Heylen Johan from RAVELS wins the 1st national ORANGE (2004)

For the first time ever was this flight oriented in the direction of the valley of Rhone. This flight has indeed been in the shadow of the International Barcelona race that took place the same weekend together with the national race "St.Vincent" for young pigeons. But still there was nice number of pigeons -7.600 that came basketted to the "Club de Fond de Wallonie", who was the organiser. Because of the strong west to south-west wind was it pretty quickly clear that he national winner will not be from the coast. Last week was that not the case. Everybody will get his turn, we could say...
HEYLEN Johan from Ravels in the province of Antwerp became the national winner. His victorious pigeon was after some hesitation and circling around the loft finaly clocked at 17:23. The time loss couldn’t last much longer, because his lead on the second pigeon of Hallet Pierre from St. Ode Lang is only 3 m/min.
The winner is a two-year old and was Johan’s third nominated pigeon. He got 3 prizes out of 6 participating pigeons. Johan races his pigeons on classical widowhood without showing the hen before departure.

Feeding system: Very simple, to enrich the mixtures, he mixes three of them together. Only in the first half of the year are the pigeons treated against the Tricho. He never administers vitamines.
Previous flights of the "De Orange" : flights from Quievrain to Noyon, only middle distance pigeons, Brive Retie meant he was 6th out of 192pigeons to then triumph in national Orange.
" De Orange" is a chequered cock of a medium built without any special physical charactersitics.
Comes from a line: grandson of the winner of the olympiad in Gran Canaria “De grand canaria”; and on the mother’s side: "Super crack Cock" (was 2x Ace pigeon on South Kempen) with : Biemans X Van Vuren.

Top performance: 1st prize Bordeaux and 23rd provincial