Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) live up to the expectations: 1st National Montluçon 14,104 yearlings

A few weeks ago, right after their incredible provincial top result from Blois, we wrote that their team was strong enough to claim a national first prize sooner or later, and look what happens: just 14 days later they take a coveted national victory from Montluçon of 14,104 yearlings.

Having a fantastic season

The combination from Holsbeek is having another fantastic season; they have been highly successful in the (longer) middle distance week after week, claiming one top result after another. We witnessed a masterclass a few weeks ago in Blois (click here to reread our report), and the team has now claimed a national first prize from Montluçon on 6th of July, with Justin (BE18-2010046) taking the win of 14,104 yearlings. He was in fact the fastest of 23,961 pigeons!

And it was a great day for the entire team:

Montluçon - 3,936 yearlings: 1-5-12-27-32-58-96-174-208-245-268-...(21/61)
          - 14,104 yearlings: 1-7-22-74-93-167-266-482-574-680-743-1393-...(23/61)

In other words, they had 2 pigeons in the national top 10 and 5 pigeons in the national top 100.

Justin - BE18-2010046 - 1st National Montluçon of 14,104 yearlings) / fastest of 23,961 pigeons

Justin was the fastest of 23,961 pigeons in Montluçon. We take a look at his earlier results:

10th Soisson (768 pigeons)
42nd Etampes (801 pigeons)
31st Momignies (524 pigeons)
38th Laon (501 pigeons)

Justin, 1st National Montluçon 14,104 yearlings / fastest of 23,961 pigeons

The sire of the national winner is Remycop, an inbred breeding cock that stems from the world famous Rudy of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE) from his father's side, being related to Remy (BE11-3070186). Remy is a half brother of Ronaldo, which is the sire of Super Ricka, 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2015. Remy is also the sire of Lady Blois, a 2nd Provincial Blois (of 3,050 yearlings) two weeks back.

Remycop, sire of a 1st National Montluçon (and the very similarly looking Justin)

The dam is Lucky Mamma, a daughter of Lucky Luc, a super class racing bird of Dirk Van Dijck (Zandhoven, BE) and a great-grandchild of De Kannibaal. And she is related to Kannibaal from her mother's side as well. In addition, she is related to a hen of Leon Jacobs (Tremolo, BE) and to a daughter of Gladiator of Bart Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE).

Lucky Mamma, the dam of the 1st National Montluçon

Click here for a full version of the pedigree of this national winner.

What's up next?

Their racing birds are clearly in excellent health, they feel very confident and they are in great form. We expect them to deliver again in the near future, also because we have a few young birds' nationals coming up soon. Although this has already been a terrific season for team Jespers-Vanderwegen, no matter what comes next. And yet, we think Hermand and Johny will take any chance they get to take another top prize. This is quite a team of fanciers!