Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) winner of 1st NPO Chateauroux against 5,620 birds

The top class pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje has bred another NPO winner from Chateauroux. Jan Hooymans and loft manager Piet Broeders were of course very happy with this victory. The winning pigeon was Alexica, a full sister of Harry.

This was the difficult one day middle distance race we had been waiting for, after the southern wind in the past few weeks. The strong pigeons were leading the field, including the talented Harry lines of Jan Hooymans! Jan and his companion Piet Broeders know all about winning first prizes. After a great victory from Bourges 2011 (click here) it was only a matter of time before they would win a national or NPO race in 2012.

This family of pigeons (especially the Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje line) perform well both in sprint races and longer distance races and in any type of weather. This time they were victorious in the NPO race from Chateauroux. The best pigeons in the race were both descendants of the top class couple Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje: both the 1st and the 10th NPO are youngsters from this couple, which makes them sisters of the champion Harry. It does not stop there: the 48th and 63rd NPO were also youngsters from that same couple. Most of the other prizes were won by grandchildren of Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje.


The full results for the NPO Chateauroux (611km):
Against 5620 pigeons: 1-10-16-20-32-48-63-75-77-82-94-etc                      84/40
Against 1133 pigeons: 1-4-6-8-13-19-25-28-29-30-32-44-49-53-58-65-70-74-98-etc 84/39

A magnificent result by exceptional pigeons and pigeon fanciers! Let's take a closer look at these amazing birds:

These are the results of the children of this top class couple:

1st  National ace pigeon one day middle distance W.H.Z.B. 2009    'Harry'
1st  Ace pigeon one day middle distance T.B.O.T.B. 2009           'Harry'
1st  Dutch ace pigeon W.E.N.C. Dortmund 2009 'Harry'
1st  NPO Chateauroux against 5620   pigeons 'Alexia'         611km
1st  NPO Blois against       5653   pigeons 'Harry'          548km
1st  N.U Blois against       22,747 pigeons 'Harry'          548km
     Snelste Blois against   37,728 pigeons 'Harry'          548km
1st  NPO Chateauroux against 5979   pigeons 'Harry'          611km
1st  N.U Chateauroux against 22,340 pigeons 'Harry'          611km
2nd  NPO Salbris against     7599   pigeons 'Laatje 56'      540km
2nd  NPO Blois against       4829   pigeons 'Cees'           548km
3rd  NPO Chateaudun against  8781   pigeons 'Harry'          500km
3rd  N.U Chateaudun against  21,520 pigeons 'Harry'          500km
3rd  NPO Blois against       5653   pigeons 'Donkere Herman' 548km
10th N.U. Blois against      13,687 pigeons 'Donkere Herman' 548km
5th  NPO Chateauroux against 4260   pigeons 'Cees'           611km
10th NPO Chateauroux against 5979   pigeons 'Cheryl'         611km
10th NPO Chateauroux against 5620   pigeons 'Doutzen'        611km

This is, of course, an impressive list of achievements, but it does not take into account the prizes won with grandchildren of this pair (the final youngster at auction was bought by Pieter & Gea Veenstra for a record amount. It was sold again in January in the Veenstra auction on PIPA).

Jan Hooymans & Cor de Heijde

Cor de Heijde is one of the few fanciers who has a full brother of Harry. This cock, Future Boy, has bred the 10-961 (= grandchild of top couple)

1st National    Bordeaux against 4509 pigeons (2012) 889 km
1st NPO Bordeaux (afd.2) against 501  pigeons (2011) 889 km

The Scheele brothers from Terneuzen have a great Hooymans hen at their disposal as well. This half sister of Femke is a granddaughter of Dirkje and is already the dam of:

1st NPO Argenton against 3,372 p. (2012)
3st Peronne against      1,066 p. (2012)
4th NPO Orleans against  4,308 p. (2011)
4th Niergnies against    1,183 p. (2012)

These are the results of some of the other descendants of Jan Hooymans's top couple:

3rd     Strombeek against   3836 p.
3rd NPO Salbris   against   7599 p.
4th NPO Blois     against   7415 p.
4th     Nanteuil  against 16,500 p.
5th NAT Mantes    against 18,405 p.
6th NPO Bourges   against   7299 p.
7th NPO Salbris   against   6550 p.
8th NPO Salbris   against   6550 p.
9th NPO Bourges   against   7357 p.

Together with some other hens, Jonge Bliksem is (grand)father of:

6th NPO Offenburg against 7151 p.
6th NPO Blois     against 7415 p.
7th NAT Orleans   against 8299 p.

Last weekend also saw one of the first races for youngsters in Belgium. Once again it was a descendant of the Harry line that took the victory. It was a youngster bred by Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL) and raced by Arie Ros (Ridderkerk, NL). The father of this pigeon stems from Harry x sister of Harry.

1st Nijvel           against 3687   pigeons
He was the fastest pigeon of no less than 28,297 birds

This is a long list of top references and top prizes which can be attributed to the basis of the lofts of Hooymans and his couple Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje. 
Click here for the pedigree of Jonge Bliksem
Click here for the pedigree of Dirkje

We were again impressed by the amazing performances of the Hooymans loft after a win in a difficult race from Chateauroux. The Hooymans birds had a great day and it made Jan and loft manager Piet very happy. We wish them good luck in the young bird races and the other races in the 2012 season.