Janssens-Boen,"After the 'national title' in the 'Grand middle distance' in 2007, now 'National victory' from Limoges Y. 15.964"




The race from 'Limoges Yearlings' is by far the 'classic' for the yearlings in first proving their Long Distance capabilities. For Long Distance fanciers it is often a first standard of selection for their youthful racing team, and a basis for further expansion of their colony for the future. With its distance of 600 - 650 km for the Belgian fanciers, Limoges forms the boundary of the border between the races for the 'Extreme middle distance pigeons' and the  candidate 'Long Distance pigeons'. A distance from which both categories of pigeons can perform well, depending on the weather conditions. That was proved once again in the 2008 edition.
The pigeons were given their freedom Saturday morning at 7h30 in almost ideal conditions. Seeing that for the largest part of the route there was 'west' in the wind predicted, the earliest pigeon was expected to land in the east of the country… which turned out to be true. It was a Limoges with a very smooth course, and with a magnificent winner in the form of the duo Janssens-Boen from the Antwerp's municipality Mol.
They clocked their winning pigeon at 15h00 from a distance of 656,453 Km with a velocity of 1459 m/min.
The 2° prize nationally was for Michel Bourguet from Andrimont, while the 3° pigeon nationally landed once more in Mol, this time by Yvo Verkoeyen. The prizes at national level were distributed within the hour.

Nice winner

The pigeon duo Janssens-Boen, formed by Theo Janssens and his wife Gerarda Boen… are experiencing real 'feast days' in the pigeon sport. At the end of 2007 they stood in the 'Casino Kursaal' in Oostende for the 'national days' of the KBDB, on the stage as '1° National Champion Grand middle distance KBDB'… now they have clocked the quickest pigeon of the whole convoy from Limoges Yearlings, good enough for national victory… immediately a new success! Theo, now 67 years young, has a very capable loft carer in the form of his wife 'Gerarda'. When he used to go to work it was Gerarda who took care of the entire pigeon household. Today Theo helps with the care of the pigeons, but nevertheless he still faithfully trusts the 'all-seeing eye' of his wife… especially when it comes to deciding which pigeons should be nominated as 1° and 2°. Their main objective remains 'shining' in the 'Grand middle distance races' up to and including Limoges. And the latest success proves that they have been very successful! Their colony is mainly based on 2 basis lines, those of the "Goede Jaarling 341/95" (Good Yearling) and of the "Bourgesman 471/94" who won 5 x 1° prizes in the 'Middle Distance' and the 18° Nat Bourges 10.652 d (hence his name). This in crossing with a whole series of other pedigrees. This includes the national winner from Limoges Yearlings, who was given the name "Geraldine" (ring B07-6157975)… as a tribute from Theo to his wife Gerarda.
This dark chequered "Geraldine" is a daughter of the "Chequered Hoppele 963/00" (a direct son of the "Bourgesman 471/94" x "Granddaughter Vooruit 303/95") x "The 701-Hen" 701/06 (daughter of "Brother Bourgesman 464/94" x "Geschelpt Van Iseghem 421/00). She is then an inbreed product to the superior 'Bourges line'… in other words, the 'apple' didn't fall far from the tree. 2 weeks previously she won the 4° Prov Argenton against 1.965 yearlings, before performing this 'stunt' from Limoges.


Racing system
Theo wasn't perfectly satisfied with his Limoges-result since only 1 of the 6 pigeons entered managed to make the results, albeit the 'head bird' that made the result… but still, they expected better. One then starts looking for the cause… Theo thinks the blame lies with the week's rest that was built in for the racing hens prior to Limoges. Normally these 'ladies' are basketted every week, a question of spending their 'energy'… and to stop them pairing with each other. There was now an exception made and they were given a weeks rest, something which was seemingly good for "Geraldine", but disastrous for the other 'ladies'! Something which they will definitely take into account in the future. Theo and Gerarda have only been racing their hens in widowhood for a few seasons, and are still learning things every week in this racing speciality.
They began the season with 45 widowers (cocks)…a team that has now been reduced to 25… and 15 hens in widowhood. Last season the hens were coupled at the beginning of July so that they could be entered for Bourges with a small youngster…
This year it was the cocks who were coupled so that they can race the autumn classics with 'a nest'. Half of the team have already been coupled in preparation for this… while the hens are now raced further. The way in which the pigeon team is motivated especially jumps out at you. In the Janssens-Boen household there is only 1 cock available for 2 hens. Before leaving, the cocks and the hens come together for 15, maximal 30, minutes.
When they return home the cocks are sitting with their box half-closed, but the hens are not allowed near their cocks. That only happens in the evenings and then only for half of the hens, who stay with their spouse until the following morning. Then it is the turn for the other half of the hens. This creates the ultimate motivation…

For a more detailed account of the stock building, and the 'comings and goings' of the Janssens-Boen colony we would like to refer you to the PiPa-report, that was written at the end of the previous season as a result of them obtaining the 'national title KBDB' in the 'Grand middle distance'!

More info " National Champion KBDB Grand Middle Distance 2007" : Click here

With this national victory from Limoges for yearlings they have in any case in the Landbouwstraat in Mol, added a nice addition to their top successes from 2007, which have guided them to winning their 'national title'! We would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate the Janssens-Boen family with their magnificent Limoges victory, and… who knows what will follow if they can continue on this zest!