Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) reveals his ambitions with a 6th and 7th International Pau

Jelle Jellema showed some great form already in the very first international race of the 2016 season. His racing hens Rena and Anke, two daughters of his new top breeder Roman (a son of Romee), were clocked within four seconds of each other, finishing in 6th and 7th place at international level and covering 1125km.

Jelle with his new top class breeder Roman

Jelle Jellema gained international respect for the way in which he has dominated the international extreme long distance competition, especially because his pigeons have to cover quite a lot of extra miles. Just to give you an idea, these are the times of arrival of the Jellema pigeons:

5:36 - 5:36 - 7:05 - 7:18 - 7:20 - 8:05 - etc.

"The first two pigeons were clocked almost simultaneously but they did not arrive at the same time", Jelle explains. Jelle has won two top 10 prizes in this race, and the international winner of Kees Droog from Andijk is a 50% Jelle Jellema pigeon as well.

Two youngsters of Roman win a 6th & 7th Int. Pau 2016

Over the years Jelle has been successfully trying to create the ultimate modern-day long distance pigeon. His top class racing hen Romee appears to be one of the new stars of the team. This impressive olympiad pigeon won a 3rd Nat. Bergerac 10,327 p. '13, a 3rd Nat. Orange 4,302 p. '13, a 3rd NPO St.-Vincent 1,365 p. '13, a 5th Nat. Brive 7,241 p. '13 and a 6th NPO Aurillac 3,072 p. '12. She has now demonstrated her breeding value as well: together with top class racing bird Blauwe Benno she gave birth to Roman, which is in turn the sire of NL14-1559583 Rena and NL14-1444046 Anke, the winners of a 6th and 7th international Pau 2016 respectively. In other words, two half sisters have each won an international top 10 prize! It shows the impressive breeding potential of the Jellema pigeons. This pigeon family combines a strong racing team with an outstanding group of breeding birds.

NL14-1559583 Rena, 6th Int. Pau 2016

Sire: Roman, son Blauwe Benno x Romee
Dam: Evi, winner of a 27th Nat. Perpignan, a 123rd Nat. Marseille 2015 and a 123rd NPO Bergerac 2014. She is a daughter of national star Sophie x a son of Miss Gijsje (Beens)
Click here for the full pedigree of Rena.

NL14-1444046 Anke, 7th Int. Pau 2016

Sire: Roman, a son of Blauwe Benno x Romee
Dam: comes from a joint breeding with Fred Kramer and Cees Ouwehand. She is a daughter of crack Joe Frasier x his own sister. Joe Frasier was a Europe Cup pigeon Marathon and winner of a 2nd-7th-11th-21st National.
Click here for the full pedigree of Anke.