J. Doldersum & Son (Almelo NL) is the best fancier from the Netherlands in 2021.

Enrico (J. Doldersum & Son) and his wife Wendy (Wendy Doldersum) have been in the spotligh for yers on the sprint races. Best fancier of the Netherlands, 1st and 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (Comp. De Allerbeste) and the 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young WHZB/TBOTB once again con
Father Jan (l), Enrico (m) and Wendy (r) Doldersum

In the beginning.

The by now 39-year-old Enrico found his way to the pigeon sport through his father Jan, in addition, both the grandparents and a large part of the family kept pigeons. Unfortunately father Jan passed away on the 20th of August last year. Despite declining health (lung disease), father Jan remained a firm supporter and pigeons were a daily topic of conversation. Enrico works at Seko, an Italian developer and producer of dosage pumps, and is head of the Benelux office. He is married to Wendy and together they have 3 children, Sophie Twan and Mart. Wendy works part-time at STN, a company responsible for roadblocks and detours.

Enrico partakes in the sport under the name J.Doldersum & Son and his wife under the name Wendy Doldersum. Enrico made his start together with his father and his parents’ house, but it did not take long before he had a loft at his own place. This is also how Wendy got involved in the sport, and she took quite a liking to it. That feeling never went in away and in fact, only continued to grow. Enrico has the following to say about it: “If it was just myself, it would be difficult to partake in the sport at this level. I am lucky to be able to count on my wife for a great deal of support during the season. In addition, I have a number of friends and an uncle I can call on when it is needed. Wendy does a lot for the pigeons, enjoys doing it, thus it is only natural that she too can show off her name on the results.

The favourite disciplines at the moment are the sprint races, especially with the young birds. Enrico and Wendy have together about 20 to 25 couples of old racing birds who are played on widowhood and afterwards from the nest for the natour. In addition, they are also in the possession of roughly 30 breeding couples which are needed to fill the young birds’ loft in time. About 100 to 150 young birds are bred every year but due to the bird-of-prey, a strict selection and training races, a third of that number is lost by the time the season starts. During the races, additional losses are quite small. The young birds stay together for the first 3 to 4 races and afterwards are played on widowhood.

In recent years Enrico & Wendy have bred their ‘own’ colony of pigeons that are suited for their distance needs and wishes. Furthermore, Enrico is always looking for additional pigeons with potential and this is unlikely to change in the future. The most successful lines at this moment are those of the top birds such as Soixante Neuf, Bettembourg and de Blois, every single of these are performance pigeons that have been able to pass on their genes to the next generation. Last year these lines were crossed with the Best Kittel-pigeons, something that turned out to be a marvellous success

A number of highlights and championships of this year:

National titles 2021:
1st Best Fancier WHZB TBOTB
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Comp. De Allerbeste
10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Comp. De Allerbeste Wendy
5th Nat. Best Young Bird WHZB/TBOTB Wendy
28th Best Fancier WHZB TBOTB Wendy
5th National Pigeon Championship Young Birds Wendy
10th National Pigeon Championship Young Birds Wendy
5th National Loft Champion Middle Distance Undesignated
10th National Loft Champion Young Birds Designated Wendy
Championships Sector 9
1st Sprint Undesignated
2nd Young Birds Undesignated
3rd Young Birds Undesignated Wendy
3rd Young Birds Designated Wendy
2nd Sprint Undesignated
3rd Sprint Designated Wendy
1st Sprint Designated Wendy
1st Young Birds Pigeon Champion Wendy
2nd Young Birds Pigeon Champion Wendy
5th Young Birds Pigeon Champion
Top 10 places Sector 9
10th Nanteuil 17.101 p.
4th Chalons 10.871 p.
8th Bierges 7.835 p. Wendy
5th Nanteuil 3.384 p. Wendy
8th Nanteuil 3.384 p.
3rd Sens 2.085 p.

Undefeated champion for the last 10 years with the Young Birds within the grand competition.

That a number of wonder birds can be found at the foundation of these incredible results is only natural. We would like to introduce you to a number of these below

NL20-1141214, 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2021, Competition 'De Allerbeste'

Last year this hen became the 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance at the prestigious competition “De Allerbeste”. Within her pedigree, we can find a.o. A grandfather of one of the pillars of the current colony, Soixante Neuf. A full brother of this NL20-214, who was played by Wendy and we will introduce him properly below, became the 10th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance within this competition, so within a year brother and sister as the 1st and 10th of the National Competition “De Allerbeste”. A number of incredible performances of the 214 are:

1st Nationale Ace Pigeon Middle Distance "De Allerbeste"
5th Chalons 5.726 p.
8th Nanteuil 2.442 p.
16th Quievrain 1.206 p.
17th Nanteuil 2.658 p.
18th Chalons 2.762 p.
21st Dizy L Gros 3.407 p.
39th Quievrain 2.017 p.
52nd Dizy L Gros 1.617 p.
56th Duffel 3.227 p.

NL20-1141142, 10th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2021, Competition 'De Allerbeste'

This cock (full brother of the hereabove described NL20-214_ was played by Wendy and ended as the 10th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance at the competition “De Allerbeste”. His performances are worth having a look, see below:

1st Ace Pigeon Generaal CC Middle Twente
5th Ace Pigeon Sprint CC Middle Twente
10th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance "De Allerbeste"
17th Chalons 1.446 p.
36th Arlon 2.374 p.
37th Nanteuil 2.658 p.
38th Chalons 3.593 p.
53rd Quievrain 2.368 p.
63rd Morlincourt 1.016 p.
66th Beek en Donk 4.520 p.
95th Nanteuil 2.442 p.

