Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL), a marathon distance specialist

Jelle Jellema showed his potential again in 2018, with an 8th national in Barcelona, the most important classic of the season. His fantastic results can be attributed to a top loft that is based around Barcelona champions, and which he has continued to expand in recent years.

Jelle has once again excelled in the marathon competition in 2018. This is mainly the result of Jelle now focusing completely on the big classics; both his racing and breeding team are put together with this goal in mind. Jelle explains: “The racing birds need to be strong enough to complete Barcelona, preferably in tough weather. The breeding birds on the other hand should be able to breed pigeons that are also suited for Barcelona.” Most of this team’s prize winners in recent years are related to the Zwart Goud bloodline, and to his youngsters Orion, Saffier and Jade. Several more breeders have started to play a key role for this team, including most notably Kleine Jade and Romeo. Descendants of these renowned breeders have done really well this season; we zoom in on the team’s best results this season.

NL15-1559583 Rena

Rena won an 8th National Barcelona of 3,912 pigeons this season. She won three top prizes ZLU in 2016, which made her 5th best ace pigeon across all ZLU races that year. And she was the best racing bird in Fondunie 2000 in 2016 as well, claiming the title of 1st Pigeon Champion. This is her remarkable list of achievements:

  6th Int. Pau       2016
  8th Nat. Barcelona 2018
 30th Nat. Marseille 2016
132nd Nat. Barcelona 2017
145th NPO. Orange    2015
350th Nat. Perpignan 2017
439th Nat. Perpignan 2016
610th NPO. Bergerac  2015
718th Nat. Perpignan 2018

The sire of Rena is Roman, one of Jelle Jellema’s top breeders. Roman is a son of Blauwe Benno and super class hen Romee. Blauwe Benno was bred by Benno Kastelein, and he comes from a son of Limmosje of Harold Zwiers x an inbred hen to Saffier of Jelle Jellema. The dam is Romee, a hen that Jelle bred himself, from inbred cock Soffier x a hen of Nico Volkens’s Jackpot. The dam of Rena is Evi, one of Jelle’s best hens. She has 3 national top prizes to her name:

10th Nat. Barcelona 5,239 p.
 9th Nat. Perpignan 4,027 p.
27th Nat. Perpignan 5,589 p.

Evi comes from a son of Miss Gijsje of Arjan Beens paired to Sophie (from Orion x Mirna). Click here for Rena's pedigree.

NL17-1732401 Joyce

The one year old Joyce claimed an 8thNational Agen Yearlings of 4,776 pigeons – a fantastic result. The sire of Joyce is a son of Olympic Miss Gijsje of Arjan Beens (Genemuiden, NL). The dam of Joyce is Kleine Jade, one of the team’s best breeders of today. Kleine Jade won himself a 1st International Barcelona of 20,669 pigeons in 2014. Click here for Joyce's excellent pedigree.

NL16-1163446 Romy

The 29thNational Perpignan of 3,778 pigeons was won by Romy, a direct daughter of Romee, one of Jelle’s top breeders. The sire is Special One (FR12-034553). This Special One won a 1stInternational Barcelona of 19,083 pigeons in 2015. Click here for Romy’s pedigree. Romy did three races in 2018, and he won a top prize each time:

 29th Nat. Perpignan  3,778 p.
199th Nat. St.Vincent 2,570 p.
281st NPO. Limoges    1,319 p.

Top breeders lead to great results today

It happens season after season that proven racing birds are at the root of a successful new generation in Nijverdal. Without overlooking some of the other top breeders in this team, we think many of this year’s results can be attributed to Romee and Kleine Jade, and that includes the pigeons that we just talked about:

NL15-1559583 Rena  (granddaughter Romee)
NL16-1163446 Romy  (daughter Romee)
NL17-1732401 Joyce (daughter Kleine Jade)

NL10-1221795 Romee

Romee won five teletext prizes over the course of her impressive racing career, before developing into a highly valued breeding bird. She was also 1stNational Ace Pigeon TBOTB 2013 in the marathon distance. She won a gold medal in the Budapest Olympiad in 2015, again in the marathon. Romee is a granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Saffier (a daughter of Zwart Goud). Saffier won a 1st NPO Ruffec in 2013, as the fastest pigeon in Sector 4 (3285 p.). Click here for Romee's pedigree.


NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade

Kleine Jade was the international winner in Barcelona in 2014. She is related to almost all of Jelle Jellema’s stock breeders. And as you can tell from the achievements of her grandchildren (Dafne, Jill, etc.), she has earned her stripes as a breeder as well. Over the past four years, just two of her youngsters were granted a spot in the racing loft, and one of them was Joyce. She claimed an 8thNational from Agen in particularly demanding conditions, in her first big race ever. The sire of Kleine Jade is a son of the long distance pair (Bergerac Doffer x Blauwe Dame). The dam of Kleine Jade is a daughter of probably Jelle’s most famous pigeon: Zwart Goud, paired to the 02. Click here for Kleine Jade's pedigree. As many of you will remember, Jelle had a fantastic race in the 2014 classic from Barcelona: he claimed the 1stand 3rdinternational with Kleine Jade and Silvie, over a distance of 1258km.

A solid breeding loft based around champions from Barcelona

Most of Jelle’s best results can traditionally be attributed to his Barcelona stars. This approach clearly pays off, as he has continued to excel in the Spanish classic season after season. We made an overview of his earliest arrivals at national level over the past few years, and the numbers are impressive:

2014 :   1st-3rd  Nat. of 5,423 pigeons
2015 :   358th    Nat. of 5,183 pigeons (just 1 pigeon in the race
2016 :   3rd-10th Nat. of 5,244 pigeons
2017 :   2nd      Nat. of 4,504 pigeons
2018 :   8th      Nat. of 3,912 pigeons

Jelle’s breeding loft is now home to numerous racing birds that were very successful in Barcelona, and you could say that his breeding approach is mainly centered around this classic. In fact, he also obtained the best Dutch pigeon from Barcelona over three seasons, which is a racing bird of Bernard van de Horst (Groesbeek, NL). He just wants to continue to strengthen his existing pigeon breed, to be able to get great results in future editions of the mythicalBarcelona classic as well.