Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) dominates the extreme long distance in 2016

The Jelle Jellema pigeons have performed at a high level in the marathon races for quite a few years now, but 2016 was a truly exceptional season for them: they managed to win early prizes and excellent overall results in all national marathon races.

Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) in front of his racing loft

A superstar in the extreme long distance

Jelle Jellema put himself on the map at international level in 2014 , when he won a 1st and 3rd international Barcelona against 20,669 pigeons. You might remember how Kleine Jade was clocked early in the morning, claiming a prestigious victory for Jelle Jellema. Jelle achieved another great result from Barcelona this season, winning a 3rd and 10th national against 5,239 pigeons, which is quite exceptional, especially because they had to cover of 1258 kilometres.

Results of 2016

We said in the introduction that Jelle has won quite a few early prizes and overall top results this season. This is an overview of all the races which Jelle competed in this year: 

05-06-2016: Limoges               1,566 pigeons 10-11-15-31-66-etc. (22/11)
18-06-2016: St.-Vincent sector 3  3,278 pigeons 85-95 (4/2)
19-06-2016: Pau ZLU               3,788 pigeons 5-6-87-111-116-200-etc. (18/10)
24-06-2016: Agen ZLU olds         6,887 pigeons 192 etc. (11/5)
            Agen ZLU YLs          4,679 pigeons 49-109-114-etc. (52/21)
01-07-2016: Barcelona ZLU         5,239 pigeons 3-10-18-37-77-etc. (12/8)
08-07-2016: St.-Vincent ZLU       3,387 pigeons 182 etc. (12/5)
15-07-2016: Marseille ZLU         3,320 pigeons 13-30-45-62-etc. (14/10)
22-07-2016: Narbonne ZLU          5,042 pigeons 3-6-99-132-147-165-215-etc. (31/18)
29-07-2016: Perpignan ZLU         4,027 pigeons 3-9-14-17-35-123-140-180-212-220-etc. (45/22)

As you can see, Jelle managed to win an early prize in every single race. Let's take a closer look at hist mos successful racing birds.

Rena, NL14-1559583

We start off with racing hen Rena. The sire of Rena is Roman, the number one breeder of Jelle Jellema. Roman is a son of Blauwe Benno and super class hen Romee. Blauwe Benno was bred by Benno Kastelein, and he comes from a son of Limmosje of Harold Zwiers x an inbred hen of Jelle's Safier. The dam of Romee was bred by Jelle, and she comes from an inbred cock Saffier x a hen from Jackpot of Nico Vlkens. The dam of Rena is Eva, arguably one of the best hens in Jelle's collection. She comes from a son of Miss Gijsje of Arjan Beens, paired to Sophie (a daughter of the Fondkoppel, from the breed of Piter Beerda). Click here for the pedigree of Rena.

Rena, pigeon champion Fondunie 2000

Rena has won three top prizes in this year's ZLU races, eventually winning the title of 5th Ace Pigeon ZLU across all ZLU races of 2016. She was also the best pigeon overall in Fondunie 2000, claiming the title of 1st Pigeon Champion. Let's take a look at her results in this year's ZLU competition:

19-06-2016: Pau ZLU               3.788 pigeons prize 5
15-07-2016: Marseille ZLU         3.320 pigeons prize 30
29-07-2016: Perpignan ZLU         4.027 pigeons prize 439

Evi NL13-1755856, an exceptional hen

Evi demonstrated her talent both as a breeder and a racing bird this season. Her sire is a son of Miss Gijsje of Arjan Beens; the dam is Sophie. Sophie is in turn a daughter of Orion (ace son of Zwart Goud) x Mirna (daugter of Fondkoppel, Piter Beerda strain). The pedigree of Evi can be found here. The Fondkoppel is one of the current stock pairs in Jelle Jellema's collection; the other stock pair consists of Zwart Goud x De 02 of Piter Beerda. But back to top class hen Evi. Evi is not only the dam of Rena; she continued to achieve great results as a racing birds as well: last year she won an early prize from Perpignan, and she added two more top prizes to her palmares in 2016:

01-07-2016: Barcelona ZLU         5,239 pigeons prize 10
29-07-2016: Perpignan ZLU         4,027 pigeons prize 9
31-07-2015: Perpignan ZLU         5,589 pigeons prize 27

Evi, top class hen of Jelle Jellema

Anna NL14-1559681

Anna is another hen that performed really well this season. She was also bred from the aforementioned son of Miss Gijsje of Arjan Beens. The dam of Anna is a daughter of Orion (ace son of Zwart Goud) x Mirna (daughter of Fondkoppel). Orion (from Zwart Goud x 02) is the winner of a 6th National Bergerac and a 7th National St. Vincent. Click here for the pedigree of Anna. These are her achievements in 2016:

18-06-2016: St.-Vincent NPO         782 pigeons prize 22
15-07-2016: Marseille ZLU         3,320 pigeons prize 13
29-07-2016: Perpignan ZLU         4,027 pigeons prize 180

Anna, 13th ZLU Marseille

Silke NL15-1320979

Silke is already the third top class hen that was bred from a son of Miss Gijsje of Arjan Beens. It is quite exceptional to have three different hens from the same cock win a top prize in a single season. This cock has proven to be an invaluable breeder in Jelle's team. The dam of Silke is Het Klein Kweekstertje, a breeding hen with a proven record: she is also the dam of Silvie, winner of a 3rd International Barcelona in 2014. Het Klein Kweekstertje won a 14th National Bordeaux in 2008. Click here for the pedigree of Silke. Silke showed her potential already as a yearling, winning a 3rd Narbonne ZLU against 5,042 pigeons.

Silke, 3rd Narbonne ZLU

Dafne, NL15-1321022

Dafne is yet another pigeon that deserves a special mention. She is a pigeon with quite a pedigree: her sire is a son of Hubo Batenburg's New Laureaat, winner of a 1st International Barcelona 2013, paired to Jelle's Kleine Jade, winner of a 1st International Barcelona in 2014. The dam of Dafne is a daughter of Orion (brother Saffier) paired to Silvie, with which Jelle won a 3rd International Barcelona in 2014. Dafne originates from quite an impressive pairing indeed. You can take a closer look at the pedigree of Dafne here​. Dafne won a 3rd Perpignan ZLU 2016 against 4,027 pigeons as a one year old, and we would not be surprised to see her develop into one of Jelle's future stars in Barcelona.

Dafne, 3rd Perpignan ZLU

An excellent 2016 ZLU season

Jelle Jellema had a brilliant 2016 season: he won a top prize from Barcelona with his first nominated for the 5th consecutive season, and he went on to win the ZLU championship Barcelona with his first nominated in 2012-2016, with a considerable lead. Jelle also became 2nd Emperor Extreme Long Distance in the ZLU, in addition to winning the title of Champion morning release Marathon and Emperor-Champion Fondunie 2000. This is a palmares to be proud of, and he will do everything he can to continue to achieve similar results in the long distance races. He has a great collection of pigeons, and his palmares of 2016 should give him the confidence to aim for another great season. Hats off, Jelle!