Wonder couple NL18-1515192 X NL18-1515254 (Porthos Queen '254)

We can rightfully use the term wonder couple when we discuss the NL18-192 and the NL18-254. Countless pigeons have come forth from this couple, for example, they are the parents of a.o. the NL20-1141238 who won a car in the Semi-Final of the Golden Algarve 2020. In 2021 the NL18-254 was again the mother of the 6th pigeon in the semi-final Golden Algarve (NL21-1564185). The wonder bird who won the car has been bought back and has proven to be in the possession of the same gene power as her parents. She has become the mother of the NL21-478 who became the 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon and 9th National Ace Pigeon Young birds WHZB/TBOTB this year. Below you can find a number of interesting results from direct children.

NL18-192 X NL18-254:
1st Semi Final Golden Algarve 2020 (NL20-1141238)
1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds Long-Distance Union Twente
2nd Duffel 3.227 p.
11th Quievrain Sector 9 12.334 p.
11th Boxmeer 4.594 p.
14th Morlincourt 3.509 p.
16th Dizy L Gros Sector 9 10.106 p.
Grandparents of:
5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds.
10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds.
6th Semi Final Golden Algarve 2021 (NL21-1564185)
2nd Tongeren 6.240 p.

That good genes run in the family is proven by the brothers and sisters of the breeding couple above, they too have proven their worth at the lofts in Almelo as you will be able to see alone (Only prizes among the first 20):

Children of NL18-1514923 (sister of NL18-254)
5th Nanteuil 3.384 p.
5th Chalons 943 p.
13th Sens 2.065 p.
19th Tongeren 1.254 p.
Children of NL18-1514924 (sister of NL18-254):
4th Ace Pigeon Young Birds CC 2020
8th Quievrain 12.334 p.
11th Morlincourt 3.509 p.
Children of NL18-1515253 (sister of NL18-254) X NL18-1515193 (brother of NL18-192):
1st Venlo 11.692 p.
6th Tongeren 1.740 p.
8th Venlo 1.874 p.
10th Venlo 1.250 p.
13th Ludenschd. 2.259 p.
14th Quievrain 1.902 p.
Children of NL18-1515241 (brother of NL18-192)
1st Weert 4.355 p.
4th Chalons 1.762 p.
10th Weert 4.355 p.
16th Chalons 943 p.
18th Dizzy L Gros 3.684 p.

NL20-1141238, Car Winner Golden Algarve 2020

This daughter from the wonder couple NL18-192 x NL18-254 returned from the Golden Algarve 2020 with a car, she had won 1st place in the semi-final and returned to a well-deserved spot on the breeding lofts of Enrico and Wendy. She has proven that she is also quite the capable breeder and has since become the mother of the NL21-7056478

NL21-7056478, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon and 5th Nationale Ace Pigeon WHZB/TBOTB 2021

This promising young bird is, as has been mentioned above, a son from the car winner, the NL20-1141238, who was coupled to a son of Best Kittel. With the following prizes (below) he became the 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Sector 9 and 5th Nationale Ace Pigeon Young Birds WHZB/TBOTB:

7th Quievrain 1.537 p.
15th Sens 2.065 p.
43rd Tongeren 1.754 p.
51st Arlon 2.092 p.
55th Dizzy L Gros 3.684 p.
88th Nanteuil 1.881 p.

NL19-1306172, 2x top 3 NPO

The last pigeon that we will introduce to you is the wonder hen NL19-172. She has proven herself as both a racer and a breeder. She won the 2nd NPO Sector 9 Morlincourt (3.065 p.) behind a loft mate and also a 3rd NPO Sector 9 Melun (1.493 p.) behind two loft mates, in addition, she is also the mother of:

5th Ace Pigeon Young Birds Rayon 1 2020
6th Ace Pigeon Jong CC 2020
1st Beek and Donk 3.764 p.
3rd Weert 10.999 p.
5th Morlincourt 1.201 p.
8th Dizy L Gros 3.684 p.
8th Quievrain 1.537 p.
9th Quievrain 2.017 p.
9th Chalons 1.762 p.
10th Beek en Donk 4.102 p.
15th Dizy L Gros 1.713 p.
20e Nanteuil 3.384 p.

NL19-1411030, 6e Nationale Asduif Oud WHZB TBOTB


De laatste duif die we aan u voorstellen is een duif die gekweekt is door Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. Enrico was vroeger werkzaam voor de familie Eijerkamp en leerde er veel over de duivensport. In 2019 en 2020 kwamen er ook duiven naar Almelo vanuit Brummen. Deze zorgden voor de nodige successen. Eén daarvan is de NL19-1411030. Deze blauwe duivin gaf altijd acte de présence op de snelheidsvluchten tot aan de eendaagse fondvluchten. Mede dankzij haar stabiliteit eindigde ze in 2021 als 6e beste duif van Nederland in de categorie Asduif Oud.

Bekijk hier de pedigree van de NL19-1411030

Family sport, but at the highest level

Both Enrico and Wendy are passionate fanciers who play to win and strive for the absolute limit. Enrico prefers to be in control of everything that relates to taking care of the birds, food, training etc.. but he can not do all of this alone. He is a lucky man that he can count on the help of his wife Wendy and his daughter Sophie, who is also quite involved with pigeons/animals. The expression “Family sport” is quite applicable here. That this approach has been successful is proven by the countless successes they achieve every year. The success that, if we look at the breeding loft, will only be built upon in the following years.