Jewels of the Sky - 6th edition - ‘Show Time’ is about to start...

At the time when PiPa started with the sale of a few pigeons on the website… it was the intention not to just sell ‘any’ pigeons… but right from the beginning to strive to only sell the ‘best’ pigeons… pigeons which could give your pigeon colony more ‘value’. An objective which later became the ‘slogan’… under which the PiPa-auctions were posted.

Six years ago the idea came into being to offer 10 ‘super pigeons’ from 40 to 45-tal European ‘top lofts’ (mainly from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany)… only real ‘cracks’, proven ‘top breeders’, direct children from their ‘Ace pigeons’ and provincial or national ‘winners’… from their real ‘top couples’ in the breeding loft… ! That’s how there were pigeons that could make the ‘difference’, and which had never or rarely been offered for sale… suddenly within everybody’s reach… pigeons which could provide the buyers with a new ‘impulse’ of top quality. The ‘child’ was given a name… the’ Jewels of the Sky’… and became the sign of the ‘internet auctions’ on PiPa… auctions with ‘international reverberation ’!

'Milko', one of the many topbirds which will be sold this winter in the Jewels of the Sky!

This ‘Jewels of the Sky’ will soon be celebrating its 6° edition… an edition which has been given the name ‘Show Time’… and which is about to start. The original objectives are still maintained… ‘quality’ above ‘quantity’… the select group of 40 to 45 participating top lofts remains unchanged! The only thing that has changed… are the names of a few participants… and later we will welcome amongst the ‘new’ participants… the Dutch topfanciers  Marijke Vink, Jan Hooymans and Geert Munnik… … and the ‘Belgian top formations Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Gaston van de Wouwer, Maurice & Gregory Casaert, Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn, Norbert & Stefan Ally, Gino Clique, Johan Van Damme… in short all lofts who have been in the ‘international spotlights’ in 2010 with ‘remarkable explosive performances’! The name ‘Show Time’ was given to this edition as every participant is given the opportunity to introduce one or more of their ‘top pigeons’ to you via a short film… so that you have the chance of not only getting to know the ‘top pigeons’ of the colony only by photo… but the ‘complete’ top pigeon in question! Something to look forward to... and for you to become more extensively acquainted with the ‘top class’ which will soon pass over the counter! The ‘Jewels of the Sky’ 2010… ‘Show Time edition’ runs from the beginning of October 2010 to January 2011!

Below a list of the 2010-2011 participants, in bold the new participants
Vredeveld Harm
Vink Marijke
Verstraete R&X
Verkerk G&S
Vercammen Jos
Veenstra Pieter
Vanhoutte Willy
Vandenheede F&J
Van de Wouwer Gaston
Van Noordenne Nico
Van Koppen M&C
Van Hove-Uytterhoeven
Van der Zijde Rens
Van de Pasch Jan
Van de Merwe Piet
Van de Merwe Peter
Van Damme Johan
Udo Lex
Steveninck Benny
Sangers Marcel
Sander H&F
Roziers P&J
Pollin Marc
Petrie Alwin
Munnik Geert
Minderhoud Koen
Meirlaen Etienne
Limbourg Erik
Leijtens Cor
Koopman C&G
Jung Jurgen
Jespers-van der Wegen
Houfflyn P&D
Hooymans Jan
Hebberecht Chris
Geerinckx L,B  & J
Eijerkamp Hans & Evert-Jan
Dijkstra Arie
Desbuquois Gebr. & Cleirbaut
De Cock Marc
Clicque Gino
Casaert M&G
Berckmoes Eric
Batenburg-van de Merwe
Ally Norbert & Stefan