The ironclad breeding stock of Chris Hebberecht continues to bring forth 1st Prize winners

Winning 7x Club 1st Prizes on 9 National KBDB Long Distance races, in addition to top references from other lofts, the Hebberecht pigeons once again showed their winners mentality and performance ability this past season.

The strong pigeon stock of Chris Hebberecht continue to astonish with great results. Each year, this colony brings forth new 1st Prize winners and top performers up to the (inter)national level. It is the ultimate proof of the breeding value of the old Hebberecht stock, which was built by the master himself, the late father Octaaf Hebberecht...and son Chris, who achieved absolute highlights and spectacular results since the start of the new millennium, when Chris took over by himself after the passing away of father Octaaf in 1999.  

Summing up all the highlights (again), would be too long of a list. These performances have received attention in countless articles and loft reports through the years in world-wide press. This includes the extensive list of National KBDB titles, National KBDB Ace Pigeons and both 1st National victories from St. Vincent in 2013 (with Evert) and Marseille in 2020 (with the Marseille). Breeding from these National KBDB Ace Pigeons and winners forms the foundation to the (current) stock build up of Chris Hebberecht his colony. It ensures the continuity of top results. The tough 2022 racing season behind us, is new renewed evidence of the class of these Hebberecht pigeons, which achieved a series of top results and impressive victories. 

Fantastic 2022 with 7 x 1st Prizes on long distance races 

In 2022, there were 9 National long distance classics on the KBDB calendar. On these 9 classics, the Chris Hebberecht colony managed to take no less than 7x Club 1st Prizes. Victories and great results, which led to a beautiful series of top prizes up to a national level. These performances led Chris to the podium of the National KBDB championships as 13th National Champion Rhônevallei KBDB 2022. You can find his 2022 results on the long distance and extreme long distance races at the bottom of this article. 

In pigeon sport, it is all about 'winning. Winning and breeding from winners, to ensure continuous top results. It is in their blood...people sometimes say. Exactly that. This is also the case for Hebberecht pigeons. We kindly introduce two of the key racers from 2022 on the lofts of Chris Hebberecht. Two phenomenal 1st Prize winners, prototypes of the modern Hebberecht pigeon. We start off with the 1st Prize winner from Cahors in 2022: 

- Rambo BE17-4238636

11th Nat. Cahors 3,018 p. ’22 – 1st Club 91 p.
14th Nat. Angoulême 5,030 p. ’18 – 1st Club 128 p.
44th Nat. Souillac 6,668 p. ’20
45th Prov.  Chateauroux 4,185 p.
69th Nat. Brive 3,755 p. ’20
93rd Prov.  Limoges 3,085 p.
132nd Nat. Libourne 4,605 p.
186th Nat. Limoges 15,547 p. ’21
345th Nat. Limoges 10,319 p. ‘20
etc., …

He is a son of Smallen NL09-1674196, a direct Gerard Koopman (son of de Witneus - Wijnands), paired to a Daughter Pancho BE04-4129257 (one of the figureheads from the Chris Hebberect colony: Pancho, winner of 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '04). 

That same Smallen (father of Rambo), is also father of another mighty 1st Prize winner from 2022, Opal BE18-4227908, winner of 1st Valence Club 97 p., 16th Nat. Valence 6,056 p. in 2022. 

Another example of the fact that Chris Hebberecht pigeons carry winning genes, is the crack called Orlan. He won 4x 1st Prize in his career at the club (it could have been 5, if he wasn't beaten by two loft mates on Valence in 2021), including two victories in 2022 from Limoges and Souillac. Here are several highlights from his palmares; 

Orlan BE18-4186123

5th Nat. Souillac 4,476 p. ’22 – 1st Club 115 p.
39th Nat. Limoges 17,356 p. ’22 – 1st Club 474 p.
10th Prov. Valence 974 p. ’20
19th Nat. Zone Valence 831 p. ’21 – 3rd Club 105 p. (behind 2 loft mates)
139th Nat. Perigueux 3,783 p. ’21 – 1st Club 74 p.
200th Nat. Montélimar 4,736 p. ’21 – 1st Club 42 p.

He is a son of Lotus BE13-4169263 (1st Best Belgian Perpignan pigeon 2016-’17 PIPA Ranking) paired to Daughter Jaho BE13-4169282, a granddaughter of Champion (Jaho himself won 1st Prov. 1,082 p. and 3rd Nat. St. Vincent 5,431 p.). 

That nearly all Chris Hebberect pigeons deliver top performances, even managing to win up to 6 years of age, shows the strong character, perseverance, and ability to recover. Pure long distance racers! 

Suppliers of 3rd - 3rd – 4th  National, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon and  7th - 17th in OLR Finals.

