Hok Jos Vercammen (Vremde, BE) continues to forge ahead: 1st and 3rd provincial Limoges

An introduction to Jos and Lars Vercammen? That would feel like we are repeating ourselves. Every fancier is well familiar with this combination, which has won the respect of friends and foes. Their descendants of 'Elektro' and 'Mustang' have been driving their opponents to despair on numerous occasions.

The Vercammen birds really come forward when the race conditions are particularly demanding, which they demonstrated in Limoges with a gold and bronze medal.

Elektro's are on fire

"We know that our pigeons are at their best in difficult conditions", Lars explains. "Last week's race from Limoges was a good example of a race where pigeons have to work hard, and this is something that suits them really well." You can say that again; they have won the following prizes against 1226 opponents:

1st + 3rd provincial Antwerp of 1226 pigeons
1st + 2nd Antwerps Fondspel of 1025 pigeons
1st + 2nd + 3rd Club St. Job of 213 pigeons
28th national Limoges of 10786 pigeons

The first three arrivals are all grandchildren of the team's number one stock breeder Elektro (BE08-6174630). Race winner Taxi (BE18-6020210) was particularly strong, crushing her opponents: she had an 8 minute lead over the second in the race, and an incredible 20 minutes over the third place winner. The sire of this superstar is White Elektro (BE14-6175573), an inbred son of Elektro x his own daughter Shakira (BE10-6052293). The dam on the other hand is a full sister of Zorro (BE15-6026003), which is a 3rd National Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB.

Taxi (BE18-6020210) 1st provincial Limoges (click here for her pedigree)

Viva Las Vegas...

Our second pigeon in this demanding race from Limoges and winner of a 3rd provincial Limoges is racing hen Las Vegas (BE18-6020035), a granddaughter of Elektro. She stems from a son of Elektro, namely Super Elektro (BE18-6174630) x full sister Origi (BE13-6026050), a very successful racing bird in the long distance and now one of the team's most important breeding birds.

Las Vegas (BE18-6020035), 3rd provincial Limoges (click here for her pedigree)

"Our Elektro descendants are doing an excellent job but we have also been breeding excellent youngsters from Mustang (BE14-6175237), 1st nat. Chateauroux and fastest of 33,018 pigeons", says Lars. The youngsters outperformed their opponents again in their most recent middle distance race. The 17 best young birds of Hok Vercammen consisted of 11 Elektro grandchildren and 5 Mustang grandchildren. And how about the 17th young bird, we hear you ask. "Our 17th young bird is not a grandchild but rather a youngster of Mustang", Lars says laughing. And Mustang is in turn a grandchild of the renowned Elektro. One thing is clear: team Vercammen is in great form, as you can tell from the results below!

Results 2019

21/04/2019 Noyon (208 km)
1° Noyon (208km) 726 pigeons
4° fastest 11,297 pigeons

29/04/2019 Noyon (208km)
Pallieterverbond 274 old birds: 3-4-5-7-8-13-14-15-18-21-22-23-…  29/37 (old birds +  yearlings)
Pallieterverbond 166 yearlings: 1-2-4-11-12-19-20-21-22-…  16/22

05/05/2019 Melun (310km)
South Antwerp Federation 588 old birds:
1-6-7-8-11-19-20-22-23-24-29-38-40-43-45-48-52-53-54-56-…  37/50 (old birds + yearlings)

South Antwerp Federation 297 yearlings:
1-6-7-14-15-17-26-…  15/23

Interfederation 1,154 old birds:
2-7-8-9-12-24-25-29-30-31-40-52-54-58-62-65-71-72-84-90-95-96-…  40/50  (old birds + yearlings) (25/50 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

Interfederation 452 yearlings:
1-6-7-14-15-17-26-32-33-37-41-42-44-…  16/23

05/05/2019 Noyon (208km)
Pallieterverbond 262 yearlings: 3-4-7-8-11-14-20-23-24-26-27-…  31/72

12/05/2019 Melun (310km)
South Antwerp Federation 830 yearlings:
1-6-14-27-28-36-40-42-43-44-46-53-56-57-60-…  33/54
South Antwerp Federation 1,622 old birds:
2-4-7-11-21-40-41-43-44-53-60-62-63-64-65-66-71-77-82-86-87-89-92-95-…  47/66 (old birds + yearlings)

Interfederation 3,414 old birds:
2-4-11-16-31-59-62-65-66--…  46/66

(28/66 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

18/05/2019 Chevrainvilliers (354km)
South Antwerp Federation 1,651 old birds:
23-25-34-36-40-41-49-52-67-79-80-92-93-…  39/47 (old birds + yearlings)

25/05/2019 Bourges (479km)
National 24,053 old birds: 31-40-141-…  4/9

25/05/2019 Chevrainvilliers (354km)
South Antwerp Federation 732 yearlings:
3-6-8-11-15-16-17-19-20-23-24-25-32-35-36-37-39-42-49-59-73-…  43/71

01/06/2019 Issoudun (504km)
Provincial 2,147 yearlings: 1-5-9-10-11-12-17-…  23/40
à1° fastest provincial 3,547 birds

15/06/2019 Argenton (555km)
Club St. Job 335 yearlings: 1-3-4-5-6-8-9-11-14-20-22-24-26-27-29-…  38/51
Club St. Job 165 old birds: 1-2-4-9-10-16-…  12/13
(50 prizes of 64 entered birds)

22/06/2019 Melun (310km)
South Antwerp Federation 800 youngsters:
1-2-3-6-8-9-10-11-13-14-15-23-25-33-34-38-42-52-58-59-62-63-…  34/56
à 1° + 2° + 3° fastest against 1,487 pigeons

Interfederation 1,028 youngsters:
1-2-3-7-9-10-11-12-14-15-16-24-26-37-38-42-50-64-70-71-74-75-…  34/56

22/06/2019 Argenton (555km)
Club St. Job 278 old birds: 2-3-6-14-… 
Provincial 1,653 old birds: 20-22-27-…  12/17
National z. 4,350 old birds: 26-30-36-…  12/17

Club St. Job 543 yearlings: 2-11-12-14-15-22-23-25-33-… 
Provincial 2,743 yearlings: 16-56-71-80-83-…  38/61
National z. 7,111 yearlings: 24-78-96-114-119-…  38/61

06/07/2019 Chevrainvilliers (354 km)
South Antwerp Federation 877 youngsters:
1-2-4-9-22-27-28-36-38-39-40-42-44-45-46-53-59-…  34/65
Interfederation 1,156 youngsters:
1-2-4-9-24-30-31-39-41-42-43-44-45-47-48-49-56-63-…  37/65

06/07/2019 Montlucon (555km)
Club St. Job 174 old birds: 2-8-…  4/8
Club St. Job 371 yearlings: 5-6-9-15-25-26-27-…  17/32

06/07/2019 Limoges (672km)
Club St. Job 213 yearlings: 1-2-3-16-…
Antwerps Fondspel 1,025 yearlings: 1-2-24-…  9/16
Provincial 1,226 yearlings: 1-3-34-…