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Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) confirms his status as the number one champion in the marathon competition again this season

Jelle Jellema looks back on yet another very successful season. He adds another 2nd national prize from Barcelona to his palmares this year, after having already won a 1st and 3rd International Barcelona in 20014 and a 3rd National Barcelona in 2016.

Jelle has been one of the leading long distance players around the globe for several decades. Trying to improve upon his results of the year before is particularly difficult for him and yet he has done it again this season. Some of his most notable results over the years are without doubt his 1st and 3rd International Barcelona, a gold medal in the Budapest Olympiad with Romee and another top result from Barcelona (2nd National) this very season. Add to that his numerous top results at national and international level in other races over the years, including:

Barcelona   4,504 p.: 2-84-132-136-172-191-209-235-262-302-etc. (11/21)
Perpignan   4,789 p.: 2-11-21-64-113-176-208-242-281-293-350-459-etc. (21/36)
Pau         3,788 p.: 5-6-87-111-116-200-etc. (10/18)
Perpignan   4,027 p.: 3-9-14-17-35-123-140-180-212-220-etc. (22/45)
Barcelona   5,239 p.: 3-10-18-37-77-etc. (8/12)
St.-Vincent 3,714 p.: 6–9–16–34–40-etc.(5/8)
Barcelona   5,423 p.: 1-3-102-195-256-etc. (8/12)
Bergerac    2,651 p.: 3-6-12-30-33-38-39-41-43-48-59-etc. (43/62)
Cahors      2,648 p.: 2-8-11-50-72-etc. (13/20)

He did particularly well in the ZLU races (morning release), winning the following championship titles:

4th ZLU Emperor Extreme Long Distance
1st ZLU Long Distance Champion
2nd ZLU Pyrenees Cup
2nd ZLU Super Prestige 

Zwart Goud and his youngsters Orion, Saffier and Jade lead to great results

The phenomenal Zwart Goud breeder has played an important role in this success story: the many generations of Zwart Goud youngsters have been crucial to Jelle's pigeon racing career over the years. Many of them were invaluable racing birds, including for instance Romee.

NL10-1221795 Romee, takes gold in the Budapest Olympiad

Romee is the perfect example of successful inbreeding with Zwart Goud. Romee won no less than five teletext prizes over the course of her impressive career. She became 1st National Ace Pigeon TBOTB in the marathon in 2013, and she took a gold medal in the 2015 Olympiad in Budapest in the marathon. Romee is a granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Saffier, which is a daughter of Zwart Goud. Saffier won herself a 1st NPO Ruffec in 2013, being the fastest pigeon in sector 4 (of 3,285 birds). Click here for Romee's pedigree.

NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade

Another famous descendant of Zwart Goud is without doubt Kleine Jade. Many of you will still remember Jelle's incredible result from Barcelona in 2014, when Kleine Jade took the international first prize over a distance of 1258km. The overall results from Barcelona that year were quite memorable, as was the case in many of the following years as well. Here is a look at his excellent results from Barcelona over the past four seasons:

2017: 2-84-132-136-172-191-209-235-262-302-1035 (11/21) of 4,504 pigeons
2016: 3-10-18-37-77-173-317-928 (8/12) of 5,244 pigeons
2015: 358th with 1 basketed pigeon of 5,183 pigeons
2014: 1-3-102-195-256-351-501-644 (8/12) of 5,423 pigeons

Kleine Jade is a granddaughter of the Fondkoppel (Bergerac doffer x Blauwe Dame). The dam of Kleine Jade is Jade, a daughter of Zwart Goud x 02. Jade won a 33rd Nat. Ruffec. Click here for the full pedigree of Kleine Jade. Back in 2013 it was New Laureaat that claimed a 1st International Barcelona. Shortly after his victory the pigeon in question was moved to the loft of Hugo Batenburg. Hugo and Jelle then decided to put their international Barcelona winners together, creating a breeding pair that most of us can only dream of. The first descendants of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade showed the true potential of this highly unique combination. Jade 1 and Jade 2 would soon join the impressive list of highly renowned breeders such as Zwart Goud, Romee, Orion, Fondkoppel and Klein Kweekstertje.

NL14-1040735 New Jade 1

New Jade 1 is a son of this exceptional breeding pair New Laureaat x Kleine Jade, the two international first prize winners from Barcelona. His pedigree can be found here. It goes without saying that this cock has many of the same qualities found in both his parents; he is the sire of the following prize winners:

  3rd Nat. Perpignan 2016 (Dafne)
 85th Nat. Pau       2017
123rd Nat. Perpignan 2016
215th Nat. Narbonne  2016

NL15-1321022 Dafne

Dafne, a daughter of New Jade 1, won a 3rd National Perpignan and a 258th National Agen, each time as a yearling. We have to admit that Dafne has quite a spectacular pedigree indeed. Like we said, her sire is New Jade 1, a son of two international first prize winners from Barcelona. The dam of Dafne is a daughter of Orion (brother Saffier) paired to Silvie, winner of a 3rd International Barcelona in 2014. And this very combination has bred Dafne. Click here for Dafne's impressive pedigree.

NL14-1559924 New Jade 2

The next son of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade that is worth an introduction is New Jade 2 - his pedigree can be found here. New Jade 2 clearly illustrates the potential of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade: three of his youngsters (Jill, Stefanie and Leon) have won the following prizes:

  2nd Int.    Perpignan   2017 (Jill)     (Jill's pedigree)
  2th Nat. S4 Cahors      2017 (Stefanie) (Stefanie's pedigree)
 47th NPO.    Cahors      2017 (Leon)
183rd NPO.    Ruffec      2017 (Leon)
369th Nat.    St. Vincent 2017 (Jill)
576th NPO.    Ruffec      2017 (Stefanie)
613th Nat.    Perpignan   2016 (Jill)
673rd Nat.    Agen        2016 (Jill)

The dam of Jill, Stefanie and Leon is NL14-1559782. She is a daughter of Zwart Goud, the highly talented breeder that made Jelle an internationally renowned fancier. The dam of the 782 is a daughter of Snelle Jelle (Arjan Beens). Click here for the full pedigree of Dochter Zwart Goud.

NL14-1559782 Dochter Zwart Goud

A hors category marathon loft

That would be the proper way of describing Jelle's pigeon breed, which have excelled in numerous marathon races for several decades. Every season again fanciers discuss his palmares with the utmost respect, and that palmares is the result of selecting nothing but the best pigeons, focusing exclusively on their achievements.This breed is mainly focused around Zwart Goud and his invaluable youngsters and grandchildren. Jelle's Fondkoppel (Bergerac-doffer x Blauwe Dame) has bred several important descendants as well. Add to that the introduction of pigeons from some other renowned fanciers, and you understand why Jelle has been able to perform at such a high level for many years in a row.