Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) lets his Zwart Goud bloodline shine over multiple generations

Jelle Jellema has won quite a number of top prizes with his descendants of zwart Goud. 2015 was no exception; he won several top prizes in the teletext races from St. Vincent and Bergerac this season.

Jelle Jellema is doing great with his Zwart Goud descendants

The year after

In 2014 Jelle Jellema surpised fanciers across the world by winning the international classic from Barcelona over a distance of 1258km. In addition, his pigeon Silvie managed to win another top three prize in this prestigious Spanish classic. The icing on the cake was an Olympiac gold medal in the marathon competition at the Budapest Olympiad with Romee. These achievements can be attributed to his stock sire NL98-1364798 Zwart Goud, which, along with his partner NL94-2205602 (De 02), has played a defining role in the success story of Jelle and his father Ultjse Jellema over several generations. Making 2015 an even better season than 2014 was a nearly impossible task. Still, Jelle can look back on another great season, having won four teletext prizes.

NL98-1364798 Zwart Goud. Stock sire in the loft of Jelle Jellema

Zwart Goud

This dark chequered cock was obtained from K. Akkermans (Nieuw-Vossemeer, NL). He became the sire of NL01-1110402 Saffier (1st NPO Ruffec ’03), NL01-1110401 Orion (6th Nat. Bergerac 4588 p. and 7th Nat. St. Vincent 1373 p.) and NL04-1369280 Jade (the dam of the 1st International Barcelona 2014). Jelle Jellema won a teletext prize from St. Vincent and Bergerac in 2015. His NL12-1056946 Tara, winner of a 7th NPO and a teletext prize, belongs to the fourth generation of Zwart Goud. We will take a closer look at these four Zwart Goud generations but we start with an overview of the best results this season. Notice the high prize percentages and the ease with which Jelle's pigeons return home, one of the characteristics of his pigeon breed;

30 May Limoges   (Province 9, afternoon release) 811 km 1420 p. 32-61-62-69-73-82-86-89...(20/36)
Times of arrival:  06.31-06.36–06.36–06.48–06.53
03 July Bergerac (Province 9, morning release) 942 km 1468 p. 12-18-24-30-37-75-etc.(10/18)
Times of arrival:  11.17–11.32–11.43–11.53–12.01
10 July Orange   (Province 9, morning release) 922 km 1761 p. 13-14-25-29-35-45-54-65...(20/29)
Times of arrival:  05.37–05.37–06.35–06.42–06.53–07.08–07.14
31 July Bergerac (Province 9, morning release) 942 km 2637 p. 7–9–12–16–39–57-etc.(36/61)
10 July St. Vincent (National ZLU)            1123 km 3714 p. 6–9–16–34–40-etc.(5/8)
Times of arrival:  09.07-09.21-09.40-10.04
17 July Marseille   (National ZLU)            1028 km 3610 p. 94-101-124-etc.(16/21)
Times of arrival:  06.21-06.30-07.12-08.28

NL01-1110401 Orion, 6th National Bergerac and 7th National St. Vincent


One of the best sons of Zwart Goud is NL01-1110401 Orion, belonging to a first generation of teletext pigeons. This chequered cock won a 6th National Bergerac ’04 (4588 p.) and a 7th national St. Vincent ’06 (1373 p.). He became the sire of the winner of a 6th national St. Vincent 2008. Orion is also the great-grandfather of a 6th national St. Vincent ZLU 2015. Click here to reread the PIPA report that was published after the race. You can find Orion's pedigree here.

NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade, winner of 1st Int. Barcelona '14, is a granddaughter of Zwart Goud.

Kleine Jade, 1st International Barcelona 2014

The international winner from Barcelona 2014 is a small chequered hen and belongs to the second generation of Zwart Goud. She was raced with a youngster that was about to wean, and an egg of 15 days old. The international winner was clocked in the early morning (05:14), after covering 1258km. Her dam is NL04-1369280 Jade, a daughter of Zwart Goud x The 02. Jade won a 33rd national Ruffec in 2006. Click here for the full pedigree of Kleine Jade.

NL07-1187339 Klein kweekstertje, a granddaughter Zwart Goud

Klein Kweekstertje

Another hen of the second generation is the chequered hen NL07-1187339 Klein kweekstertje, winner of a 14th national Bordeaux in 2008. She really came to the fore in 2014, having bred Silvie, winner of a 3rd international Barcelona 2014. Other descendants of Klein Kweekstertje have won several top prizes in 2015 as well, for instance in the NPO race from Orange and the national ZLU race from Marseille. Click here for the pedigree of Klein Kweekstertje.

NL09-1783772 Silvie, 3rd International Barcelona '14


The third generation of Zwart Goud descendants have been able to win international top prizes as well. The NL09-1783772 Silvie won an international third prize from Barcelona 2014. She was clocked at 05:38, arriving about half an hour later than her loft mate Kleine Jade, which took the international first prize. She arrived home even earlier in the 2013 race from Perpignan, where she was clocked at 04:45 in the morning. Silvie is a grandchild of Orion and a (double) great-grandchild of Zwart Goud. Click here for Silvie's pedigree.

NL10-1221795 Romee, gold at the Budapest Olympiad


The NL10-1221795 illustrates once again that an inbreeding with Zwart Goud gives great results. Romee won no less than 5 teletext prizes in her successful career as a racing bird. She was 1st National ACe Pigeon TBOTB in the marathon discipline in 2013, and she won gold in the marathon category at the Budapest Olympiad in 2015. Romee is a granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Saffier (a daughter of Zwart Goud). Saffier won in turn a 1st NPO Ruffec in 2013, and she was the fastest in sector 4 against 3,285 p. Click here for Romee's pedigree.

2 teletext prizes in the NPO race from Bergerac

Something special

Jelle Jellema won two teletext prizes from Bergerac (7th and 9th NPO 2637 p.), and his father Ultjse repeated that performance (5th and 8th NPO Bergerac 1043 p.) in the province of Friesland in the same weekend. This is something quite unique in our sport.

Jellema in other lofts

A detailed overview of all the top prizes that have been won in other lofts with Jellema pigeons would take us too far but there is one achievement from 2015 that deserves special mention. Benno Kastelein (Hengelo, NL) managed to win a national first prize from Cahors in sector 3 (4838 p.) with NL14-1562767 Silver Lady. This hen, which originates twice from NL04-1369265 inteelt Saffier and Son Nirvana, was also the fastest overall against 12,917 pigeons.

Closing words

Jelle Jellema achieves great results with his long distance pigeons time and time again. His young birds complete the entire program in the province, in which they cover a maximum of 500km. The next step is to basket them twice or three times for a marathon race as one year olds; Jelle thinks this should not be a problem for any good quality pigeon. Jelle thinks it takes a solid approach, a well thought out loft and good preparation to become a successful fancier. But in order to really stand out from the others, you have to know how to breed top quality pigeons. Such pigeons are the result of excellent bloodlines and a careful selection procedure. Well, we couldn't have thought of a better way of putting it.