Jean-Baptiste and Arnold Staveaux (Glons, BE) wins Agen national yearlings category

The last weekend has been exceptionally successful for the pigeon sport in the area of Liège! Indeed, the two national victories for each category have been won in this area of Belgium, the area who laid down the law last Friday on Agen. The winning loft in the yearling category has been really impressive over the last few years thanks to their results.

Arnold holding the victorious hen next to his son, Jean-Baptiste.

In the area of Liège, Arnold Staveaux is known since many years thanks to his impressive results that he won at all distances. It's a fancier who enjoys his hobby from the shortest sprint race until the mythic race from Barcelona. He is actually managing an all-round colony who is able to struggle for the victory each time they take part in a race. Step by step, he became one of the leading lofts of the Liège province.

A precious help 

Arnold is now racing in partnership with his son Jean-Baptiste who is 14 years old. Two weeks ago, they won the first provincial on Cahors while they can now enjoy together their first national victory since their triumph on Agen. We can rightly say that this partnership is quite successful. Arnold is very pleased to share his hobby with his son. This is the best reward he could get.

The origins 

The loft is built around origins coming from several famous names of the pigeon sport. They were hardly selected by the boss, year after year, to obtain a strain who produces winners at all distances: Robert Morrier (Hacourt, BE), Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE), Herbots Frères (Halle-Booienhoven, BE), Vos-Jennes (Diest, BE), Tits (Liège, BE), Roberto Panza (Ans, BE), José Moermans et P & P Philippens (Fourons, BE). However, the golden pigeon of the loft is a hen coming from Roger & Harry Wijnands from Maastricht (NL). She bred several toppers, mostly for the long distances. She is in fact a daughter of the « Red Simpson » and became grandmother of the winning hen from Agen but also mother of the provincial winner from Cahors 2014 as well as the provincial winner from Narbonne 2011. When she bred the national winner from Agen, she was coupled from a cock coming from the strain of Yvon Deneufbourg (Estinnes, BE).

The victorious hen

The victorious hen

This little black hen, ringed BE13-1032832, bred a youngster during the winter before being placed into the youngsters loft with several other old hens destined to be raced. She was recently coupled with a young cock with who she made a nest and was basketed on Agen with a youngster of 3 weeks. She probably found her motivation with this baby who made her realize the exploit. Click here to check her pedigree.


There are several ways to be successful in the pigeon sport but you need to get several pigeon fancier skills like patience or the ability to observate and see what's going on into your loft. Also, you have to make sure that the quality of your colony (the lofts as well as the pigeons) is good. This is how the Staveaux father and son can claim the victory every week of the racing season. In the area of Liège, everybody knows they will struggle for the victory until the end. Congratulations !