How can I bid in a public auction without being present?

A ‘public auction’ offers the advantage that the people present are allowed to look at and/or examine (in the hand) the pigeons just before the start of the auction… so that they have a perfect picture of the pigeon that is put into the basket and offered for sale. In addition we also place the most prominent pigeons (sometimes, in exceptions, all the pigeons) on the internet for pre-bidding, whereby everyone can ‘pre-bid’ for the pigeons up to a pre-determined date and time. The actual auction of the pigeon takes place live at the public auction, where the pigeon is finally allocated to the highest bidder. The bid in the ‘pre-bidding’ on internet, is used as the starting price in the public auction.

We have a service for our clients who are interested in a certain pigeon, but cannot attend the public auction.

There are 2 possibilities:

1. You can let us know in advance which pigeons you are interested in, and let us know the amount (purchase order) you wish to bid for this certain pigeon. Someone from our team will prudently manage your budget in the auction room.

2. You give us of the numbers of the pigeons you are interested in, or the ‘sale numbers’ in the sales programme… with the request that we telephone you the moment that a certain pigeon is going to be auctioned. You then have the opportunity to follow the sale of this pigeon live, and, if desired, to bid per telephone. For this we always have a ‘telephone team’ available who are in live contact with you in several languages (Dutch, French, English, German, Russian, Chinese…), and will carry out your orders (bids).

In a public auction you have to take into account that there is an additional tax of 20% on top of your bid.  The final amount to be paid is therefore: the final bid + 20%.

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