Jewels of the Sky China Edition

At the moment the first edition of ‘Jewels of the Sky China’ is taking place, in which only our clients in China, Taiwan and Singapore can put in a bid.

The real ‘top pigeons’ out Europe, today they are far from house, breeding… many by very powerful fanciers in China or Taiwan. Not surprising, as it is a public secret… the majority of real ‘super cracks’, including a heap of ‘national winners’ and ‘national Ace birds’…generally move to the ‘far east’, as it si so commonly called. In China and Taiwan there is currently a treasure of West-European top pigeons…  simply because these fanciers have bought the ‘créme de la créme’, the ‘best of the best’.

That's how the idea grew to launch a new project, in which the most important top fanciers from China and Taiwan were contacted to auction a few magnificent descendants out their ‘top collection’ on PiPa… the first ‘Jewels of the Sky China edition’ was a fact. Seeing as how it is impossible to transprt pigeons from China and Taiwan to Europe, this auction is exclusively for the fanciers from China, Taiwan and Singapore. A unique chance for the fanciers there to obtain homegrown ‘world class’, with generally direct descendants out superior ‘crack pigeons’ bought in  West-Europe… so as out the last child of ‘Witje 59’, out wonder breeder the ‘Jonge Supercrack’ Ludo Claessens, out the ‘Blauwe Prins’ Pros Roosen, out super bird and beautiful athlete ‘Home Alone’ Braad de Joode, out the 1° Intnat Pau 2010 from Karl-Heinz Koers, out the 1° Nat Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2010 or wonder pigeon ‘Ike’ Chris Hebberecht, out the 1° Intnat Marseille Brockamp, out sons of world breeders so as the ‘Limoges’ and the ‘Topkweker Freddy’ De Rauw-Sablon etc… in short, a real ‘gala’ of top talent !