Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) outstanding with one of the best Dutch Barcelona performances ever

And again the name of Jelle Jellema is on everyone’s lips … with one of the best Barcelona performances in Dutch history, Jelle once again shows his status as a top gun in the international marathon racing discipline.

For decades it was considered impossible for Dutch fanciers on the longest distances to play a structural role in the world of international racing … taking that into consideration, Jelle Jellema made the illogical logical. His 1st and 3rd place in international Barcelona 2014 were sensational … the many top quotations in the intermediate international classics were impressive … and the result in the 2016 edition from the Catalan capital covering 1258 km is one of the best overall in Dutch pigeon history. Jelle sent 7 hens and 5 cocks to the most prestigious classic and ended up: 

3rd-10th-18th-37th-77th-173rd-etc.  against 5,244 b.

The success from Barcelona 2016 is for the major part the success of the strain Jellema. A species of pigeon that was selected on only top results for many years and that brings success to so many fanciers worldwide … just recently Kees Droog won 1st international Pau with a 50% Jellema pigeon. With naturally the famous Zwart Goud as number 1 base breeder and his sons and daughters as exceptional inheritors … but also the wondrous Fondkoppel Bergerac-Doffer x Blauwe Dame is a very successful bloodline. Only pigeons from the very best of friendly fanciers are occasionally brought in as new breeding material … and so the main course of a delicious buffet is being served. A view of the 5 first Barcelona arrivals - all pigeons with a striking national score so far - underlines the Jellema formula for success.

3rd Nat. Barcelona 2016 Roos

“A very sweet hen that breeds at the entrance of the loft,” says a fully satisfied Jelle about the new pearl on the crown. The blue hen NL13-1755860 Roos now wins:

3rd Nat. Barcelona 2016
30th NPO Bergerac 2014
370th Nat. Pau 2015
985th Nat. Agen 2015

Roos already bred the winner of 93rd Nat. Narbonne 2015.
Father: Original Arjan Beens from phenomenal Miss Gijsje
Mother: Hilton, daughter of the Fondkoppel and herself winner of 15th-24th-44th-51st-77th-101st National
Click here for Roos's pedigree.


10th Nat. Barcelona 2016 Evi

A super woman!! Already winner of:

10th Nat. Barcelona 2016
27th Nat. Perpignan 2015
62nd NPO Bergerac 2014
123rd Nat. Marseille 2015

Father: Original Arjan Beens from phenomenal Miss Gijsje
Mother: Sophie, winner of 3rd Nat. St. Vincent 2011 and also 13th-15th-29th-97th National. A super hen, she is bred from the famous Orion (top son Zwart Goud) x Mirna (daughter Fondkoppel).
Check out Evi's pedigree here.

Evi has also proven her worth as breeding hen as she bred this year's 6th International Pau.


18th Nat. Barcelona 2016 Zeus

Father: Grandson of base breeder Zwart Goud
Mother: Winner 57th-93rd-460th-697th-822nd NPO … bred from grandson of Fondkoppel x granddaughter of Zwart Goud.
Have a look at Zeus's descent here.


37th Nat. Barcelona 2016 Erin

Father: Jerommeke, half brother of 3rd Nat. Barcelona winner Roos and bred from Son Miss Gijsje x granddaughter of Euro Diamond and Zwart Goud.
Mother: Daughter of Hellas with 4th and 7th National (grandson Fondkoppel and Zwart Goud) x top breeding hen from Harold Zwiers bred from Rooie Jaap.
Examine Erin's parentage here.


77th Nat. Barcelona 2016 Odin

An incredibly good cock inbred to the wonder hen Saffier. Odin is already winner of:

59th NPO Bergerac 2014
77th Nat. Barcelona 2016
126th NPO Bergerac 2015
187th NPO Limoges 2015

Father: Winner of 77th-85th-297th NPO and half brother of famous Olympic Romee, Olympiad bird marathon. Bred from Inbred Saffier x Inbred Orhan
Mother: Julia, winner 9th Nat. St. Vincent 2015 and also 59th-102nd-124th-283rd-287th-etc. Nat./NPO. Bred from son x granddaughter of Saffier, the super daughter of Zwart Goud.
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