Jean-Louis Fauche (Waret l'évêque, BE): 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2012!

A second place which put back this famous Belgian loft under the spotlight of the national scene, a right reward as they already knew it so many times in the past!

Dozens of provincial & national champion titles, provincial (72!!!), national & international victories, provincial & national Ace Pigeon titles and numerous classifications for the Olympiads - the Fauche brothers (Jean-Louis, 55 years, & Jean-Claude, 66 years) already achieved these throughout their career which began in 1984. In 1991, their famous Crack 40, a pigeon from which the reputation was established worldwide, was crowned 1st Olympic Ace Pigeon during the Olympiads of Verona (IT). After his sensational racing career, he was placed in the breeding loft where he produced numerous supreme racers and his blood is still running in the veins of the colony. Moreover, the 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2012 is one of his great grandchildren. 

In 1993, the Belgian pigeon sport got to know the two brothers better as they had two international victories that year, respectively from Pau against 7,760 pigeons and from Bordeaux against 4,373 pigeons. No less than ten years later, the entire international pigeon sport was amazed as they won the most beautiful victory possible, namely the 1st international place from Barcelona against 20,204 pigeons! It is still an enormous pride for Jean-Claude & Jean-Louis to have written their names in capital letters on the palmares of this mythical race, the queen of the international classics. The most awaited race each year! You have to know that between Bordeaux & Barcelona, they also won the international victory in 1997 from Marseille in the hen category and this against 1,416 pigeonnes.

The Crack 40 & the Queen Barcelona, two of the most emblematic pigeons from the loft.

Don't be daft. This colony has already won everything that there is to be won when you are a pigeon fanatic. This is one of the most titled loft of Belgium, a colony who sounds familiar to the ears of the biggest part of the pigeon fanciers of the world. Finally, it can be sometimes boring to race when you have already won everything as the challenges are really difficult to be found. However, in Waret l'évêque like in a lot of other lofts, they live 100% for the pigeons and the daily life is scheduled to bring the best care to the racers. After some hard times due to health problems, the Fauche colony made a triumphal come back during the 2012 season with numerous provincial & interprovincial first prizes in the national races, but moreover with a 2nd place into the National Ace Pigeon of Extreme Long Distance championships by the KBDB! To achieve this, you must classify a pigeon early in two international races of more than 800 kilometers. As you know, the discipline of lofts like Meirlaen, Hebberecht and so on. You are then competiting with the cream of the crop of the Belgian pigeon sport, which gives more worth to the result!

- Champion (BE07-1000386)

2. National Ace Pigeon Heavy Long Distance KBDB 2012 
1.  Perpignan Iprov     -    386 p. 2012
52.  National           -  6,661 p.
85.  International      - 16,893 p.
2.  St. Vincent Iprov   -  1,271 p. 2012
26.   National          -  5,374 p.
79.   International     - 13,011 p.
20.  Bordeaux Internat  -  6,837 p. 2010
51.  Jarnac S-Nat       -  5,488 p. 2008
52.  Bordeaux Internat  -  8,358 p. 2009
262. Perpignan Internat - 15,756 p. 2010
314. Narbonne Nat       -  6,248 p. 2011
545. Cahors Nat         -  7,347 p. 2009

Father: 378/03 (BE03-1001378), son of the 149 x the 620 so out of a crossing between Crack 40 x Gyselbrecht. The same pair has bred the super 633, 63th national Barcelona 12,612 p. in '07. The 149 is a half-brother of the 120 who won the 1st semi-national Jarnac from 3,442 p. in 1994. Let's add that the 620 is a daughter of the Gyselbrecht cock. This cock is a direct Gyselbrecht R,A,C (Knesselare) and is an incredible breeder and he produced three different first interprovincial winners (1/1,935 Barcelona, 1/879 Perpignan & 1/2,219 Brive) !
Mother: 855/05 (BE05-1033855), out of the pair formed by the 222 x Gyselbrecht hen. This pair already produced numerous winners on the national races like for example the 078/04 (1st Aurillac Iprov 1,948 p. '06 & 237th Perpignan Internat 15,087 p. '07), the 008/04 (7th Castres 1,636 p. '05), the 183/03 (25th Béziers 6,702 p. '04). First class pigeons! But when you take a look at the pedigree of this hen, there is no doubt about the class as her grandmother (father side) is a half-sister of the Queen Barcelona (1st International Barcelona '03) while her mother is a daughter of the legendary Laureaat Barcelona, the legend from the Gyselbrecht family who won the 1st International Barcelona in 1995, crossed on the nest sister of Sampras, 2nd national Barcelona in 1999.
If you want to check the pedigree from 'Champion', click here.

Jean-Claude, Jean-Louis, congratulations for all these years of racing to such a high level and good luck for 2013!