Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) excels at the extreme long distance

A season you can only dream of. That is how we can describe Jelle Jellema's performances in the past season. Next to the annual numerous top and Teletext prizes, this season was really a hit. Jelle put the icing on the cake and joined an illustrious group of pigeon racing celebrities by winning a 1st and 3rd International Barcelona.

Jelle Jellema's achievements in the 2014 season

Jelle's performances on the races which are most important to him are as follows:

30-05 Brive        880 km     299 pigeons 1-9-10-13-17-24-28-30-36-38 etc (16/24)
                            2,401 pigeons 3-20-21-32-53-67-75-93, etc (20/24)
13-06 St.Vincent 1,123 km     305 pigeons 4-7-17-19, etc (7/11)
                            1,109 pigeons 12-19-47-50, etc (7/11)
20-06 Perigueux    903 km     472 pigeons 1-9-10-20-23-24-27-28-29 etc (25/49)
                            3,346 pigeons 15-60-61-114-130-143, etc (27/49)
26-07 Cahors       982 km   1,409 pigeons 1-2-4-30-44-60-82, etc (14/20)
                            2,648 pigeons 2-8-11-50-72, etc (13/20)
01-08 Bergerac     942 km     771 pigeons 2-3-6-16-17-20-21-22-24-27-28-29 etc (39/62)
                            2,651 pigeons 3-6-12-30-33-38-39-41-43-48-59, etc (43/62)
05-07 Barcelona   1,258 km  5,423 pigeons 1-3-102-195-256, etc (8/12)

The super performances of these pigeons can to a great extent be ascribed to the following important breeders.  


Zwart Goud

The stock cock of the loft is without a doubt Zwartgoud NL98-1364798. This cock and some other youngsters were delivered by Mr Koos Akkermans. People in Holland often say: “The good ones aren't brought to your door, you have to get them yourself.” This obviously wasn't the case here. Zwartgoud's usual partner was NL02-2205602, the 02. The following pigeons were bred from this ace pair:

Kleine Jade NL11-1292679
1st  International Barcelona   2014
38th NPO           Brive       2014

Silvie NL09-1783772
3rd  International Barcelona   2014
48th National      Marseille   2011
61th National      Orange      2011
Romee NL10-1221795
3rd  National      Orange      2013
3rd  National      Bergerac    2013
3rd  NPO           Brive       2014
6th  NPO           Aurillac    2012
18th National      St. Vincent 2013

Orion NL01-1110401
6th  National      Bergerac    2004
7th  National      St. Vincent 2006
48th National      Ruffec      2002
51st National      Ruffec      2006
79th National      Ruffec      2005

Saffier NL01-1110402
1st  National     Ruffec       2003
6th  NPO          Brive        2004
24th National     Bergerac     2004
29th NPO          Brive        2003

Click on the ring numbers of the following star racers to have a look at their pedigrees: Kleine Jade NL11-1292679, Romee NL10-1221795 en Silvie NL09-1783772.

It is important to mention that the pigeons at the lofts of Jelle's dad Últsje Jellema also contain these bloodlines and perform well. We already wrote about Lieke NL10-1089919 which won the 1st national Cahors in Sector 4 in 2014. She is also a descendant of Zwartgoud NL98-1364798 x the 02 NL02-2205602. 

The Jellema pigeon

Father and son have been at the top of overnight long distance racing since the nineties. Their typical Jellema pigeon has added a new dimension to the modern long-distance pigeon. The small size, soft feathers and closed ventbones characterise this type of pigeon. In order to get the ideal type, he uses pigeons which top the prize lists for inbreeding. That is how he tries to hold on to quality. Such a star pigeon is then paired to its own child. The hen Saffier NL01-1110402 was for example paired to her own son NL03-1708597 Barabas, which won a 14th National St.-Vincent in 2006. This pair bred the Inteelt Saffier NL04-1369337. This cock, when paired to a hen of Nico Volkens (Jackpot x Het Talent), bred Romee, 1st International Ace Bird Europacup 2014.  

Jelle assumes that it is genetically determined whether a pigeon will become a champion or not. That's why breeding with high-quality pigeons is well though-out, why these pigeons are raced many times and why they are selected thoroughly. It is clear that in Steggerda and Nijverdal they reap the fruits of their approach.