Hugo Vlaeminck (Rupelmonde, BE) and his Ronaldo: a golden combination

Hugo Vlaeminck has had quite a successful career in pigeon racing: his racing team consists of only 24 widowers but he has managed to achieve brilliant results on a weekly basis. The superstar of this team is without doubt Ronaldo.

BE11-4049957 Ronaldo

This wonderful blue coloured cock is arguably one of the best longer middle distance pigeons of the past few decades. This crack won three provincial first prizes as a racing bird as well as numerous other top finishes. These are his best results (the results of 2015 are printed in bold):

  1st Provincial Argenton against 3,161 pigeons
​  1st Provincial Gueret against 2,829 pigeons
  1st Provincial Bourges against 1,150 pigeons
  1st National   Zone B1 Bourges against 1,193 pigeons
  2nd National   Bourges against 8,005 pigeons
  3rd Provincial Chateauroux against 2,202 pigeons
  4th Provincial Montluçon against 3,550 pigeons
  5th Provincial Bourges against 2,473 pigeons
 12th Provincial Bourges against 3,316 pigeons
 14th Provincial Bourges against 1,257 pigeons
 21st National Zone B1 Argenton against 3,383 pigeons
146th National Zone B1 Chateauroux against 5,070 pigeons

This palmares resulted in the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon Old Birds Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2015, and the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Old Birds PIPA ranking Longer Middle Distance with both 5 prizes and 6 prizes 2015. He also became 1st Ace Pigeon Old Birds PIPA ranking Best Bourges Pigeon 2013-2015 (4 prizes), 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds & Yearlings KBDB East Flanders and 1st Ace Pigeon Gouden Ringen Waasland Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds & Yearlings, all in 2015. Interestingly enough, Ronaldo was only basketed for six longer middle distance races in 2015, and he really met the expectations. Click here if you would like to know more about the extensive palmares of Ronaldo.

An invaluable pedigree

Ronaldo does have some excellent origins. His sire was called De Favoriet (favorourite), which says it all. He won five first prizes in the shorter middle distance and he won the Gouden Ring Waasland competition. Hugo was still mainly a shorter middle distance fancier at the time. Favoriet was a grandson of the 155 of Herbots (1st Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance Bazel 1997 with ten first prizes) and James, winner of an impressive 11 first prizes.

The dam of Ronaldo is a daughter of 1st Provincial Blois (Romain Legiest breed). Click here for the pedigree of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is not the only super class pigeon originating from Favoriet. For instance, a full sister of Ronaldo became the dam of seven first prize winners, including BE12-4038406 De Nationaal, winner of a 1st National Chateauroux against 19,663 yearlings in 2013. Click here to reread our report on the national victory.

Another sister of Ronaldo is the dam of BE13-4109839 De Poitiers, which is another top class pigeon of Hugo Vlaeminck. De Poitiers is winner of a 1st Provincial Poitiers against 4,023 yearlings, 1st National Zone B1 Poitiers against 2,628 yearlings, 2nd National Poitiers against 14,094 yearlings, 1st Provincial Chateauroux against 2,202 olds, 1st National Zone B1 Chateauroux against 3,045 olds, and 21st National Chateauroux against 10,933 olds.

A full brother of Ronaldo is the 567/09, winner of a 1st Angerville against 895 pigeons (with a seven minute lead) in the shorter middle distance. He was also the fastest of over 20,000 pigeons at interprovincial level that weekend.

A potential super class breeder

Hugo decided after the impressive 2015 season that Ronaldo should be transferred to the breeding loft. In the course of his racing career Ronaldo was already the sire of two excellent racing birds: BE12-4038428 and Gebroken Vleugel (BE14-4069405).


The 428 is Ronaldo’s oldest son. He won a 1st Provincial Montluçon against 4,817 pigeons and a 1st National Zone B1 Gueret against 1,101 pigeons. He was also 17th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2013 and 23rd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Long Distance Old Birds KBDB in 2014. In addition, he won the Zilveren Ring Waasland competition in the longer middle distance in 2013.

BE14-4069405 Gebroken Vleugel

This champion claimed three victories  and won several top 10 prizes in the middle distance. His palmares includes a 1st Souppes against 635 pigeons, a 1st Souppes against 309 pigeons, a 1st Gueret against 341 pigeons, a 3rd Soupes against 788 pigeons, a 3rd La Souterraine against 457 pigeons, a 4th Gueret against 402 pigeons and a 6th Gueret against 4,432 pigeons. Gebroken Vleugel was well on his way to becoming an outstanding racing bird. However, things did not go well for him. The 405/14 failed to return home after the race from Argenton. Two days after the race the pigeon was found near an electricity wire with a broken wing. It was the end of his racing career but he did get a second chance in the breeding loft.

