Iberian and Latin American countries bond with Olympiad-like championship

The Asociación Iberolatinoamericana de Colombofilia (AILAC) was founded to build and improve relationships between Spanish-speaking pigeon countries across the world. The organisation has recently launched a new international competition ranking the best birds in the Iberian and several Latin-American countries in one single championship.

Bringing people together

"We organise our Ace Pigeon Iberian-Latin American Ranking for the first time", AILAC president Federico Arias (Argentine) starts off. "We rank the birds according to criteria which are very similar to the Olympiad. An important difference, however, is that the winning birds will not be exposed at any event. The ranking is one of our initiatives to bring people from different Spanish-speaking countries together. Another one is the organisation of a one loft race held in Bogotá, Colombia this year. Birds from Argentine, Colombia, Perú and Portugal will participate", Mr Arias proudly says.

As far as the first edition of the Ace Pigeon Iberian-Latin American Ranking is concerned, birds from the following countries are listed: Argentine, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Uruguay. The championship consists of four different categories: short distance, middle distance, long distance and extreme long distance. This year's winners are:

Short and middle distance winner: Luis Miguel Silva Ribeiro (Portugal)

Mr Silva Ribeiro

Mr Silva Ribeiro's loft

The winning bird in the short and middle distance categories

Long distance winner: Daniel Dotta and Juan Carlos Gonzalez Riega (Argentine)

Mr Dotta and Mr Gonzalez Riega (a top breeder in Buenos Aires)

The best long distance bird in the championship

Extreme long distance winner: Augusto Manuel da Costa Pinho (Portugal)

Mr da Costa Pinho

The extreme long distance champion winner which won a 1st Zonal of 26,000 birds in a national race