Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) takes long awaited national victory from Agen against 5,313 yearlings!

Finally… ! It was to be expected some day. This is without doubt a deserved win; the Joël Verschoot pigeon family has been performing really well in the last two seasons. This is the icing on the cake for a very successful pigeon loft!

We paid a visit to the loft of Joël Verschoot (56) in the end of January and he told us about two big dreams he had. The first was to win the title of Champion of Belgium KBDB, which he only just missed in 2011, when he was awarded as second General Champion. In 2012 the Verschoot family was clearly one of the most celebrated lofts in Belgium. He turned into a prominent fancier in the province of West Flanders as the winner of quite a few important titles! Let’s have a look:

1st General Champion Inter-West Flemish Union 2012
1st Champion Long Distance Old Birds (1 + 2 nom.) Inter-West Flemish Union 2012

1st General Champion Long Distance Club ‘De Arend’ Rekkem 2012
1st Champions League Old Birds Grand Slam of Belgium 2012
1st National Decathlon Grand Slam of Belgium 2012
1st Champion Old Birds Official Championship Knight Club Belgium 2012
1st General Champion International Long Distance Union  2012
1st Champion Old Birds International Long Distance Union 2012
1st Tiercé Long Distance Entente Belge 2012
1st Tiercé Grand Distance Entente Belge 2012
1st Quarté Entente Belge 2012
1st Sextet Entente Belge 2012
2nd General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2011
6th National Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB 2011

Every fancier will have to agree that this is an impressive list of achievements of Joël Verschoot. He is one of a kind. If you want to learn more about this loft you can reread our previous article about Joël Verschoot by clicking here.

His second big dream was to take a national victory and this dream came true last weekend. It was a one year old cock that took the win. He landed at 19h45’55” after two additional days in the basket. He had covered 781.153km in 11 hours and five minutes and he arrived without signs of fatigue or muscle loss. This means he still had something left in the tank. He was also the fastest yearling of Belgium with a velocity of 1173.05 m/min, which resulted in the first national victory for the Joël Verschoot pigeon family. Joël, his wife Annie and their sons Dieter and Wouter, who assist in the loft as well, had to wait for an official confirmation but as soon as they knew the official results it was time for a celebration!

National win for ‘Agen’ - a crowning achievement

The national victory was won by the chequered cock BE12-3041931, now named ‘Agen’. He had a great start of the season with for instance an 8th prize from Clermont against 337 yearlings and a 20th prize from Fontenay against 238 yearlings. However, he could not achieve satisfying results in two national races. There was no reason to worry however, because the pigeons of Joël Verschoot get plenty of chances to prove their worth. Agen was basketed as first nominated yearling for Agen-Bordeaux to see what this pigeon had in store. He lived up to the expectations with a national first prize!
He stems for 50% from the pigeons of Wilfried Vande Maele (Heule) both from his mother’s and his father’s side. He originates from a crossing with a hen of Chris Hebberechts (a daughter Costello, in turn a brother of top class pigeon ‘Champion’) from his father’s side and a combination with top class breeder Den As (himself 1st Tours 533 p., 5th Chateauroux 619 p., 48th Nat. Brive 17,456 p. etc.) from his mother’s side. Den As is the sire of several excellent pigeons including Bijter, Bokser, Benoitje, Eva, Harry etc.). Click here for the full pedigree.

This is not the end of the story. Joël clocked his three basketed old birds about 29 minutes after his national winner had arrived. His old birds arrived at 20h14, 20h19 and 20h43 respectively, one of which was Bijter, a very successful pigeon in this loft. He won a first Bordeaux and a first Tulle last year and you can read more about his achievements in the article we published last year (see earlier). Joël had to wait until Monday morning at 7h50 for his second yearling to arrive but he managed to win a prize nonetheless. This resulted in a total of five prizes with six basketed pigeons from Agen-Bordeaux in the long distance club of Rekkem.

