Jan Keen (Ter Apel, NL) has had a great 2013 thanks to his Super Michael 2

It was partly thanks to the achievements of Super Michael 2 this season that Jan Keen was able to win an award both in the WHZB and the TBOTB competition. He was also glorious winner in Category C Long Distance in the Europe Cup in Dortmund.

Jan Keen is all smiles

Super Michael 2

Many fanciers dream of breeding a super quality pigeon and that dream has come true again for Jan Keen in 2013. His NL12-5211061 Super Michael 2 won three teletext notations, which resulted in the following titles in 2013:

1st Cat. C. Long Distance Europe Cup Dortmund
2nd Best one day long distance pigeon WHZB
2nd Best one day long distance pigeon TBOTB

His teletext notations were won in district 10 North-East Holland in Entente 1-7 region North:

25/05/2013        Breuil-le-Vert  505 km   1 – 2472 p.
23/06/2013        Orléans         659 km   3 – 2211 p.
20/07/2013        Pithiviers      623 km   3 – 2234 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of Super Michael 2

Michael bloodline

The amazing achievements of Super Michael 2 did not come as a complete surprise to Jan Keen. His sire NL03-4781331 Black Beauty had bred another top class pigeon already. NL05-5432229 Michael managed to finish in the top ten in no less than five NPO races, including a first prize NPO from Ablis against 2836 pigeons. Jan Keen describes Michael as a pigeon with a strong character, a strong body and great perseverance. Michael was remarkably fit after arriving home from a tough race from Ablis, a race with a strong east wind in which he won a 6th NPO against 8519 pigeons. DV02098-02-415 Goudklompje is the grandmother of Michael and she is a double grandmother of Super Michael 2. She was bred from Günter Prange and she is related to nearly every top class pigeon in this loft.

Michael, winner of five top ten prizes NPO and a half brother of Super Michael 2

The Bullet

The NL11-4714667 The Bullet is another outstanding pigeon that was bred from Goudklompje. He is a brother of the dam of Super Michael 2 and this shows again that Jan Keen owns a truly exceptional bloodline. The Bullet is winner of a 1st Wijchen 14,153 p., a 1st Nijvel 6910 p. and a 1st Lommel 9710 p. Click here for the pedigree of The Bullet.

Brother of NL08-2068111 Liefje, the dam of Super Michael 2


The pigeons of Jan are raced in traditional widowhood, with only the cocks being basketed for the races. The cocks can see their hens until the following afternoon after coming home from a race. Jan believes this helps keep the pigeons motivated for longer. Jan has also composed his own mixture called Jan Keen Super Light, which is provided throughout the year. The widowers eat this mixture before their training flights. If a one day long distance race is on schedule, some Beyers Super Energy is added to the diet from four days before the day of basketing as well. Veterinary surgeon Dr. Marien from Belgium checks the pigeons every six weeks but he does not provide any treatments if there is no need to. The last tricho cure was given no less than eight years ago.

Silver Pigeon

Jan Keen has won one important prize after the other in his career as a pigeon fancier and he has received an award at the Gouden Duif event as well: he is winner of the Silver Pigeon in The Netherlands as the second in the ranking and he was “Superstar of the month” in this competition in the months of August and September. Jan had already won the title of Golden Pigeon in The Netherlands in 2011 as well. 

It seems that Jan Keen is unstoppable. He has an invaluable bloodline and a pigeon family that has bred an incredible number of outstanding pigeons already. We are curious to see what 2014 holds in store for him.