Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) shows his talent with an exceptional national result from St. Vincent ZLU

Jelle Jellema has once again demonstrated his supremacy in the long distance competition, winning 5 national top 40 prizes from St. Vincent ZLU with 8 basketed pigeons against 3,714 pigeons.

A lot has been said about the undisputed grandmaster of the long distance in The Netherlands. We all remember his phenomenal 1st and 3rd international Barcelona 2014. His pigeons have shown to be extremely talented both at home and across the world. His pigeons had another outstanding race from St. Vincent last week, which had 10,737 pigeons at international level and 3,714 racing birds from The Netherlands. They were released at 6:45am, facing a slight breeze blowing from southeasterly and easterly direction. The easterly wind has benefited the fanciers along the western part of the course, which explains the early arrivals in France and Belgium. However, the pigeons of Jellema were not impressed, and they won a 6th, 9th, 16th, 34th and 40th national in the town of Nijverdal, covering 1,123 km.

The Jellema breed

The Jellema pigeon breed has always been founded on stock pair Zwart Goud x 02. The most important youngsters from this pair are Saffier, Orion, Jade, Kiara, and the 504. This loft adopts a fixed breeding system, which means their own inbred breed is paired to different bloodlines. The reason is that their own breed has proved to be an excellent combination with other lines. The 5 pigeons that finished in the national top 40 from St. Vincent illustrate this: each of them originates to at least some extent to the aforementioned stock pigeons. We take the time to take a closer look at these five prize winners.

NL11-1292573 Jack

NL11-1292573 Jack - 6thNational St. Vincent

The cock that won a 6th national St. Vincent is Jack. His sire is Bonte Ko of Ko van Dommelen (St. Philipsland, NL); his dam is a granddaughter of the aforementioned Orion, in turn a son of Zwart Goud x 02. Prior to his 6th national St. Vincent he had already won a 127th NPO Orange, a 148th NPO Aurillac, a 164th National St. Vincent and an 864th national Cahors. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL08-2027103 Julia

NL08-2027103 Julia - 9th National St. Vincent

The top class hen Julia finished in 9th place national. She is related to Saffier both via her sire and dam; Saffier is a daughter of stock pair Zwart Goud x 02. She has quite a palmares already:

  9th Nat. St. Vincent '15
 59th Nat. Marseille '11
102nd Nat. Barcelona '14
124th NPO  Cahors '10
283rd Nat. Perpignan '12
287th Nat. Cahors '10
337th Nat. Barcelona '13
440th Nat. Barcelona '12
526th Nat. Perpignan '14
548th Nat. Bordeaux '09

Julia is holding a 13th place in the international ranking for Barcelona over three seasons. However, she was basketed for St. Vincent instead of Barcelona this season, so she will be losing this position. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL08-2027077 Eva

NL08-2027077 Eva - 16th National St. Vincent

This hen wins a 16th national from St. Vincent. She is a proven racing bird as well, given her list of achievements so far:

 16th Nat. St. Vincent '15
 34th Nat. Orange '10
119th Nat. Marseille '11
233rd NPO  Brive '13
256th Nat. Barcelona '14
329th Nat. Perpignan '13
408th NPO  Perigueux '10
409th Nat. Perpignan '14
491st Nat. Orange '10
809th Nat. Barcelona '12

The sire of this hen is Kuif, another pigeon of Ko van Dommelen. Her dam is Inteelt Saffier, a daughter of Saffier, which is in turn bred from stock pair Zwart Goud x 02. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL12-1056961 Maud

NL12-1056961 Maud - 34th National St. Vincent

This 3 year old hen was bred from Zoon Super ’36 of Jan Peters (Bemmel, NL); the dam of Maud is a daughter of Zwart Goud x 02. The dam is thus a full sister of Saffier and Orion. She wins a 34th national from St. Vincent, after having already won a 37th national St. Vincent 2014, a 95th NPO Orange 2013 and a 207th national Cahors 2014. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL12-1056905 Lynn

The last pigeon in the list is the hen Lynn, winner of a 40th national St. Vincent. She had won a 107th NPO Orange ‘13n a 371st NPO Perigueux ’14, a 737th NPO Perigueux ’13 and a 758th NPO Bergerac ’13 earlier on. The sire of Lynn is a grandson of Orion, bred from Zwart Goud x 02. The damd of Lynn is a granddaughter Orhan of the Bruggemann brothers (Assendelft, NL). Click here for the full pedigree.

To conclude

Jellema has five pigeons in the national top 40 from St. Vincent, all of which originate from the super class pair Zwart Goud x 02. Jelle’s approach of pairing his inbred breed to other successful bloodlines has paid off once again in the long distance competition in The Netherlands. As we said before, his pigeons have proven to be really successful in other lofts too, and we have included some of the most impressive references. Jan Dekkers (Nijverdal, NL) won a 1st national from Orange on 10 July in sector 3, with a pigeon bred from a son of Orion. Kees Droog (Andijk, NL) wins a 6th national in a demanding race from Pau on 19 July. The dam of this pigeon is an inbred granddaughter of Zwart Goud. Michel Dubois (Maisnil Duhe, FR) wins a 6th international from Pau and an international top 20 prize from St. Vincent this year, with a granddaughter of Orion and Saffier.