Agen      93 yearlings: 1-28 (2/3)
   Nat 5,313 yearlings: 1…
Agen       125 old birds: 4-6-14 (3/3)

The national winner from Agen was involved in a winter breed and he was allowed to brood for five days in March before he was placed in widowhood. The cocks can see their hen before the race in the short middle distance but they no longer see each other before the races with two days or more in the basket.Joël made an exception in the race from Agen however. He believed his yearlings should not be alone in the basket for such a long time (an entire week). That is why they were allowed to see their hen for ten to fifteen minutes, which might have inspired the new national winner! Many congratulations!

The best results in 2013 so far

30/6 Agen yearlings  93 p.: 1-28 (2/3)
          Nat. 5,313 yearlings: 1 etc.
30/6 Agen old birds 125 p.: 4-6-14 (3/3)

30/6 Argenton old birds 513 p.: 5-86-98 (3/3)
30/6 Argenton yearlings 557 p.: 39-80-83-98-107-116 (6/13)

15/6 Cahors old birds 210 p.: 16 (1/3)
15/6 Montluçon old birds 514 p.: 34-52-144 (3/3)
15/6 Montluçon yearlings 507 p.: 43-43-67-75-136 (5/13)

08/6 Poitiers Lokaal 482 yearlings: 6-9-14-17-29-42-49-66-87-124-133-141-144-156 (14/20)
             Prov  2,621 yearlings: 27-32-52-56-88-152-173-256… (16/20)
              Nat 13,135 yearlings: 40-59-99-106-170-296-376-587-793-1510-1592-1763… (17/20)

08/6 Poitiers National 13,813 old birds: 15-163-853-1094-1423-1531-1874-2338-3101-3418 (10/16)

01/6 Limoges old birds 440 p.:  5-35-50-121-123-OV (5/6)
01/6 Chateauroux  651 p.:  25-60-71-176 (4/4)

25/5 ​Bourges yearlings 382 p.: 2-4-19-20-39-44-67-77-97 (9/20)​
  Prov. yearlings 1,661 p.: 3-10-43-48-86-94-172-202-287-554 (10/20)
25/5 ​Bourges old birds 501 p. : 2-18-33-37-39-55-83-108-120-124-128-143-152 (13/22)
    Prov. old birds 2,817 p.: 10-60-110-133-134-212-341-496-551-563-586-641-682-933 (13/22)

18/5 Tours old birds 439 p.: 3-7-19-26-30-31-49-74-106-183 (10/10)
18/5 Tours yearlings 129 p.: 5-9-10-17-20-26-27-29-47-48-62 (11/15)

11/5 Orléans yearlings 117 p.:  1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10-12-13-14-20-21-31-40 (16/20)
           Prov.  1,991 yearlings: 32-38-44-45-58-60-84-100-104-179-181-182-251-... (15/20)
11/5 Orléans 129 p.: 2-6-8-11-12-19-20-25-31-33-34-35-48-49-50-52-56-61-63 (19/23)

04/5 Fontenay Sur Eure yearlings 238 p.: 3-8-20-21-28-29-30-32-41-42-43-44-45-46-... (29/36)
04/5 Fontenay Sur Eure old birds 279 p.: 6-8-13-14-16-18-32-33-51-52-67-69-91-92-94-... (22/39)

20/4 Clermont old birds 332 p.: 3-6-8-15-16-31-36-53-54-60-63-78-79-93-114-158 (16/20)
20/4 Clermont yearlings 337 p.: 3-4-8-9-13-16-17-23-31-32-39-42-43-47-56-57-61-... (22/28)
20/4 Clermont old birds 84 p.: 2-5 (2/5)
20/4 Clermont yearlings 58 p.:  1-2-3 (3/4)

13/4 Arras 283 p.: 32-33-38-41-48-68-83-100-120-125-126-129-130-131-137-138 (16/33)
13/4 Arras yearlings 307 p.: 23-34-38-58-69-91-94-102-132-133-137-139 (12/36)

Joël Verschoot, his son Dieter (left) and dr. Piet Blancke (right) celebrating the win!