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Jan Ernest, rightly so an old ‘Dutch’ master

Under ‘old masters’ we understand artists like Rembrandt van Rijn, Pieter Paul Rubens and Vincent van Gogh. It is these people who have put Flanders and Holland on the map with their unique talent.

With fabulous skill they have made their own hand visible and recognizable everywhere.
Jan Ernest can now also be classified as an old master, but then in the field of the pigeon sport. In 2010 he once again proved that he is not just a fancier, but also a professional. He worked with a palette of pigeons, whereby his hand remains clearly visible. He has developed a unique type of pigeon and all that with an apparent naturalness. The breeding worth of his pigeons is great.   
Racing pigeon fanciers who have a ‘Jan Ernest’ in their private collection will have noticed the added value of the pigeons of this old master more than once .      
The ‘highlights’ in 2010 were 

 08-3732716     1st Bergerac District 1 against 1174 pigeons
08-3732716     4th Bergerac B2000      against 4884 pigeons
06-1212447     1st Tarbes District 1   against 462 pigeons
06-1212447     5th National Tarbes     against 7490 pigeons
04-2224698     28th National Tarbes    against 7490 pigeons
08-3838333     62nd National Pau       against 2657 pigeons

 Barcelona nat. 2010, 3 pigeons entered, prize 500 and 962 against 7016 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 66,6%.
Pau nat. 2010,       2 pigeons entered, prize 62 and 385 against 2657 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 100%
Tarbes nat.2010,     6 pigeons entered, prize 5, 28, 379, 791 and 1307 against 7490 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 83,3%
St.Vincent nat 2010, 9 pigeons entered, prize 357,360 and 691 against 11180 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 33,3%
Cahors nat 2010,    11 pigeons entered, prize 378, 556,1238,1640,1667 and 3056 against 13185 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 54,5%
Bergerac 2010,      12 pigeons entered, prize 4, 183, 464, 496, 509, 637, 778, 866 and 1194 against 4884 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 75%
Bordeaux 2010,      17 pigeons entered, prize 408,1051,1450,1901,2330,2497,3103 and 3240 against 13336 pigeons 
                                   with a prize percentage of 47%.
Dax nat 2010,        8 pigeons entered, prize 1867, 2011 and 2593 against 12128 pigeons
                                   with a prize percentage of 37,5%
Over all races this is a prize percentage of more than 62%.  

“You can really see the hand of Jan Ernest here”  You see continuity in performance, with peaks so as a fourth, fifth, twenty eighth and sixty sixth national in 2010 .  

So is the 06-1212447 a ‘work of art’ with the honours list :

  5th   national Tarbes 2010       7490 pigeons
8th   national Bergerac 2008    16041 pigeons
236th  national St Vincent 2009  13020 pigeons
360th  national St Vincent 2010  11180 pigeons
547th  montauban B2000 2009        6304 pigeons
772nd  national Montauban 2008   17364 pigeons
1331st national Tarbes 2008      10606 pigeons   


The 04-2224698, the Dokus, has the following honours list :



  28th   national Tarbes 2010         7490 pigeons
36th   national Mont de Marsan ‘09 10212 pigeons
76th   national Sint Vincent 2009  13020 pigeons
691st  national Sint Vincent 2010  11180 pigeons
1425th national St Vincent 2007    13437 pigeons
2011st national Dax 2010           12128 pigeons
2320th national Tarbes 2007        13360 pigeons
60th   Montauban B2000 2009          6304 pigeons
213th  Dax B2000 2007                4112 pigeons   

 And the honours list of the  08-3838333:

 62nd  national Pau 2010           2657 pigeons
133rd international Pau 2010      8170 pigeons  


It is clear that Jan is also interested in the same type of pigeon by other fanciers. The arrival of the 08-3839955 from colleague fancier from Tilbeurgh there was another influence which can possibly complement the pigeons. The performances of Jan’s sort inspire the current pigeon fancier.
The pedigree of  Jan Ernest is still alive and kicking within the pigeon sport. An implementation which contains the -261, the roodoogje, the brommer, the -55, the F-line, the Pau, the Barcelona couple and now also includes the Dokus and the -477.  It can justly be called a life's work .