The invaluable pigeon breed of Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL) leads to great results worldwide

Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp are running one of the world's most renowned pigeon families, a family based on the renowned Van Loon pigeons, the top class breed of Heremans-Ceusters and pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts.

Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp with Leo Heremans

Hans and Evert-Jan can look back on yet another memorable season. They have won 14 teletext prizes, numerous first prizes and they achieved an astounding prize percentage. Much has been said about this pigeon breed but we did want to include some of their best results and their most important ace pigeon championship titles of 2015:

NPO Bourges 620 km 3,612 p.: 1-11-16-33-51-75-96-98-etc. (25/28)
                             And 1st Prov. 8 against 6,194 pigeons.
Soissons    362 km 5,392 p.: 1-2-8-15-20-22-24-25-40-57-etc. (50/80)
                             And 1st and 2nd Prov. ! against 14,630 pigeons.
Gien        551 km 2.576 p.: 1-2-3-5-7-18-21-26-30-31-32-40-etc. (35/45)
Chateaudun  564 km 2.039 p.: 1-2-4-5-15-16-22-28-33-34-36-37-etc. (27/38)
Quievrain   255 km 1.309 p.: 1-4-7-11-16-2223-24-25-etc. (18/20)
Soissons    356 km 1,249 p.: 1-3-8-10-12-51-60-63-etc. (33/58)
Quievrain   255 km 1,052 p.: 1-5-6-7-39-49-59-etc. (12/18)
Tongeren    152 km 2,572 p.: 1-3-4-11-12-14-16-17-18-19-etc. (79/196)
Argenton    699 km   108 p.: 1-2-3-5-67-8-9-10-etc. (15/29)
                             And 1st Prov. 8 against 499 pigeons
St. Quentin 322 km 3,657 p.: 1-2-5-6-15-16-23-25-27-28-29-etc. (88/127)
Asse Zellik 189 km 1,874 p.: 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10-13-14-19-etc. (61/143)
Feluy       220 km   547 p.: 1-3-4-8-10-11-12-13-16-etc. (30/47)
Chateauroux 666 km   400 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-8-10-20-21-26-etc. (18/35)

Most important ace pigeon championship titles of 2015

 2nd National Ace Pigeon yearlings 10 prizes in The Netherlands with 'Indy'
 3rd National Ace Hen 10 prizes in The Netherlands with 'Indy'
10th National Ace Hen allround The Netherlands with 'Jana'
19th National Ace Hen allround The Netherlands with 'Indy'
 2nd one day long distance Prov. 8 (2500 members) with 'Indy'
 2nd young birds Prov. 8 (2500 members) with 'Sasha'
 1st middle distance Region 4 Province 8 with 'Honda'
 1st General Sprint Region 4 Province 8 with 'Honda'

Click here to learn more about Jana, Indy, and Honda.

The stars of this loft

The old Janssen breed, the renowned Van Loon pigeons and the highly talented Heremans-Ceusters pigeons are at the basis of this success story. The latest introductions came from the loft of Stefaan Lambrechts. These pigeon breeds have allowed for the creation of a modern-day racing bird capable of achieving great results across the world. We will be taking a closer look at some of the champions of Heremans-Ceusters, Van Loon-Janssen and Stefaan Lambrechts, which have played a defining role in this current generation of prize winners.

BE10-6146101 Nieuwe Olympiade

The pigeon Nieuwe Olympiade was sold for a record breaking amount in the total auction of Leo Heremans on PIPA in 2013. This spectacular cock was one of the eye-catchers of this auction. You can tell from the pedigree of Nieuwe Olympiade that he is related to the Gerard Koopman breed (Ermerveen, NL) from his father's side: he originates from Mister Ermerveen, Dream Lady and Kleine Dirk, and of course De Olympiade of Heremans-Ceusters. The dam was bred from Leo's 'Favoriete Pair', which consists of the bloodlines of De Jan, Jackpot and again De Olympiade. You can read more about the exceptional origins of Nieuwe Olympiade here. On the palmares of Nieuwe Olympiade are the following prizes:

 1st Quivrain 2,460 p.
 2nd Quivrain 2,790 p.
 3rd Quivrain 2,073 p.
25th Quivrain 1,152 p.
34th Quivrain 2,054 p.

