Jelle Jellema 5,800 EUR/pigeon – Michael Collins 2,980 EUR/pigeon – Top prizes of 16,400 EUR, 15,400 EUR, 15,000 EUR, 10,000 EUR,… - Auction weekend closes with 350,000 EURO

This has been the most successful start of an auction season yet for PIPA, and this weekend's auctions were a great success once again. The overall revenu for this weekend was 349,500 EURO, or an average sale price of 2,200 EURO per pigeon for 159 pigeons.

Jelle Jellema – 10 youngsters – 5,800 EURO/pigeon
The Jelle Jellema pigeon breed has been one of the most popular pigeon families in recent years, and the average sale price of 5,800 EURO makes it the best young birds' auction on PIPA yet for an extreme long distance fancier. The auctions on PIPA with the highest averages are listed here: The most expensive young bird was a youngster of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade, a grandchild of which has already won a 3rd National Perpignan for Jellema this season. This youngster goes to the United States for 15,000 EURO. The second most expensive young bird is a youngster of Special One x Romee, which goes to the same American fancier for 6,400 EURO. The third most expensive pigeon is a double grandchild of Kleine Jade, and this pigeon too goes to the United States, for 6,200 EURO. Just one of these ten youngsters was sold for less than 4,000 EURO; all ten pigeons were sold for more than 3,000 EURO. The 10 youngsters have been sold to The United States, (4), The Netherlands (4), China (1) and Belgium (1), raising 58,000 EURO in total.

Michael Collins – 40 pigeons – 2,980 EURO/pigeon
This is a great result for his collection of 40 Van den Bulck pigeons, which raised no less than 119,200 EUR in total. His auction drew the attention of fanciers from Great Britain and Kuweit in particular. His two most expensive pigeons were sold to one and the same fancier; they are a youngster of Broer Goede Rode x Cools Duivin (16,400 EURO) and a youngster of Kittel (10,000 EURO). Not a single one of these 40 pigeons was sold for less than 1,000 EURO. They were sold to fanciers from Great Britain (17), Kuweit (11), China (7), The Netherlands (2), Belgium (1), Poland (1) and Taiwan (1).

Frederik Leliaert – 7 pigeons – 1,136 EURO/pigeon
The champion from Zeeland offered for sale 7 pigeons from his best breeders, including the last youngster of his stock sire, which goes to Taiwan for 2,200 EURO. The 7 pigeons raised 7,950 EURO in total and they have been sold to France (3), China (2), Taiwan (1) and Japan (1).

Foxwood Lofts – 59 pigeons – 1,583 EURO/pigeon
This Britain based breeding loft sold its most valuable pigeons in auction. The overall revenue nearly doubled on the final day of the auction, reaching 93,375 EURO. The most expensive pigeon in auction was the 7 year old son Wittekop Sylvester of Bart Geerinckx, which was sold to China for 15,400 EURO. The second most expensive bird, a son of Gladiator, goes to China as well for 5,600 EURO. The 59 pigeons were sold to the following countries: China (29), Taiwan (11), Turkey (5), Belgium (3), The Netherlands (3), Japan (2), Great Britain (2), France (1), Hungary (1), South Africa (1) and the United States (1).

October Auction – 32 pigeons – 1,634 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we have a number of pigeons that had not been paid for by their original buyers in the past six months. Many of these pigeons were sold at a higher price compared to their initial auction, including two pigeons of Verkerk: a youngster of Olympic Survivor raised 7,800 EURO, a youngster of Sponge Bob was sold for 6,000 EURO. The third most expensive pigeon was a daughter of Verstraete's Topstar, which cost 5,000 EURO. The 32 pigeons were sold to Taiwan (11), China (8), The Netherlands (3), The United States (3), Japan (2), France (2), India (1), Belgium (1) and Poland (1). The 32 pigeons raised 52,275 EURO in total.

Brugse Barcelona Club – 11 pigeons – 1,700 EURO/pigeons
These 11 pigeons were gifted to raise money for the Bruges Barcelona Club, which organises its Gouden Vleugel awards every season. Their auction raised 18,700 EURO, and the most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Special One (Batenburg-Van de Merwe), which goes to Taiwan for 3,800 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is a daughter of this year's Silver Wing winner of Chrstiaens-De Smedt; she goes to Japan for 3,000 EURO. The 11 pigeons were sold to Belgium (5), Taiwan (4), Japan (1) and Italy (1).