Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) achieve spectacular results with Kleine Dirk x Bliksem

What is the connection between a short man, a flower, a famous football player, a Roman emperor, and a Belgian and a French fighter jet? Well, they all lend their name to the racing and breeding pigeons that have been performing really well in the Jespers-Vanderwegen pigeon loft lately.

Jespers-Vanderwegen and Nadetta, 1st nat. La Souterraine 9,815 yearlings

Winning team

Kleine Dirk, Fleur, Ronaldo, Nero, F16, Mirage and New Dirk – this is the winning team carefully put together by Herman Jespers and Johny Vanderwegen. These pigeons have brought a long list of overall top results, national top three prizes and national top 10 results, the crowning achievement being a national first prize from La Souterraine against 9,815 pigeons by Nadetta (BE13-2006488). To illustrate, we included the recent highlights of this racing team:

2007: Bourges nat.: 31,824 p.: 4-15-26-31…(10/49 up to the 1000th prize)
2008: La Souterraine nat.: 21,256 p.: 3-4-6-7-8-16-30-41…(8/42 top 100)
2010: Bourges nat.: 30,748 p.: 2-3-5-54…(6/40 up to the 1000th prize)
2011: Argenton nat.: 20,383 p.: 9-228-454…(14/38)
2012: La Souterraine nat.: 19,155 p.: 3-26-29-211-214-216-247-299…(29/46)
2013: Argenton nat.: 19,303 p.: 7-8-33-34-60-63-64-65-92…(31/54)
2014: La Souterraine nat.: 9,136 p.: 1-3-60-78…(7/18)

Let's talk you through some of the most successful racing birds in this loft.

Kleine Dirk (BE03-6086399)

Kleine Dirk is the undisputed stock sire responsible for many great results for Hermand Johny. Kleine Dirk’s youngsters and grandchildren have won an impressive 71 top 100 prizes in national races, including 19 top 10 finishes:

Bourges Nat.: 4th/31,824 p:  BE07-2051441, Nathalia, daughter Kleine Dirk x Fleur
Argenton Nat. 6th/25,583 p: BE08-2036016, F-16, son Kleine Dirk x Fleur
La Souterraine Nat.: 3rd/21,258 p: BE08-2036078, grandson Kleine Dirk
La Souterraine Nat.: 5th/21,258 p: BE08-2036026, daughter Nathalia (Kleine Dirk x Fleur)
La Souterraine Nat.: 8th/21,258 p: BE08-2036016, F-16 
La Souterraine Nat.: 9th/21,258 p: BE08-2036018, youngster of 500-duivin (Kleine Dirk x Fleur)
Bourges Nat.: 2nd/30,748 p: BE10-2035044, Lady Fleur, daughter of Kleine Dirk x Fleur
Bourges Nat.: 3rd/30,748 p: BE10-2035010, Mirage, son of New Dirk x Misterie (inbred Kleine Dirk)
Bourges Nat.: 5th/30,748 p: BE10-2035082, youngster of Nathalia (Kleine Dirk x Fleur)
Argenton Nat.: 3rd/2,244 p: BE10-2035010, Mirage
Gueret Nat.: 6e/2.953 p: BE09-2040460, granddaughter Kleine Dirk
Argenton Nat.: 9th/20,383 p: BE11-2070425, Lady Galant, daughter Mirage x Lady Fleur
Argenton Nat.: 10th/25,949 p: BE12-2035722, inbred Kleine Dirk
La Souterraine Nat.: 3rd/19,155 p: BE12-2035778, Poupou, grandson of Kleine Dirk x Fleur
Gueret Nat.: 4th/16,988 p: BE12-2035718, Acepigeon C-C, an inbred Kleine Dirk
Argenton Nat.: 7th/19,309 p: BE13-2006406, a grandchild of Kleine Dirk
Argenton Nat.: 8th/19,309 p: BE13-2006481, great-grandchild of Kleine Dirk
La Souterraine Nat.: 1st/9,415 p: BE13-2006488, granddaughter of Kleine Dirk x Fleur
La Souterraine Nat.: 3rd/9,415 p: BE13-2006491, granddaughter of Kleine Dirk x Fleur

Kleine Dirk was purchased from Dirk and Louis Van Dyck (Zandhoven, BE). He is a grandson of Bourges (BE94-6323005/94), 2nd nat. Bourges 40,401 p., which is in turn a brother of (005/95), 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance. Click here for the full pedigree of Kleine Dirk.

