Henri Reyniers (Lubbeek, BE) glorious winner 1st Nat. Argenton 4.118 yearlings

Starting the national sport season with the old birds with a provincial victory, and ending with a national victory… it couldn’t be nicer! It happened to Henri Reyniers from Lubbeek!

Argenton was the last race for the old birds in widowhood in many places… also for the pigeons from Henri Reyniers from Lubbeek in Brabant. When you can close the widowhood season with the old birds with national victory, then a dream must have come true. It happened to Henri Reyniers, who, in his wife Viviane, has   good right hand by the care of the pigeons. A national victory which can definitely be seen as a ‘reward for the work’, a crowning to a successful season with the old birds. A season with fanfare, because in the 1st national confrontation of the season, from the national Bourges I at the end of May… Henri directly booked provincial victory by the 2.752 yearlings with his ‘Felix 096/10’! It was the overture for an outstanding strong season with the old birds and in particular the yearlings… which had to fight hard at times. We have selected a few of the most outstanding results of this successful team of yearlings from Henri Reyniers, to illustrate: 


Vierzon       330 yearlings: 1-9-10-12-14-19-22-31… (9/18)
Bourges I     985 yearlings: 1-6-38-69-102… (17/24)
      Prov  2.752 yearlings: 1…
Blois         269 yearlings: 2-6-7-8-11-16-24-42… (11/17)
Argenton I  1.168 yearlings: 4-7-23-27-63-66-68-80-81… (22/27)
Bourges II    769 yearlings: 1-2-11-26-35-46-47-91-93… (14/24) 

To close the season with the marvellous performance from Argenton last weekend :

Argenton II   355 yearlings: 1-21-41-47-60-62-67-79-82-83… (14/16)
  Brab. Union 561 yearlings: 1-29…
  National 4.118 yearlings: 1… 

Figures that speak volumes!

Henri also managed a good 2/3 by the old birds from Argenton, whilst the youngsters were not as good with 6/22! But not to worry, the yearlings caught the attention and gave Henri and Viviane a new highlight in their pigeon career with ‘national victory’!

Henri clocked his winning hen ‘Black Beauty’ at 13h29 (536,146 Km), and with this had the highest velocity of 1629,62 m/min by the yearlings… good enough for national victory ahead of Surinckx-Pletsers from Nieuwerkerken in second place and Roger Grootjans from Berkom at number 3!

The 2nd national victory for Henri since his new start in 2003, after he had already won 1st National Vichy in 2005 by the old birds with hen ‘Anaïs’! Let this ‘Anaïs’ now be the grandmother (on mother’s side) of the current winner from Argenton yearlings 2011! Anything but coincidence then… and that will be proven even more when we look at the lineage on father’s side… because there ‘Black Beauty’ is a grandchild of the ‘top breeding couple’ by Henri Reyniers, namely the ‘Blauwe Topkweker’ B04-2244951 x ‘Rosse Topkweekster’ B04-2244914… the couple which are also grandparents of ‘Felix’ B10-2205096, the winner 1st Prov Bourges I against 2.752 yearlings at the end of May 2011!

This national victory from Argenton was not the first prize for ‘Black Beauty’ as 2 weeks ago she brought the victory flowers to Lubbeek from Bourges II… take a look at her honours list: 

-‘Black Beauty’ B10-2205015

Was only trained well as a summer youngster. She won in 2011 :

24/4 Soissons      577 p. 22
07/5 Pithiviers    191 p. 21
21/5 Vierzon       239 p. 8
       Obrafo      330 p. 12
11/6 Chateauroux 8.092 p. 952 (Semi-Nat)
02/7 Argenton I  1.168 p. 86
       Zone      4.979 p. 204
       Nat      19.782 p. 1166
24/7 Nevers        189 p. 16
       Obrafo      474 p. 32
       Semi-Nat  3.720 p. 157
30/7 Bourges II    315 p. 1
       Obrafo      769 p. 1
       Brab.Union1.707 p. 3
       Nat      12.607 p. 43
13/8 Argenton II   355 p. 1
       Nat       4.118 p. 1 


The week prior to Argenton Henri had taken his pigeons away himself twice for a training race. She was allowed to see her cock for about an hour before being basketted… more than enough to be super motivated when she was basketted, and to reach Lubbeek victorious!

Henri started the sport season with 26 widow cocks and 20 yearling racing hens. 12 breeding couples produce about 80 youngsters. For the widowhood game both the cocks and the yearling hens are coupled with stay-at-home partners (usually breeding pigeons). After brooding for 3 to 5 days at the end of March – beginning of April they go into widowhood. In this way total widowhood can be raced with the certainty that the partner will be home. Before the basketting the partner is always shown and by the homecoming the cocks can remain by their hen for one and a half hours and the hens remain with their cock until the next day. The hens raced are never locked up in their box, but reside on shelves in front of their box.  Locking them up makes them more tempered and also damages the flights. And if there is a hen on heat, then she will be placed in the aviary for a few days… to then take her place in the racing loft again. But seeing as how they have raced in widowhood with the hens since 2004, the most randy sort have mainly been removed!

Due to lack of time Henri had to leave the pigeon sport for a few years in 1989… but in 2003 he took up the thread again! By the new start in 2003 pigoens came from father-in-law Alfons Vranken (who raced the sprint races successfully), Paul Volckaert Putte-Grasheide , Louis Vanderwielen Boortmeerbeek,Simon Meeus Lubbeek, René Van Schoubroek Binkom, Luc Sevenants Linden-Lubbeek, Maurice Vandevelde Scherpenheuvel, and Jos Thoné from As  etc... with which Henri formed his own stock.

And successfully as it seems… because hardly 8 years after their new start, Henri and Viviane have had their second national victory! The results above more than prove that there is ‘more’ to the racing team… magnificent performances accomplished by a youthful team of top talent! That opens perspectives… a team with a future! Congratulations!