Hugo Vlaeminck (Rupelmonde, BE) claims national victory from Poitiers in zone B1

2013 was a breakthrough season in the national middle distance races for Hugo Vlaeminck. He won the title of national champion middle distance yearlings, and he claimed the win in the national race from Châteauroux last season. He was close to claiming a second national victory almost one year later.

Hugo Vlaeminck won his first national victory in his career almost one year ago, winning the first prize from Châteauroux against more than 19,000 yearlings. Click here to reread our report on his national victory. This was obviously not a lucky shot, because he would also win the title of National Champion middle distance yearlings KBDB later that season. Hugo had changed over from the shorter middle distance, in which he had won numerous provincial and national titles, to the longer middle distance and the national races in 2012. It is fair to say he did not find it particularly difficult to adapt to a new discipline, with 2014 being a great success as well. He was very close to a second national victory last weekend, but it was a pigeon of Luc and Hilde Sioen that claimed a national first prize against 14,094 yearlings, leaving Hugo in second place. The blue coloured yearling BE13-4109839 of Hugo Vlaeminck did a great job nonetheless, especially considering the location of his loft and the place where the national top prize were won. His national first prize in Zone B1 against 2,628 is a well deserved victory.

First in the zone and the province

We saw an excellent performance by BE13-4109839, winner of a first prize in the zone and the province. He had showed his great form earlier on, with a great result from Châteauroux and a second prize from Vierzon in mid-May.

Poitiers    Nat. 2/14,094
            Prov. 1/4,023
            ZB1   1/2,628 (with a 10' lead)
Châteauroux ZB1  86/3,490
Vierzon     Club    2/386

The zonal winner was close to winning a second national first prize for Hugo Vlaeminck

We take a closer look at his pedigree. He originates from the same bloodline as that of the national winner from Châteauroux 2013 from his mother’s side, his dam BE13-4109839 being a full sister of the dam of the national winner of 2013. She is also a full sister of Ronaldo, another outstanding pigeon in the loft of Vlaeminck and winner of four first prizes, including a 1st provincial Argenton against 3,161 p. They were all bred from the amazing pair De Favoriet (1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Gouden Ringen Waasland and winner of 5 first prizes) x Dochter 1st Prov. Blois (Romain Legiest).
The sire of BE13-4109839 is a direct Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE), which Hugo had obtained in a PIPA auction. He originates from nothing but national ace pigeon bloodlines: he is a full brother of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon 2009 Jade, a half brother of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon 2010 La Super 58, and a great-grandchild of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon 2005 Kimi.
You can find the pedigree of the zonal winner from Poitiers here.

Results of 2014

The following results clearly indicate that Hugo Vlaeminck is having another splendid season. All of these results were won in the club Recht voor Allen in Sint-Gillis-Waas, where he is in fierce competition with such great champions as Willy & Ivan Baetens, Marc De Cock, Gunter Rottier, and Gunther Smet, just to name a few.

14/06 Poitiers (603 km)  
199 olds: 1-3-8-14-20 (5/10p.)
240 yearlings: 1-3-7-31-52 (5/8p.)
07/06 Châteauroux (515 km)  
287 olds: 11-13-19-20-33-49-85-88 (8/10p.)
425 yearlings: 13-19-20-42-50-70-139-140 (8/8p.)
31/05 Bourges (469 km) 
476 olds: 3-4-9-10-21-25-26-52-73-85 (10/10p.)
588 yearlings: 1-5-8-28-39-135-143-167 (8/9p.)
17/05 Vierzon (464 km)  
537 olds: 3-12-13-16-39-40-47-71 (8/10p.)
386 yearlings: 2-5-11-12-45-46-82-104 (8/11p.)

Notice how he managed to achieve a remarkably high prize percentage with a select team of widowers. His team of widowers will be given some time off this weekend, to make sure they are in full form for the three races from Guéret, Argenton and La Souterraine.