (although sometimes they are given an extra week’s rest), the hens are usually basketted every week with an alternating provincial ‘grand middle distance or extreme middle distance race’ and a small middle distance or sprint race the following week!
The intention is to enter both provincial winners for the Limoges Derby next week. Are you curious as to whether these chaps will cause ‘fireworks’ once again? We’ll have the answer in just less than a week… congratulations Johan!