Janssens Johny, "National Champion Youngsters (2005)"

Johny & Dorien Janssens, Eksel

Johny Janssens is 43 years old and works at the test courses of Ford Lommel LPG. He is married and has 2 children: a 16-year-old son Tom and a daughter of 11: Dorien. He has been racing pigeons for many years now, as from the age of 17, with a few occasional breaks.
The Janssens family built a house in 1992 and Johny picked up pigeon racing again bearing in mind that he had to find the best pigeons because prizes can only be won with top birds. Johny’s daughter Dorien started racing last year with a round of late breds. This year, she has been taking care herself a great deal of the round of youngsters and has done a magnificent job: some very nice achievements were the result of her work. See hereafter .....
Widowers are raced according to the classical method. The hens are never shown upon basketting. The box is opened for a short while and the nest bowl is turned over. They can just go ahead for about 5 minutes and are then basketted. When they return they are allowed to see their hen for about half an hour, as the season progresses they can stay longer and if the race was really bad, an hour is neither here nor there.
The youngsters are darkened until approximately the end of May. The loft is not pitch-dark to allow the pigeons to get to the drinking pot. They stay together until they are trained and are then raced with open door till Orleans.
After Orleans they usually stay together and they can come to the nest for the national races, with good results.
Hens are raced on widowhood since 2 years and with success. The hens are basketted each week and when there are no national or provincial races they fly a middle distance or a sprint race. In no case they are allowed to stay home that week. Before they get basketted they can spend about ten minutes with their cock. When they return from a race they can stay with their cock until the evening and are then put in the aviary where they stay for the rest of the week. They train once a day, in the evening.
Johny got started with 36 widowers, about 16 hens on widowhood, 100 youngsters and 20 breeders. The old pigeons and the yearlings have to race half per ten and they have to race very early a couple of times to be allowed to stay. The youngsters are selected upon their achievements: if results are not satisfactory, Johny gets rid of them.

The feeding system for widowers
is the ‘filled feed box’. They always receive a sports mixture. In the beginning of the week they are fed a little less but as the moment of basketting approaches they get as much as they want: they can eat for as much as they like for a quarter of an hour after which the feed box is emptied.
The youngsters are fed the Gerry plus mixture; they receive less in the morning but in the evening they get more until some of them need to drink. As the moment of basketting gets closer, they receive a supplement of 50% Champion plus IC. The same feeding method is applied to the hens.
The pigeons are regularly checked up by a veterinarian. They are examined prior to the breeding, the racing season and the moult. Old pigeons and yearlings are never administered any cures without first examining them unless they return from a race: then they get a disinfectant prescribed by the vet.
As far as tricho is concerned, the youngsters receive a cure out of precaution every three months.
Beside that, the programme of Norbert Peeters is being followed, i.e.: vitamins, oil, amino acids and BMT together with the feed for several days.

Resuts 2005
Mettet Youngsters : 252p 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,18,19
Mettet Youngsters : 154 p 2,5,9,enz 8/17
Chimay Youngsters : 198 p1,6,8,14,16,17,18,20,etc 21/38
Chimay Youngsters : 125 p1,2,4,5,9, enz 11/28
Vervins Youngsters : 167 p 3,4,6,enz 11/18
Laon Youngsters : 352 p 8,9,10,13,17,20,21,22,23,24,25,etc 32/70
La Ferte Youngsters : 133 p 2,3,6,8,9,10,etc 12/28
Argenton Youngsters :2323 p 7, 24, 44, 74, etc 8/14
La Souterraine Youngsters :4254 p 8 , 77, 117, etc 7/10
Chimay Yearlings :515 p 4, 5, 27, 37, etc 6/9
Vervins Yearlings .:103 p 2, 4, 5 5/8
Laon Yearlings :178 p 2, 3, etc 18/39
La Ferte Yearlings .:2325 p 49 , 118, 2/3
Vierzon Yearlings :1866 p 18 , 57, 91, 178, 4/6
Bourges :2659 p 73, 94, 99, 103, 154, etc 10/14
Montlucon Yearlings .:2130 p 56, 74, 121, 127,etc 6/6
Argenton Yearlings .:853 p1, 11, 36, 75, 84, etc 9/11
Chimay old pigeons : 108 p 2, 5, 6, 7, 10,etc 8/10
Vervins old pigeons : 93 p 3, 8, 9, 3/3
Laon old pigeons : 209 p 2, 9, 11, etc 9/10
Laon old pigeons : 165 p 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, etc 12/18
Laon old pigeons : 550 p 4, 19, 21, etc 9/10
La Ferteold pigeons : 1843 p 22, 150, 2/4
Nanteuil old pigeons :289 p1, 29, 3/4
Melun old pigeons :195 p 2, 3,enz 4/4
Vierzon old pigeons : 5357 p 47, 95, 99, etc 5/5
Chatearoux old pigeons ; 4015 p 16, 54, 70, 135, 137, etc 9/14
Argenton old pigeons : 640 p 21, 22,etc 5/8
in 2005 - 15 First prizes
1ste Provincial Argenton Yearlings
2th Ace pigeon Middle distance Youngsters 2005 KBDB
Provincial cahampion Long distance Youngsters 2005 KBDB

