Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) wins first, third and fourth NPO Bergerac

There seems to be no end to the impressive list of NPO wins in Kieldrecht. The closing race of the old birds’ season from Bergerac resulted in a first, third and fourth.

Caretaker Piet Broeders with Victor, first NPO Bergerac

The race from Bergerac with a morning release was scheduled for 3 August in district 7 Central Netherlands and the pigeons from Kieldrecht had to cover 849km. In case of favourable weather conditions this would be a long one day long distance race in which only the strongest pigeons could excel. The weather was favourable indeed with pleasant temperatures and a southwest wind. The pigeons were released at 08:15 and Victor NL12-1784012 managed to finish in first after an 11-hour flight with a velocity of 1329 m/min in district 7, where 1158 pigeons had been basketed.

Victor, first NPO Bergerac district 7 Central Netherlands

The winning pigeon Victor is a small blue coloured cock; he is remarkably soft plumaged and he looks smart. He had not yet achieved great results in widowhood. He was basketed six times as a young bird and Laon was the furthest release site. The winning pigeon is housed in a stone loft equipped with an ATX radiant heater. These panel heaters heat the loft and are monitored with a humidity sensor. Piet Broeders, the caretaker of this loft, pays a lot of attention to the feed of the pigeons. He tries to make sure that the pigeons are basketed with a full stomach using high-fat seeds. They should look very fit.

Excellent pedigree

The top pair Jonge Bliksem (B01-3266512) x Dirkje (NL05-1936558) is at the basis of yet another NPO win. Their daughter Elfje is the dam of Victor. We know that Hooymans is always looking for less-well known yet very talented pigeons and the fancier from Kerkdriel noticed that the Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have quite a few of these pigeons in their loft. A youngster from their top pair (Superboy NL02-0274336 x Dochter 666 NL02-171319), the Scheele 88 (NL10-3052688), was brought to Kerkdriel. This Scheele 88 was then paired to Elfje and is now the sire of Victor. Click here for the pedigree of Victor.


The winners of the third and fourth NPO are both related to Harry (NL07-2007621) and loft caretaker Piet Broeders is really happy about the fact that this Harry has turned into an invaluable breeding pigeon. Harry has won the title of First National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2009 and First National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance TBOTB 2009.

In the NPO race from Bergerac Harry was the grandfather of NL11-1912120, which finished in third. This blue coloured widower that is housed in the same loft as Victor is also small in size and is a soft plumaged bird. Click here for the pedigree of NL11-1912120.

NL11-1912120, the third NPO Bergerac District 7 Central Netherlands

The fourth prize in this NPO flight goes to NL11-1912056, a direct daughter of Harr, which was paired to Mother Cavendish (NL06-1655551). This 551 was the dam of Cavendish (the first National Sprint WHZB in 2009), as the name implies. This daughter of Harry was raced in widowhood. The widower hens are in the aviary during the day and it seems that the fanciers from Kerkdriel do not suffer from hens pairing with other hens. Click here for the pedigree of NL11-1912056.


Jan Hooymans develops the breeding strategy in this loft and caretaker Piet Broeders confines himself to taking care of the racing team. Jan has decided to move the direct youngsters of top pair Jonge Bliksem x Klein Dirkje to the breeding loft. This season he managed to get only one youngster of this amazing pair in the racing team and this pigeon got lost in a disastrous training flight as well. However, Piet has no reason to worry: their new top class breeder Harry has provided them with plenty of top quality racing pigeons. This pigeon family has won no less than 8 NPO wins since Piet has been appointed caretaker in 2009. We think their racing team is talented enough to take a ninth win in the near future.

Jan Hooymans and caretaker Piet