Jelle Jellema raises almost 40,000 euro with 12 young birds. The auction weekend closes with an overall revenue of 157,800 euro!

Five different auctions closed this weekend, selling a total of 89 pigeons. They raised a total of 157,800 euro, with an average sale price of 1,773 euro per pigeon.

Jelle Jellema – 12 pigeons – 3,300 EURO/pigeon
2015 has been another great season for the Jellema pigeon breed, and it resulted in an impressive number of references. It explains why so many fanciers were looking forward to this auction. A group of 12 young birds were sold for no less than 39,600 euro in total. The most expensive of them was a youngster of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade, which was sold to a Japanese fancier for 10,600 euro. A son of New Witbuik x Silvie was also sold to Japan for 4,800 euro. A son of Zwart Goud goes to a Dutch fancier for 4,000 euro. The 12 young birds were eventually sold to 7 different countries: Japan, Belgium, Rumania, England, France, China and The Netherlands. 

Flanders Collection – 10 pigeons – 1,905 EURO/pigeon
One breeding pigeon and 9 young birds were sold in auction. The breeding pigeon, a youngster of Lucky 848, was sold to China for 7,000 euro. The most expensive pigeon in auction was a youngster of National Lucky Ace, sold to Hungary for 2,800 euro. The second most expensive youngster, a son of King ali, was sold to Hungary as well, for 2,100 euro. A total of six pigeons were sold to China, two pigeons will be sent to Hungary, one goes to The Netherlands and one was sold to the United Sates.

Belgian Top Lofts – 22 pigeons – 2,017 EURO/pigeon
A number of top lofts from Belgium were selling youngsters from their best breeders. The most expensive young bird came from Bart Geerinckx; his grandson of the four iconic pigeons Gladiator, Wittekop Sylvester, Ace and Miss Magic was sold to China for no less than 9,000 euro. Bart Geerinckx raised an average of 4,650 euro for four youngsters, Rudi De Saer had an average sale price of 2,700 euro, G&L Dockx raised 2,000 euro per pigeon,  and M&L De Laere raised 1,460 euro per pigeon. A total of 22 pigeons were sold for 44,375 euro. 

One Loft Race Special Kuznica – 33 pigeons – 1,249 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we had a number of prominent names, with the best ace pigeons and the best pigeons in the final race of this recent One Loft Race. The most expensive pigeon was the 1st Ace Pigeon of the Polnish fancier Arkadiusz Buttner, which was sold to China for an impressive 8,600 euro. A group of 33 pigeons raised a total of 41,225 euro.

One Loft Race Nordseerennen Sylt – 12 pigeons – 1,096 EURO/pigeon
The second OLR auction this weekend was that of the German Norseerennen in Sylt. Andreas Drapa won the race, and his winning pigeon was sold to Taiwan for 3,600 euro. 12 pigeons were sold in auction, raising a total of 13,150 euro.