Jan en Joke Kaman (Wormerveer, NL) have a new star named Nico on their lofts

Jan and Joke Kaman visiting PIPA
Jan and Joke Kaman have a new star on their lofts from the Porsche family, Nico. This crack shined in 2023 with a/o two federation wins on long distance races.

How we got here

In 2018, Jan and Joke Kaman decided to sell all their top racers via an auction on PIPA. After the auction, the couple visited PIPA HQ to deliver their pigeons. They were welcomed by Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and were introduced to Kaier (just after his purchase of Nadine). Together they handled this super hen with admiration. Shortly after, Nikolaas showed them several top pigeons from the Porsche lines and Jan & Joke were very impressed. Jan did not hesitate to speak out his desire to add this bloodline to his stock, and in no time at all a deal was made. In 2019, Jan came to chose a youngster from the famous Porsche bloodlines. His eye fell on the BE19-4185384 who he called Nicolaas 1. An important note is that both parents of Nicolaas 1 are children from the renowned pair BE13-4176517 Wacko Freddy x BE13-6143659 Lieve. It later became clear that Jan made a great choice..

Jan & Joke Kaman together with Kaier during their visit at PIPA

Bullseye in 2020

In 2020, they were immediately successful. Nicolaas 1 was paired to a hen from the best bloodlines of Jan and Joke. One of the first youngsters from Nicolaas 1 is NL20-1384181 Strong Boy. As a yearling this cock won a/o 21st NPO Fontenay sur Eure against 7,455 pigeons and a 95th NPO Chateaudun against 5,798 pigeons (Afdeling 6 Noord-Holland). On a tough Chateauroux Strong Boy returned home with a shattered leg, which meant the end of his racing career. However, he became a great breeder. Strong Boy is father of a/o NL21-1087365 Romeo who became 3rd Ace Pigeon Long Distance in Kring 4 of Afdeling 6. 


NL22-8340191 Nico is the new star from the Porsche lines

In 2022, another descendant from Nicolaas 1 paired to a Kaman hen was born. It was the NL22-8340191 Nico who would grow out to become a sensational long distance racer. On his palmares we find a/o (all won in 2023);

1st Vierzon 615 km against 558 p. (Kring 4 Afdeling 6)
8th NPO against 2138 p. (Afdeling 6)
1st Issoudun 648 km against 582 p. (Kring 4 Afdeling 6)
4th NPO against 2095 p. (Afdeling 6)
10th Tours 633 km against 596 p. (Kring 4 Afdeling 6)
26th NPO against 2516 p. (Afdeling 6)
54th Morlincourt 348 Km against 12992 p. (Afdeling 6)
9th FCI Olympiad 2022/2023 Cat. Long Distance 1 Year (preliminary)

More super pigeons

The NL22-8357043 Nicolien (half-sister Nico) flew into the spotlights with a 3rd Tours (Kring 4 Afdeling 6) against 596 pigeons. This was good for the 9th NPO against 2,516 pigoens in Afdeling 6. Descendants of Nicolaas also perform on the lofts of Team Nijman (Heemskerk, NL). A grandchild from Nicolaas bred the NL23-9241615 and NL23-9241616 who are 2nd and 3rd Ace Pigeon Young birds Short Distance in Kring 3 of Afdeling 6 North-Holland. 

Win-win situation 

Jan and Joke Kaman are very pleased that different lofts have been successful with the pigeons bought at their auction on PIPA. The fact that Jan and Joke in turn are successful with their pigeons from the Porsche bloodlines made the auction a true win-win situation.