Hok Van de Wouwer breaks all records - 9.55 million EURO for the total colony

The Hok Van de Wouwer auction achieves a total yield of no less than 9.55 million EURO. A smashing of the previous record held by Gaby Vandenabeele (6.5 million EURO) in November 2018, exactly 2 years ago. Below a report of the auction.

The Kaasboer dynasty is definitely a thing of the past, at least in the lofts in Berlaar. Because worldwide, and especially in China, the descendants will undoubtedly ensure great success in the coming years.

PIPA & Gaston van de Wouwer first worked together in 2009, when 2 children of the Kaasboer were sold for between 3,000 and 4,000 EURO / piece. At that time, the Kaasboer was only a known pigeon in Antwerp. More than ten years later, he has become one of the most famous pigeons of all time. The more than 10 years of cooperation between the Van de Wouwer family and PIPA had a fantastic apotheosis over the past 2 days.

On day 2, 288 pigeons were sold for a total amount of 4,780,350 EURO. Added to the 157 pigeons that were sold yesterday, the total amounted to 9,551,200 EURO for 445 pigeons, an average of 20,992 EURO / pigeon. The pigeons that were sold for 100,000 EURO or more in recent days:

New Kim - 1,600,000 EURO
Maria - 700,000 EURO
Golden New Kim - Child Golden Prince X New Kim and also father of Diamond Kim - 600,000 EURO 
Mother New Kim - 400,000 EURO 
Diamond Kim - 6th best young bird in Belgium over 4 flights - 390,000 EURO 
Palme Kim - 204,000 EURO 
Brother Anette - 204,000 EURO 
Kimi - 180,000 EURO  Golden New Kim 359 -
Child Golden Prince X New Kim - 154,000 EURO -
Grandson Kaasboer 358-14 - 132,000 EURO 
Son Porsche 911 X New Kim 583 - 124,000 EURO -
Julienne - 116,000 EURO 
Anette - 112,000 EURO 
Daughter Porsche 911 X New Kim - 100,000 EURO 
Herna - 100,000 EURO 

The child Porsche 911 X New Kim is the most expensive unflown pigeon ever sold to a European buyer. This pigeon goes to Combinatie Wakker in the Netherlands for 124,000 EURO.

The following records were broken in the past days:

- Most expensive pigeon in an online auction / most expensive hen ever: New Kim, 1.6 million EUR
- Highest total yield for 1 colony: 9.55 million EUR
- Highest yield for an unflown / unproven pigeon: child Golden Prince X New Kim: EUR 154,000

In recent days, PIPA has regularly been asked how a hen for such a price can be a good investment? The answer was given today on day 2. New Kim's 12 children together raised EUR 1.46 million. The 26 grandchildren New Kim together raised 694,500 EURO. Theoretically a number of pigeons that can be bred in 1 year. New Kim is currently only 2 years old. These 12 children and 26 grandchildren raised EUR 2.15 million, more than EUR 500,000 more than New Kim herself.