Fleur (BE05-2266436)

Fleur is the most successful partner of Kleine Dirk. She was purchased from Ad Schaerlaeckens (Baarle Nassau, NL) as an egg, and she originates from Ad’s most successful pigeons, notably Ace Four (NL96-5660145), Home Alone (NL98-5812162) and Goed Boeckxje (BE01-6517208). Click here for the pedigree of Fleur. The most renowned descendant is F16 (BE08-2036016), the best young bird in three national races with a 0.2 coefficient.

F 16 (BE08-2036016)

F 16, son of Kleine Dirk and Fleur, has managed to put the loft of Jespers-Vanderwegen on the map. He demonstrated the strength of team Jespers-Vanderwegen by achieving great results in the national young birds’ races:

126th Bourges nat. 41,783 p.
6th   Argenton nat. 25,583 p.
7th   La Souterraine nat. 21,271 p.

New Dirk (BE08-6338642)

The achievements of Kleine Dirk in the breeding loft convinced Herman and Johny to pay another visit to their colleagues Dirk and Louis Van Dyck. They returned home with New Dirk, a cock from the same bloodline as Kleine Dirk. Click here for the full pedigreeNew Dirk soon gave birth to Mirage (which we discuss later on), and he continued to breed top quality racing birds on a yearly basis. One of his sons (the BE13-2006463) won a 1st prov. Gueret 1,316 p. in 2013, along with a 74th national prize against 11,894 pigeons.

Mirage (BE10-2035010)

Inspired by F16’s performance, Mirage managed to win a 3rd nat. Bourges 30,748 p. and a 3rd nat. Argenton 22,442 p. in just three weeks’ time, which is quite impressive. Mirage is a son of New Dirk x Misterie (daughter Kleine Dirk), combining the best bloodlines of Jespers-Vanderwegen. Click here for the full pedigree of Mirage.

The biggest challenge for a top class pigeon loft is not only to try and set a higher bar but to continue looking for new combinations and successful pairings. A fancier should continue to introduce equally talented pigeons into his existing breed to prevent a possible performance drop. The fanciers found an equally talented pigeon breed in the loft of the West Flemish grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE). His Nero (BE11-3070199) and Ronaldo (BE11-3070189), two pigeons from the renowned Bliksem line, seemed to meet the requirements set by Herman and Johny. The two fanciers were looking for pigeons that were just as fast as their own racing birds, and the Vandenabeele pigeons combined excellent speed with even greater endurance. Herman and Johny were confident that the crossing of Kleine Dirk x Bliksem would bring spectacular results.

Nero (BE11-3070199)

The way in which Nero’s sons and daughters have dominated the competition in recent seasons reminds us of the turbulent reign of Roman Emperor Nero. The crowning achievement for this bloodline was a national victory from La Souterraine with Nadetta (BE13-2006488) in 2014. Nadetta not only beat 9,815 yearlings, she was also the fastest of a total of 16,449 pigeons in the two categories (olds and yearlings).
Nero is a son of Nesten (BE04-3001596), which has won quite a few top prizes as well. The grandfather from his father’s side is the renowned Bliksem (BE98-3158062), whose descendants have been able to win approximately ten national first prizes every season. Click here for the full pedigree of Nero.

Ronaldo (BE11-3070189)

Ronaldo was introduced in the lofts in Holsbeek together with Nero. Expectations were high for Ronaldo, since he was a son of the new Vandenabeele breeder Rudy (BE06-3008003), which is in turn a son of Bliksem. Well, Ronaldo has lived up to the expectations, having bred several successful youngsters:

3rd  nat. La Souterraine 9,815 p.
43rd nat. Argenton 25,949 p.
47th nat. Bourges 33,524 p.
61st nat. Argenton 22,463 p.
78th nat. Bourges 33,524 p.

The dam of Ronaldo is Kim (BE05-3006558), a proven breeding hen for Gaby. Bot the sire and the dam of Kim have managed to win top prizes in important competitions. You can find the full pedigree of Ronaldo here.

Final words

Herman and Johny can look forward to the future with great confidence thanks to the introduction of Vandenabeele pigeons. We are eager to know which bloodline will be introduced next, especially because it will be increasingly difficult to come up with an even more talented pigeon breed.