Born to win top prizes

When we look at Hugo Vlaemninck’s achievements in the longer middle distance, it is hard to believe that this was only his fourth season in this discipline. He was a sprint fancier in the 1980s and early 1990s, before turning into an outstanding shorter middle fancier. In 2012 he made the transition from shorter middle distance to longer middle distance seemingly with ease. Hugo can be proud of his achievements in the course of just four seasons, which include a national title and 1 national, 7 zonal and 11 provincial victories:

1st National Champion Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013
1st National Chateauroux 2013 against 20,163 yearlings
2nd National Poitiers 2014 against 14,094 yearlings
2nd National Bourges 2014 against 8,008 olds
1st National Zone B1 Chateauroux 2013 against 3,553 yearlings
1st National Zone B1 Poitiers 2014 against 2,628 yearlings
1st National Zone B1 Gueret 2014 against 1,101 olds
1st National Zone B1 Gueret 2014 against 1,719 yearlings
1st National Zone B1 Bourges 2014 against 1,193 olds
1st National Zone B1 La Souterraine 2014 against 2,705 young birds
1st National Zone B1 Chateauroux 2015 against 3,045 olds
1st Provincial Montluçon 2012 against5,335 yearlings
1st Provincial Chateauroux 2013 against 4,657 yearlings
1st Provincial Montluçon 2013 against 4,817 yearlings
1st Provincial Argenton 2013 against 3,161 olds
1st Provincial Poitiers 2014 van 4,093 yearlings
1st Provincial La Souterraine 2014 against 1,873 yearlings
1st Provincial Bourges 2014 against 1,150 olds
1st Provincial La Souterraine 2014 against 4,250 young birds
1st Provincial Chateauroux 2015 against 5,865 yearlings
1st Provincial Gueret 2015 against 2,829 olds
1st Provincial Chateauroux 2015 against 2,202 olds

We should also take into account that Hugo is not focusing on the championships. His team of widowers was split into different teams unlike many other fanciers. The widowers are basketed for three consecutive longer middle distance races (with a release on Saturday), after which they get a week's off. After this they have another series of three demanding races. It shows that this racing team consists of nothing but top class racing birds that match the expectations.

Some top results of 2015

Club 309      olds: 1-13-14-25-28-... (11/13)
Club 635 yearlings: 1-3-7-23-45-51-... (9/13)

Bourges I:
Club              347 olds: 1-2-10-14-...(5/9)
Provincial      3,316 olds: 5-12-...
Club         488 yearlings: 1-5-8 (3/9)
Provincial 4,668 yearlings: 4-..

Club              188 olds: 1-2-3-10-17-... (8/8)
Provincial      2,829 olds: 1-5-8-48-... 
Club         341 yearlings: 1-2-...(4/9)
Provincial 4,432 yearlings: 6-15-...

Chateauroux I:
Club              391 olds: 5-6-11-13-14-30-32-... (8/9)
Provincial      3,748 olds: 77-80-106-111-121-... (8/9)
Club         615 yearlings: 1-3-28-32-41-... (7/8)
Provincial 5,865 yearlings: 1-5-...

Club 887 young birds: 1-7-19-20-22-24-25-50-51-61-65-66-69-84-85-... (24/33)

Chateauroux II:
Club         151 olds: 1-2-5-6-7-10-... (8/8)
Provincial 2,202 olds: 1-3-17-18-21-...

Club 1,100 young birds: 6-7-10-15-18-20-30-34-46-91-... (22/34)

Bourges East Fl.:
Club         135 yearlings: 2-3-10-12-... (8/8)
Provincial 2,124 yearlings: 19-20-... (8/8)

Bourges II:
Club                108 olds:   4-5-10-... (5/9)
Provincial        1,257 olds:   14-18-... (5/9)
Club           226 yearlings: 2-3-14-... (6/7)
Provincial   2,392 yearlings: 4-10-... (6/7)
Club       1,061 young birds:  5-8-9-23-25-32-37-51-54-... (18/26)
Provincial 8,415 young birds:  22-34-42-169-187-259-303-444-472-.. (17/26)

To conclude

It is quite unique for a fancier with a team of just 24 widowers to be so successful in a discipline. He achieves great results on a weekly basis, and this resulted in a golden combination in 2015: Hugo Vlaeminck and his Ronaldo. Or to put it differently: a highly talented pigeon fancier combined with a super class racing bird. We all look forward to the achievements of the Ronaldo descendants in the coming few seasons.