Nieuwe Olympiade was 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Poznan Cat. F in 2011, and his descendants have won:

 2nd Ace Pigeon young birds Prov. 8 in 2015 (Sasha)
 1st Ace Pigeon natour Region 4 in 2014 (Cherie) 
 1st Tongeren  2,572 p.
 1st Quivrain  1,881 p.
 2nd Quivrain  2,148 p.
 2nd Quivrain    697 p.
 6th Duffel    2,656 p.
10th Wolvertem 2,170 p.
10th Quivrain  1,914 p.

Click here for a complete list of achievements of the descendants of Nieuwe Olympiade.

BE11-6091746 Kadootje

A few years ago Leo Heremans gave Evert-Jan the pigeon Kadootje as a birthday present. Kadootje is a daughter of Nieuwe Olympiade, which had not yet been purchased by Hans and Evert-Jan at the time. The dam of Kadootje is also the grandmother of Nieuwe Olympiade. Click here for the pedigree of Kadootje. Over the years, Kadootje turned into a super class breeding hen, and her most talented descendant is her grandchild Lynn (NL14-1603367), which won three first prizes as a one year old in 2015:

1st Soissons 362 km 5,392 p.
1st Quivrain 256 km 1,053 p.
1st Soissons 362 km 1,249 p.

She wins 15 prizes in total in 2015, including ten prizes per 10. Click here for the full list of achievements of Lynn.

Cherie (NL12-1231150) is a daughter of Kadootje, and winner of the following prizes:

2nd Quievrain    697 p.
6th Duffel     2,656 p.
10th Wolvertem 2,170 p.

Cherie was 1st Pigeon Champion Natour District IJssel and 1st Pigeon Champion Natour Region 4 Province 8.

Avery (NL14-1603584) is a granddaughter of Kadootje. She has won the following prizes:

4th Chalons-en-Champ. 2,830 p.
8th Soissons          5,392 p.
8th Soissons          1,249 p.

Click here for the full list of achievements of Kadootje's descendants.

NL04-1560084 Ché

Ché is the result of the successful pairing of Van Loon x Janssen in the loft of Hans & Evert-Jan. This pairing has proven to be an invaluable combination in several other lofts as well, giving many great champions. Ché was a highly successful racing bird himself but many of his descendants have appeared to be just as talented. Ché's pedigree includes many of Hans & Evert-Jan's most successful prize winners of the past two decades. The sire of Ché was bred from Son Tornado x daughter Porsche Bond. Tornado won nine first prizes, and he is also the sire of:

1st Nat. München 2,874 p.
1st Roosendaal   2,906 p.
2nd Minderhout   2,637 p.
4th St.-Ghislain 3,412 p.
5th Kapellen     6,988 p.
9th St.-Ghislain 5,244 p.
9th Chantilly    3,51 p.

Porsche Bond was the best pigeon in the Rijn-Ijssel region in 1996, and he was winner of two first prizes. Porsche Bond is also the grandfather of three national winners:

Catharina Amalia 1st National Troyes
Miss Antonia     1st National NPO Bourges Province 8
Mister Bond      1st National Bourges

The dam of Ché is Britt, and she is a daughter of Chicago, which was then paired to Miss Saigon. They are an invaluable breeding pair. Miss Saigon was 2nd best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands in the WHZB in 2000, while the descendants of Chicago have won the following prizes:

1st Nat. NPO Orleans   14,285 p.
1st Nat. NPO Arras     11,529 p.
1st NPO Breuil-le-Vert  7,793 p.
1st Nat. Munchen        1,580 p.
1st Nat. Munchen        3,918 p.
1st Nat. Munchen        4,271 p.
1st NPO Orleans         5,153 p.
1st NPO Peronne         6,346 p.
1st Nat. NPO Tours      6,565 p.
1st Nat. Morlincourt    3,138 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of Ché. Ché plays an important role in the team of one day long distance racing birds. Ché had won two first prizes in important competitions in less than a weeks' time, after which he was immediately transferred to the breeding loft. He became a highly renowned breeder, and he has also won the following prizes in his brief career as a racing bird:

1st NPO Orleans 14,285 p.
1st Arras        9,641 p.
9th NPO Orleans 18,184 p.
9th Bourges      1,834 p.

