Herbots Brothers -Halle-Booienhoven (BE) 1st Nat. Champion KBDB Middle Distance & 1st nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Small Middle Distance

This passes perfectly into the pigeon philosophy of the Herbots. Personally I would add “Winning together” because in Halle-Booienhoven there is a perfect team spirit where the pigeon sport is firmly professionally embedded

This passes perfectly into the pigeon philosophy of the Herbots.
Personally I would add “Winning together” because in Halle-Booienhoven there is a perfect team spirit where the pigeon sport is firmly professionally embedded

The Herbots-team, not just empty words
The pigeon sport is professionally firmly embedded in the Herbots household. The participation at international markets, the trade with top pigeons demands a strict but well-run organisation. The professional approach to everything is also continued into the sporting picture. Each one knows what is expected of him. Jo, Miet, Raf, wife Jacqueline, loft manager François compliment each other perfectly. The Herbots-strategy has worked perfectly for years with the ultimate responsibility being in the hands of father Filip who is certainly not backwards in going forwards both as a person as a pigeon fancier. Throughout his entire life he has hammered on the road to the place where the colony now stands. He reduces the success in the pigeon sport to a well aimed one-liner “the combination of a group of strong racers raced according to a system that works.

From Ace pigeon collector to general champion KBDB Small Middle Distance 2009
A work of a few decades that started in the blessed year 1975-with the birth of the “Ieverige”. Over the years a whole group of pigeons ensured a Paternoster of K.B.D.B.-Ace pigeon titles including:
1st national Ace pigeon KBDB Extreme middle distance2005
1st national Ace pigeon middle distance 2000;
1st national Ace pigeon middle distance 1999;
2nd national Ace pigeon middle distance 1992
4th national Ace pigeon extreme middle distance2008
5th national Ace pigeon middle distance 2003
5th national Ace pigeon middle distance 1996
5th national Ace pigeon middle distance 1995
5th national Ace pigeon extreme middle distance2007
5th national Ace pigeon middle distance 1996
6th national Ace pigeon Extreme middle distance2005
8th national Ace pigeon Extreme middle distance2005
Yet there wasn’t a general national until last year. The wait continued for a brilliant team of yearlings who broke the ban in 2008 by winning the General Championship KBDB Yearlings. The guard shouted out during the winter for confirmation. In Halle-Booienhoven they are certainly not afraid of a challenge, something which was more than proved over the last few months of the previous sport season. A cartload of prizes including 23 pure first prizes which resulted in them becoming general KBDB-champions Small Middle Distance.

Let’s put all that pigeon force in order:
Soissons        203 km    128 old birds
Melun    I.Prov.    293 km    1946 old birds
Orleans    I.Prov.    400 km    1902 yearlings
Orleans    I.Prov.    400 km    3132 old birds    1,7,26,29,33,35,38,81,88,125,...
Chateaur    I.Prov.    511 km    1110 yearlings    3,4,8,18,86,100,102,...
Momignies        110 km    387 yearlings
Montluçon    I.Prov.    529 km    1570 old birds
Nanteuil    19/19    250 km    146 yearlings
Nanteuil    10/10    250 km    253 old birds    1,8,14,18,28,39,48,60,63,71
Vichy    I.Prov.    460 km    2172 yearlings    4,55,63,113,233,285,...
Toury        370 km    503 yearlings
Toury    I.Prov.    370 km    660 yearlings    1,2,9,15,16,19,26,53,113,121,...
Toury    I.Prov.    370 km    1815 yearlings
Toury    I.Prov.    370 km    781 old birds    1,6,9,19,23,26,31,46,79
Vierzon    I.Prov.    457 km    1212 yearlings    5,40,99,147,318,354
Vierzon    S.Nat.    457 km    2278 youngsters    1,32,33,105,226,328,333,366
Vierzon    I.Prov.    457 km    1090 old birds    1,3,23,93,172
Bourges    I.Prov.    458 km    2146 yearlings
Bourges    Nat.C    458 km    11797 yearlings
Orleans    I.Prov.    400 km    1047 yearlings
Orleans    I.Prov.    400 km    1672 yearlings
Orleans    I.Prov.    400 km    1058 old birds
Argenton    I.Prov.    537 km    1352 yearlings   3,7,25,50,52,59,68,155,...
Argenton    I.Prov.    537 km    1165 youngsters
Argenton    Nat.C    537 km    6984 yearlings    19,30,36,39,87,104,112,114,209,...
Pithiviers        360 km    172 old birds    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,...
La Souter    I.Prov.    574 km    275 old birds
La Souter    I.Prov.    574 km    1189 old birds
Sens            251 youngsters   1,4,9,10,11,17,18,19,20,23,24,26,27,28,29,...
Gueret    I.Prov.    569 km    678 yearlings

In the final settlement the general KBDB-championship  small middle distance turned out to be a fact, but the cherry on the proverbial cake was achieved by the ” “Yvan”, who won the title first national Ace pigeon KBDB Small Middle Distance.