The best pigeon in 2005 :
The "5046561/02"

Chimay : 1st - 315 pigeons.
Melun : 1st- 147 pigeons.
Nanteuil : 1st - 305 pigeons.
Nanteuil : 1st
- 56 pigeons.
La Ferte : 1st - 95 pigeons.
Chimay : 2th - 323 pigeons.
La Ferte : 2th - 378 pigeons.
Melun : 2th - 117 pigeons.
Mettet : 3th - 313 pigeons.
Melun : 3th - 125 pigeons.
Bourges : 3th - 112 pigeons.
Laon : 4th - 139 pigeons.
Vierzon : 4th- 239 pigeons.
Laon : 5th- 287 pigeons.
Melun : 5th - 647 pigeons.
Melun : 6th - 415 pigeons.
Orleans : 6th - 213 pigeons.
Bourges : 8th- 165 pigeons.
Mont Lucon : 6th - 245 pigeons.
Laon : 8th - 165 pigeons.
Chimay : 9th - 539 pigeons.
La Ferte : 9th - 2321 pigeons.
Laon : 9th - 253 pigeons.
Nanteuil : 12th - 346 pigeons.
Laon : 28th - 658 pigeons.
Melun : 14th - 629 pigeons.
Melun : 15th - 813 pigeons.
Bourges : 11th- 1228 pigeons.
Orleans : 30th - 6881 pigeons.
Viezon : 17th - 5582 pigeons.
Chateauroux : 85th - 3347 pigeons.
Chateauroux : 141th - 12422 pigeons.
Mont Lucon : 67th- 2303 pigeons.
Bourges : 14th - 3863 pigeons.
Bourges : 19th - 10182

In Hechtel-Eksel 2005
General Champion
Champion old pigeons middle distance
Champion yearlings
Champion youngsters
Ace Pigeon youngsters
Ace Pigeon yearlings
Ace Pigeon old pigeons middle distance

Three toppigeons who won the National Championship Young Birds KBDB in 2005

Most important achievements

1st provincial Orleans old pigeons 2000
1st provincial Melun old pigeons 2002
1st provincial Melun yearlings 2002
1st provincial Argenton 2005
2nd provincial Orleans youngsters 1999
2nd provincial St-Vincent 2002
2nd provincial La Souterraine 2003
2nd Nat. Z C La Souterraine 2003
17th Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance 2003 KBDB
14th in the Nat. Championships middle distance 2004 KBDB
8x in a row general Champion Hechtel-Eksel

The breeding loft is built up with a cock from the F. Marien strain. 1 hen is a descendant from the strain of Vandewiel/Jan Schreuder in Luykgestel and furthermore, some pigeons were obtained from Jacops Antoine in Vorselaar. Gijbels M. Eksel is the strain from which ‘Joery den 82’ descended. He has won the first prize for 22 times in his career. Also pigeons from the strain of Camiel Nullens in Koersel, who won the title of 1st national ace pigeon middle distance: ‘DE FENOMENALE’, strain from Van Elsacker/Jepsen, and the strain of ‘de Ambiorix’ who is also the father of the 1st semi national Argenton race Van Elsacker/Jepsen.

Some new acquisitions this year:
Pigeons of Menten Henrie in Herselt from ‘de Guylian’, which was the Olympiad pigeon in 2001 in South-Africa, from the strain of ‘de jonge bobby’ and ‘mister 1000’ of Vanleest-Peeters and the strain of Yskout Theo, Vanhoutte Willy in Wevelgem.
6 pigeons were traded with the best of Vereckt-Ariën Tessenderlo and also some blood from Janssen- en Meulemans was obtained.
Several top pigeons are acquired every year and preference is given to fanciers who race very good results with little pigeons.

Main couple 1
5065132/95 F. Marien x 5009073/98 strain Vandewiel/Jan Schreuder in Luykgestel
Main couple 2
5113312/98 x 5137389/00 is a youngster from couple 1 which is one of the first-class breeding couples that grows first prize racers every year. Furthermore, the 5113312/98 is a brother of the 5113374/98 that raced 11 first prizes and also a brother of the 5033102/97 that raced 6 first prizes.
Main couple 3
5035804/01 ‘Ambiorix’ x 5140556/03 from ‘de super’ .
Main couple 4
5113326/98 strain ‘de Joery den 82’ x 5035861/01 from ‘super’.
Main couple 5
5033162/97 strain ‘de Joery den 82’ x 5153746/96
These main couples raise very good breeding and racing pigeons. Inbreeding takes place occasionally, e.g. mother x son or brother x sister but this is only done with very good racing pigeons to preserve the good properties of that particular strain. They have to pass a very strict selection procedure. These pigeons are then kept for breeding.
For example : the 5113374/98 – 11 first prizes – was paired with his sister 5033102/97 which had raced 6 first prizes. The very first year, a youngster from this couple had raised an excellent pigeon which won the 1st provincial Argenton.