Hok Daniel Parijs - Ottenburg (BE) Win 1°Nat Bourges 11.801 Old birds - 2009

11.801 old pigeons were basketted for the 3° national classic for old birds in the ‘grand middle distance’ from Bourges II (after Bourges I at the end of May, and Argenton at the end of June), to be precise 74 pigeons less than the previous edition in 2008… a small insignificant reduction compared to last year!

It was the colony of Daniel Parijs from Ottenburg in Brabant (near Waver) which achieved national victory this year. Daniel clocked his winning pigeon at 12h11’08” from a distance of 437,554 Km, which meant a velocity of 1406.32 m/min. With this Hok Parijs won 1° Nat Bourges by the old birds just ahead of Rik Hermans from Pulle with 1401 m, and Jozef Dewilder from St.Kat-Waver with 1390 m.

Hok Parijs formed by ‘trio’
The colony of Daniel Parijs is certainly not unknown in pigeon racing circles, because he had already triumphed from Bourges, when his ‘Rita’ (named after his wife) easily won 1° Nat Bourges 42.582 youngsters in 2001. We got to know Daniel personally in 2002 by the total auction of Hans Van Sichel from Ophasselt, whose colony was built up for 85% with direct pigeons from Gust Christiaens and Daniel Parijs! A living memory because at the time we bought the topper in the auction (the ‘Crack’)… a powerful 1° prize racer that grew to be a real ‘super breeder’, and who was a son of, yes indeed… a sister 1° Nat Bourges Daniel Parijs. This apart… just to give you a bit of history.
Daniel Parijs has always been a real topper in the small middle distance, although he often lacked the necessary time to spend caring for his pigeons because of his work ommitments. Luckily he could rely on the support and help of his wife Rita. In 2007 however, everything changed, because the 3 pigeon friends Daniel Parijs, Jan Mees and Denis Sapin, each in turn passionate pigeon fanciers, had something in common, namely… lack of time! That’s why they decided to join forces and to race from the lofts of the man who was to retire first… in this case Daniel Parijs. Right from the outset, clear agreements were made… each member of the trio would carry out their duties to the letter. Denis and Jan were to take care of the housing and care of the breeders… the racing pigeons were moved to the lofts of Daniel Parijs. They sat down together regularly, for say a ‘meeting’… to make the necessary decisions, in other words to devise the ‘tactics to be followed’! The majority of the care of the racing team lies in the hands of Daniel and wife Rita, whilst Jan and Denis lend a helping hand when necessary!
The current loft population contains a variety of pigeons, which the 3 sport companions brought together. Daniel’s colony was based on the old Gebr. Janssen and Klak-pigoens (Jos van Limpt), by Jan it was mainly the line of the ’60-duivin’ (a crossing Gommaire Verbruggen x Victor Lemmens) who did well, in addition to pigeons from Mariën-Meulemans and Jos Deno… while Denis had pigeons from Jos Soontjens, Vandevelde and Louis Cooremans. The current racing team was distilled from these pigeons, consisting of 28 widowers, 12 couples in total widowhood… and in addition 150 to 160 youngsters are ringed yearly. The accent of the pigeon game still lies in the ‘small middle distance’, seeing the nice races that they can participate in in the area. Every so often a few pigeons are entered for the grand middle distance, so as the ‘Pritz’ ring 07-2079626, their winner 1° Nat Bourges 11.801 old birds, who is also part of the team that was allowed to show what they were capable of in the grand middle distance. A real ‘crack’ who already had great honours to his name prior to his national victory. Here a few highlights:

’07 Laon    231 youngsters    1
’07 Sens    357 youngsters    5
’07 Momignies    211 youngsters    6
’08 Toury    2.342 YL    1
’08 Toury    1.320 YL    36
’09 Toury    1.541 old birds    8
’09 Toury    2.079 old birds    10
’09 Toury    3.043 old birds    13
’09 Toury    1.175 old birds    18
’09 Bourges    11.801 old birds    1    National!

This ‘Pritz’ stems on father’s side out the ‘Witpen Kweker’ 03-2290841 (coming self out a half-brother 1° nat Cahors, also full brother of ‘Clyde’ who is father of the 1° Nat Argenton) x ‘Blauw Sapin’ 05-1508684 from Denis Sapin (out a crossing Soontjens x Vandevelde). Perhaps by achieving this national victory , this ‘pigeon trio’ has now really got the taste for the grand middle distance, and will steer their arrows more and more in this direction … in any case, the plans are on the table, and the discussion and approval is at least on the agenda of their next ‘future planning ’!
For the season the widowers are only allowed to brood in March, then they have to begin widowhood. During the week they sit on ‘perches’ in front of their closed boxes. Half an hour before basketting  the boxes are opened and the widowers are given their nest dish (no hen). According to our trio this ritual gives the necessary motivation. the racing pigeons are basketted in this manner every week. By the feeding the pigeons are never given depurative, but always as much sport mixture as they can eat… the leftovers are always removed after 15 minutes.
Trying to get a maximum yield out of the pigeons in as simple a manner as possible. A goal that seems to be very successful there in Ottenburg, and which has now been crowned with national victory from Bourges for the old birds… precisely 8 years after Daniel Parijs won 1° Nat. Bourges for the youngsters! For which our congratulations to the entire Daniel Parijs-team, formed by Daniel, Rita, Jan, Denis and their families!