The Yvan-2103401/2007
Bred in the sister loft Deno-Herbots (Leefdaal).
Father: Son Bliksem (320936/04) stems out:
Gf- the Bliksem -1st provincial Poitiers (1448p) and 2nd Châteauroux (4662p) as son of the “Kolonel” 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance 1995 (2nd Orleans-1413p) coupled with Rita.
Gm-The Venus Breeding hen (The Fenomenale X the Karla).
Mother: 2233543/06 (Vandersmissen & son) or a combination National I Schellens X World champ Withofs.
In addition to achieving the title 1st national Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance 2009 this super was also crowned last year (2008) as:
4th national Ace pigeon KBDB Middle distance 2008
2nd provincial Ace pigeon KBDB Middle distance 2008
won 19 prizes in 2008 (6800 km)-17 x prize 2009 (5940 km) without doubles.
1st interprovincial Salbris (2281p-8 minute lead and also fastest pigeon all categories against 4774p);
1st interprovincial Orleans (3132p)
1st Melun (1946p)-club –1st against 231p.;
1st interprovincial Toury (781p);
1st Toury (3256p);
1st Argenton (434p);
1st Nanteuil (253p);
1st Pithiviers (172p);
1st Momignies (130p);
7th interprovincial Châteauroux (2995p) ;
9th interprovincial Argenton (2804p) ;
16th interprovincial Montluçon (1570p) ;
20th interprovincial Bourges (1224p) ;
21st interprovincial Toury (1212p) ;
32nd semi-national Châteauroux (9030p) ;
43rd interprovincial Châteauroux (1817p) ;
52nd interprovincial Orleans (1058p) ;
54th interprovincial La Souterraine (1174p) ;
57th national Argenton (6177p).

This performance becomes more interesting when you know that several pigeons of the winning champion team 2008 also played their part now. In addition to the Yvan, the Olympic Power and the Magnum also showed what they were capable of.

« Olympic Power »-2228116/07
1st national Ace pigeon Middle distance “Duivenkrant” 2008
5th Olympiad pigeon Long Distance Dormund 2009-10-28 6th Olympiad pigeon Middle distance 2009
-6th national Ace pigeon BDS 2007.
Father-2245484/98 super breeder as father of a.o. the de 17th national La Souterraine-first provincial Argenton-8th national and the “Celine –8th and 10th provincial Ace pigeon.
Gf-2096157 or the first provincial and 10th national Bourges as son of the Small chequered Kadet (Meulemans).
Gm-2048297/95 or a daughter of the Grote Brute Kletskop (Verbruggen)
Mother-2310982/03 or a daughter of the Fenomenale (5118824/99) first national Ace pigeon KBDB Middle distance and a.o. winner of four provincial races with as blood lines Stoces-Meulemans-Janssen Brothers and Van Elsacker. On mother’s side we come across the Black 2190395/01) or the first national Ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 03 and 3rd national Ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 02 or a combination Vervloesem X Oosterhof Ludo.
Raced 10 x prize 2007 (3228km)-21 x prize 2008 (8357p)-13 x prize 2009 (5686km). It would be too much to  print the entire honours list, yet when we restrict ourselves to the top 25 of the result we still have half of a “newspaper”
1st Interprovincial Vierzon (1090p);
Vierzon -1st (303p); 1st Vierzon (152p)-1st Vierzon (133p)-1st Vierzon (290p);
1st interprovincial Argenton (2804p);
1st Montluçon (156p);
1st Clermont-Ferrand (89p);
1st La Souteraine (275p)-1st (164p)-1st (129p);
1st Argenton (202p) ;
2nd interprovincial Montluçon (2254p) ;
2nd Orleans (254p) ;
2nd interprovincial La Souterraine (1189p) ;5th Melun (196p) ;
6th interprovincial Argenton (1369p) ;
6th Momignies (158p) ;
6th Toury (115p) ;
8th Gueret (570p) ;
10th interprovincial Orleans (1058p) ;
13th interprovincial Bourges (3718p) ;
14th interprovincial La Souterraine (1174p) ;
15th interprovincial Montluçon (1347p) ;;
19th Vervins (273p) ;
20th Momignies (323p);
21st interprovincial La Souterraine (2605p) ;