Descendants of Ché have won the following championship prizes:

1st National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel 2013 one day long distance
1st national Ace Pigeon FRSC Romania 2012 allround
1st national Ace Pigeon The Netherlands young birds
1st Ace Pigeon Province Section 4 one day long distance
1st Ace Pigeon CC Eindhoven middle distance
2nd National Ace Pigeon NPO 2012 one day long distance
2nd national Ace Pigeon FRSC Romania 2012 midddle distance
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Portugal Nitra Olympiad Cat. D
3rd International Ace Pigeon Zagorje 2011 One loft race
3rd National Ace Pigeon Croatia middle distance
4th National Ace Pigeon WHZB/TBOTB sprint
7th Arriving pigeon SAMDPR hot spot race
8th Ace Pigeon Region overnight long distance

Click here for the first prizes that have been won with descendants of Ché.

NL13-1801609 Claudio Ché

Claudio Ché is a grandson of the aforementioned Ché. In 2014 he was 1st National Ace Pigeon allround yearlings WHZB and 1st Ace Pigeon one day long distance in Prov. 8 as a one year old. He won the following prizes that season:  

 8th Soissons    1,932 p.
13th NPO Bourges 3,090 p.
22nd Morlincourt 2,037 p.
29th Quievrain   7,221 p.
33rd Salbris     2,456 p.
34th Meaux       1,120 p.
44th Gien        3,038 p.
54th NPO Sens    2,943 p.
62nd Soissons    4,685 p.
76th Duffel      2,656 p.

The sire of Claudio Ché is Bergerac Ché, which demonstrates that pigeons from this bloodline could be successful in the overnight long distance as well: he won a 45th National against 10,327 pigeons. The dam was bred from Janssen/Klak paired to Gerard Koopman's Miss Ermerveen. Click here for the pedigree of Claudio Ché.

BE12-6055556 Usain

Pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts were introduced in this loft for the first time in 2012. Their young birds were immediately basketed for the races, and it was an instant success. We take a look at some of the best results of these young birds:

1st and 2nd Peronne 2,633 p.
1st and 2nd Quievrain 2,617 p.
1st and 2nd Wolvertem 2,059 p.
1st and 4th Duffel 2,654 p.
1st and 9th Nanteuil 3,347 p.
1st Vervins 1,301 p.
2nd, 3rd and 4th Soissons 1,595 p.
2nd and 3rd Meaux 1,120 p.
2nd and 4th Feluy 2,732 p.
2nd Duffel 2,257 p.
3rd and 4th St.-Quentin 4,268 p.
3rd and 4th St.-Quentin 1,575 p.

An additional round of young birds was obtained by Hans & Evert-Jan both in 2013 and 2014. The young birds of 2014 were transferred to the breeding loft right away, after an initial selection round. One of the most successful Lambrechts pigeons is without doubt Usain: he was a successful racing bird and he proved even more valuable as a breeder. Usain's best results include:

 1st NPO Nanteuil 5,901 p.
 4th St.-Quentin  4,277 p.
 4th Duffel       2,656 p.
 9th Soissons     4,685 p.
10th St Quentin   3,305 p.

A youngster of Usain has won a 1st prize from Weert (3,173 p.). The sire of Usain is Kleine Dirk, which is also the sire of many talented pigeons. The dam of Usain is Donkere Bart. Click here for the full pedigree of Usain.

BE13-6151281 Vale Jackpot

The last in the list is Vale Jackpot. This top class racing cock is a 100% Stefaan Lambrechts and he won two top tren prizes teletext and he also won a car. The following prizes were won in his brief racing career:

 1st Mantes-la-Jolie 3,008 p.
 3rd Pommeroeul      1,731 p.
 4th Pommeroeul      5,279 p.
 6th Mantes-la-Jolie 5,965 p.
70th Morlincourt     1,158 p.
82nd Morlincourt     1,494 p.

Descendants of Vale Jackpot have already won a 63rd Feluy (1,614 p.), an 80th Asse-Zellik (6,214 p.) and an 84th Nanteuil (4860 p.). The parents of Vale Jackpot are Vale Bart and Veel Noyon, and they are also the parents of the 347, which was 6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. Click here for the pedigree of Vale Jackpot.