Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) is the big winner in Chateaudun (N.U.) of 15,359 pigeons

In the last one day long distance race from Chateaudun Jan Hooymans not only won a 1st NPO Chateaudun (2,860 p.), he was also the winner overall in the Northern Union of as many as 15,359 pigeons.

As many of you know, Jan Hooymans has been doing great in several locations both at home and abroad. He races in The Netherlands with Christian van de Wetering as Team Hooymans NL, he has two different lofts in Belgium as Team Hooymans BE (winners of a 1st National Argenton 2020) and Team Hooymans WVL (West Flanders), and he is also racing in Great Britain as Team Hooymans UK. But it was Jan Hooymans himself, racing from his own loft in Kerkdriel, that claimed a coveted victory on 15th of August.

Jan's racing birds are looked after by Evert Steenis and Silviu Glodeanu. These young fanciers spend their entire week trying to get the extensive racing team in good form, and they can already look back on a very successful season. For instance, they ended the one day long distance season in style winning a 1st Chateaudun Northern Union of 15,359 pigeons. Their race winner is NL19-1022619, which Evert now refers to as Silviu, as a tribute to his colleague and caretaker Silviu Glodeanu.

And their victory from Chateaudun was not the only top result that was worth a mention last weekend, 15th of August. To begin with, NL19-1022854 claimed an 8th NPO of 2,860 pigeons in that same race from Chateaudun. And Team Hooymans BE won a 1st Prov. Narbonne of 548 yearlings (and a 7th Nat. of 4,120 pigeons). On top of that, a pigeon of Jan Hooymans was outstanding in a One Loft Race in Zimbabwe, finishing in 8th place in the final and claiming a title of 1st Knock-Out Ace Pigeon.

We will now zoom in on the pigeons that were responsible for these excellent results.

NL19-1022619 Silviu, 1st Chateaudun N.U. (15,359 p.)


Loft caretaker Evert Steenis with race winner Silviu

It is no secret that most of these results can be attributed to Harry, probably the best one day long distance pigeon ever to have lived. This superstar can still be found in the bloodlines of today's generations of Hooymans racing birds (and many others). And his successors, including grandson New Harry, Son Harry Junior have proven invaluable members of the breeding team. The same goes for the full brothers and sisters of Harry, such as Alexia, Cees and Laatje 55, . Silviu is also related to these very bloodlines: his sire is a son of Harry x Esmee (Tj. & J. Elzinga), and his dam comes from Fighter Gloria (Bert Vandenberghe) x Alexia (sister Harry).

Sire (Son Harry) of 1st Chateaudun N.U. 15,359 p.
Grandmother (Alexia) of 1st Chateaudun N.U. 15,359 p.

NL19-1022854, 8th NPO Chateaudun (2,860 p.)

This 854 is a late youngster of 2019 but was already quite successful as a yearling:

8th NPO Chateaudun 2,860 p. 51st NPO Bourges 88th N.U. Bourges 16,447 p. 53rd NPO Orleans

Thanks to this palmares, the 854 became 2nd Interprov. Ace Pigeon in the Northern Union (Prov. 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11). The 854 stems from a proven breeding pair: Strong Trillboy x Sister Harry 512. This pair had already bred a regional winner and five top 10 winners NPO. In addition, a daughter of this breeding pair bred a 7th NPO Salbris 2020 for Jan Hooymans.

NL19-1021441, 1st Prov. Narbonne (548 YLs)

NL19-1021441, 1st Prov. Narbonne (548 YLs)

The last top result from this team comes from racing bird 441. His pedigree features several proven breeding birds such as New Witbuik (Batenburg-v.d. Merwe) and Don Michel (Cor de Heijde), and the inevitable Alexia, sister of Harry. This 441 is currently the best Belgian yearling across all international races (2 prizes) in the PIPA Ranking.

7th Nat. Narbonne YLs 4,120 p. 41st Nat. Agen YLs 5,955 p.

NL19-1022953, 1st Knock out Ace Pigeon Zimbabwe

Racing bird 953 did something quite special in the One Loft Race in Zimbabwe, finishing in 8th place in the final race of 544 km. It made her the first Knock Out Ace Pigeon. This basically means that for each race, a given percentage goes through to the next race. In other words, the 953 had made it back home in time every day. We take a look at her most important results:

8th Final race 544 km 1st Knock out Ace Pigeon 4th Super Ace Pigeon 25th Hot Spot (4) 405 km 2,252 p.

You can tell from the pedigree of the 953 that Harry plays a crucial role once again. For instance, the sire is a son of New Harry x Alexia.

Jan Hooymans has opted to compete in the international classics in The Netherlands again this season.
To begin with, he had two national top 100 finishers in the national classic from Agen, followed by a 292nd National Barcelona (to begin with) and an 82nd National in Narbonne.

Loft caretaker Silviu showing Blue Michelle, the long distance favourite in Kerkdriel

Blue Michelle, the long distance favourite in Kerkdriel