The « Magnum »-2228064/2007
7th  Olympiad pigeon Long Distance Dordmund 2009;
8th national Ace pigeon BDS youngsters 2007.
Stems from:
Father-5158390/06 –Son 400
Gf: 298400-00-Son of the National I (National 1 X the Schoon Klein Blauw or the line Stoces X Houben)
Gm:-5204591/02 or a half-sister of Number 1 (inbreed Number I and daughter Number 2 (origin Stoces-King).
Mother: 2267115/05 or a daughter of the 2087056/02 five times first prize winner and first provincial Ace pigeon.
The “Magnum” won 12 x prize 2007 (3219p)-20 x prize 2008 (8455km)-15 x prize 2009 (6074p).
1st interprovincial Orleans (1058p)-1st (627p);
1st interprovincial La Souterraine (1174p)-7th  national zone C (2159p) en 11th national (4659p);
1st interprovincial Gueret (1456p)-6th national zone C (3128p)-41st national (12587p);
Soissons : 1st (128p)-1st (107p)-1st (255p) ;
2nd interprovincial Melun (1946p) ;
3rd interprovincial Vierzon (1090p) ;
3rd Pithiviers (172p);
2nd interprovincial Bourges (1224p) ;-5th national zone C (6628p)-11th national (16.771p) ;
2nd Momignies (256p) ;
7th interprovincial La Souterraine (2605p) ;-29th national zone C (5105p) ;
12th interprovincial Gueret (714p) ;
12th Orleans (254p) ;
Momignies 13th (318p) ;-13th (504p) ; 23rd (323p) ;
14th Nanteuil (253p) ; 15th Soissons (285p) ;-16th Melun (196p) ; 20th interprovincial Argenton (1318p) ;

The remaining pigeons of the winning team also performed at high sporting level.
2228215/2007-7th national Ace pigeon youngsters 2007 BSD
Father: 2100046/99 or the “Picadilly”-1st national Ace pigeon KBDB ( 6 x 1st)
Gf: 220013/97 stems from a grandson Dikke Goris (Verbruggen) X the grandmother of the 1st national Ace pigeon KBDB Jan Meeus.
Gm:-2376817/97 stems from a grandson of the “Espoir” X the combination line Espoir and the Fou Imbrechts-inbreed to the Espoir.
Mother: 2107186/04 –winner of a.o. the 3rd interprov Nevers (1806p)-1st interprov. Orleans (2527p) and 4th provincial Ace pigeon KBDB 05 with on father’s side the bloodlines Son Geschifte 94 Hofkens –Geschifte Hokens 97 from Van Elsacker-Jespen-and the Janssen brothers. The picture on mother’s side is coloured by a daughter of the “1 Nat Ace X the 157/96 hen, the winner first national and 2nd international Marseille.

Raced 10 x prize 2007 (3002km)-19 x prize 2008 (7178 km)-15 x prize 2009 (5546 km).
1st Bourges (513p)-5th interprovincial Bourges (3178p)-48th national Bourges (31.824p);
3rd interprovincial Salbris (557p);
3rd interprovincial Melun (1946p);
6th Bourges (166p);
6th Momignies (323p);-19th Momignies (302p) ;-24th (326p)
9th Toury (781p) ;-20th Toury (255p);
9th interprovincial Orleans (1058p) ;
9th Pithiviers (172p);
10th Melun (196p);
20th interprovincial La Souterraine (2605p); 70th national zone C (5105p) ; 315th national (18.973p) ;
23rd interprovincial Salbris (2281p) ;
23rd interprovincial La Souterraine (1189p) ;
24th Soissons (255p);
25th interprovincial Montluçon (1347p).

10th provincial Ace pigeon middle distance 2008
Raced 13 x prize 2007 (3790 km)-17 x prize 2008 (6574 km)-2009-12 x prize (4555 km).
2nd  Melun (196p);
3rd Toury (130p);
4th Momignies (130p);
5th interprovincial La Souterraine (1174p) ;-32nd national (4659p) ;
7th Orleans (254p) ;
10th interprovincial Melun (1946p);
11th interprovincial Châteauroux; 14th interprovincial Toury (1212p);
16th Argenton (487p).

Winning is their life’s joy, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The experience and the insight of Flup, coupled with the youthful enthusiasm of the youth (Jo-Raf en Mit) will also leave a trail of success over the coming years in the international pigeon sport landscape.