These 1st Prize winning qualities of the Chris Hebberecht pigeons don't only come forward on his own lofts, but on that of countless other lofts which were strengthened by pigeons from Evergem. Top references were received from Belgium and abroad. Several highlights from 2022, including 2 recent top references from One Loft Races early in Janurary 2023...,hot from the press; 

3rd National 3,766 p.  and 22nd Internat. Perpignan 12,302 p.  at Marc Verschelde (Zulte): the mother BE16-4130118 is a direct Chris Hebberecht, from Edison: 1st Best Belgian Cahors pigeon 2012-13-14 x Nestsister Falco, a half-sister Ike, and thus a daughter of Jempy.

3rd Nationaal 3,734 p. and 4th Internat. Pau-Bordeaux  15,430 p., won by Hanzen-Fontaine (Arlon). This pigeon descends from Hebberecht bloodlines through its mother's side.  

4th National 6,657 p. and 6th Internat. Agen 16,864 p. at Annemie Van Hee (Wervik): the father BE18-4186105 is a direct Chris Hebberecht, son of Costello (brother Champion) x Daughter Black Euro (from Black Euro x Daughter Champion).

The 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2022 in Denmark (at Anders Bo Brobech), DAN073-20-4127, has a significant of Hebberecht blood. The mother is a 100% Hebberecht pigeon, both her parents come directly from Evergem, and are half-sister and half-brother to one another, both bred from Jef (father of AXL: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB ’05).

Hot from the press:
7th Final Pattaya International One Loft Race 2023 against 5.805 d. (won by Mr. Abdullah Al-Anizi). This super pigeon also has a direct Hebberecht pigeon as mother, the BE20-4219008, a daughter Elvis (descendant from the golden Champion bloodlines).  

17th Final Thailand Masters 2023 (won by Mr. Adel Alhadiya from Koeweit). The father of this pigeon is another direct Chris Hebberecht, the Inbred Ike-cock BE19-4227129, half-brother Ike (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010), son of Jempy (father of Ike) x Hulk’s Beauty (daughter of supercrack Hulk x Ike’s Darling).

Performances of fellow fanciers from 2022 (and early '23), which show that the inbred Hebberecht stock is ideal to cross with other bloodlines, bringing about new winners. Crossbreeding in which the dominant characteristic and breeding value of the Hebberecht pigeons form the foundation to new top results world-wide. 

A hopeful 2023 

Chris Hebberecht can be satisfied looking back on a tough 2022 racing season. His stock performed exceptionally well on his own loft, as well as on that of other fanciers, underlining the quality of his pigeons which still belong to the (inter)national top on long distance races (600-900km). Recent results give confidence going into the 2023 season. A new racing season in which the pigeons of Chris can once again translate their qualities into spectacular results. It will form a new chapter in the success story about more than half a century of - uninterrupted - pigeon sport at the highest level. 

Results on National Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance races in 2022

1/6 Limoges 474 Old birds: 1-3-12-24-29-52-61-69… (20/38)
    Nat. 17,356 Old birds: 39-66-189-434-564-1099-1454-1539… (22/38)

18/6 Valence  97 Old birds: 1-4-6-11-32 (5/10)
    Nat. 6,056 Old birds: 16-34-189-290-1378 (5/10)

27/6 Pau-Bordeaux 81 Old birds: 15-16 (2/2)
    Nat. 3,734 Old birds: 776-778 (2/2)

28/6 Tulle 271 Old birds: 2-13-18-25-29-31-37… (15/29)
        Tulle 147 Yearlings: 2-26-30-44-47 (5/13)

02/7 Agen 162 Old birds: 3-4-21-31… (5/6)
   Nat. 6,657 Old birds: 28-52-415-604-1560 (5/6)

09/7 Brive 141 Old birds: 1-5-11-14-17-22…. (14/17)
    Nat. 6,117 Old birds: 167-276-473-550-608-692-750… 14/17)
          Brive 128 Yearlings: 2-7-14 (3/9)
    Nat. 5,885 Yearlings: 71-296-478 (3/9)

15/7 La Souterraine 160 Old birds: 4-35 (2/3)
    Nat. 4,907 Old birds: 33-552 (2/3)

15/7 Cahors  91 Old birds: 1-3-4-7-12-19-24 (7/7)
    Nat. 3,018 Old birds: 11-20-83-117-189-417-615 (7/7)

23/7 Souillac  115 Old birds: 1-3-5-10-22-23-25-31-37 (9/21)
    Nat. 4,476 Old birds: 5-30-142-302-575-602-646-868-1085 (9/21)
       Souillac  98 Yearlings: 1-3-4-5-9-13-22 (7/15)
    Nat. 4,637 Yearlings: 31-114-199-230-498… (7/15)

24/7 Marseille 58 Old birds: 2-4 (2/3)
    Nat. 2,326 Old birds: 68-141 (2/3)

30/7 Tulle  63 Old birds: 6-7 (2/4)
   Nat. 4,185 Old birds: 395-549  (2/4)
         Tulle 105 Yearlings: 1-4-9-18… (8/16)
    Nat. 4,993 Yearlings: 18-106-211-608-674-1034-1067-1243 (8/16)

06/8 Libourne  78 Old birds: 3-4-6-8-21-24-25 (7/13)
     Nat. 3,317 Old birds: 73-142-193-262-688-720-753 (7/13)