Hok Jos Vercammen (Vremde, BE) ends national season in style

Jos & Lars Vercammen
This has been another tremendous season for father and son Vercammen. They add several great results to their palmares, and as tradition dictates, they aimed for the closing national longer middle distance races with their old birds. And it worked out really well for them.

Father and son Vercammen have been racing at a very high level for several decades now. They have been outstanding across the board, from the shortest sprint race to the one day long distance. No challenge is too great for them, and they produce truly fantastic results on a weekly basis. Most of you will already be familiar with Mustang & Elektro, two of the leading names of today for Hok Jos Vercammen. Their descendants have been outstanding every single week. As tradition dictates, their hens had to try and reach peak form for the last national longer middle distance race of the season. They were raced from the nest this time. Some were raced with eggs, others were raced with a youngster. The results were fabulous, and their opponents were blown out of the water. Take a look for yourself:

12/09/2020 - Chateauroux (526 km) - National Zone - 883 pigeons

1.-4.-5.-6.-8.-9.-11.-26.-37.-49.-71.-78.-... (33/47)

12/09/2020 - Chateauroux (526 km) - National - 2,721 pigeons

8.-16.-18.-22.-28.-30.-33.-65.-94.-117.-172.-193.-241.-244.-258.-268.-... (36/47)

7 pigeons finished in the national top 33, which is a tremendous result, given the westerly wind that clearly did not play in their favour. The zonal results were perhaps even more impressive, with 7 pigeons finishing in the op 11! They had a 77% prize percentage at national level.

Lisa (BE19-6016117) - 1st Nat. Zone / 8th Nat. Chateauroux

The race winner at zonal level is Lisa. She is a granddaughter of the now world famous Mustang, winner of a 1st fastest Nat. Chateauroux of 33,018 pigeons. Her dam is Queen M, a talented daughter of Mustang x Vitara (1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB). Queen M is also the dam of a 9th national Chateauroux of 3,618 pigeons earlier this season.

BE19-6016226 - 4th Nat. Zone / 16th Nat. Chateauroux

The second pigeon back home was the blue coloured hen 226. She was also 11th Nat. Zone Tulle (657km) of 1,316 pigeons this year. Her sire is also the sire of a 6th National Limoges (672 p.) of 10,319 pigeons this season. The dam is the successful Olympic Eva (Olympiad Pigeon Cat. C long distance Brussels 2017), one of the best grandchildren of stock breeder Elektro.

BE19-6016264 - 5th Nat Zone / 18th Nat. Chateauroux

And the team's number three is blue whitepen 264. Her sire, himself a race winner as well, originates from Casino, which is in turn a direct son of stock breeder Elektro. The dam is the 129/18. She is a terrific racing hen and winner of a 33rd National Chateauroux of 2,721 pigeons in the slipstream of her daughter. Her palmares also includes a 4th Nat. Chateauroux of 2,850 pigeons and a 46th Nat. Limoges of 15,981 pigeons. She is also a great-grandchild of Elektro.

Top breeder Casino, the sire of a 5th Nat. Zone / 18th Nat. Chateauroux

BE18-6020092 - 6th Nat. Zone / 22nd Nat. Chateauroux

Number four was the chequered hen 092. She is clearly in great form, judging form her 50th Nat. Zone of 1,307 pigeons in last week's race from Argenton (555km). Her sire is none other than top class bird Olympic Elektro, a 1st Olympiad Pigeon Brussels in 2017 and another grandson of Elektro.

BE18-6020335 - 8. Nat Zone / 28. Nat. Chateauroux

The fifth pigeon to arrive home is a daughter of Olympic Elektro as well. She not only won a 28th Nat. Chateauroux, she also has a 1st Melun (310km) of 762 pigeons, a 24th Nat. Chateauroux of 2,850 pigeons and a 52nd Nat. Zone Argenton (555km) of 4,957 pigeons to her name. The dam is top breeder Emma (BE14-6175008). A youngster and a grandchild of Emma won a 2nd and 6th Nat. of 15,979 pigeons in this year's race from Limoges (672km)!

And the other members of the team responsible for this great result in the closing national race are either grandchildren or great-grandchildren of the number one stock breeders in the Vercammen family: Elektro Mustang.

Top class racing bird Mustang - A fantastic breeder for the Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon family
Olympic Elektro, a grandson of Elektro. Another magnificent breeder
Olympic Eve, another grandchild of Elektro
Stock breeder Elektro - Invaluable to Hok Jos Vercammen

The national racing season might be over but that does not mean Jos & Lars will be resting on their laurels. They basketed their youngest pigeons for Quievrain (104km) last weekend. The weather was great and the pigeons appeared to have the same winning mentality as their older teammates. We saw another great result for the team:

Quievrain (104 km) - 421 young birds

1.-2.-6.-8.-9.-11.-12.-15.-20.-21.-22.-23.-26.-27.-28.-35.-37.-39.-40.-... (27/46)

The first two pigeons were almost two minutes faster than the third in the race!

This overall result not only sums up this article but pretty much the entire season of the combination from Vremde: they scored great results throughout the season, from start to finish. The descendants of such renowned birds like Elektro & Mustang are demonstrating their enormous potential week after week, in Quievrain and in the one day long distance, and everything in between. These terrific bloodlines have continued to produce very talented youngsters as well, so it looks like they are set for a particularly successful future. And let's not forget that this team is led by two very skilled fanciers: Jos and Lars work hard every day to stay on top of things. They are doing a great job!