Hardy Krüger (Rommerskirchen, DE): international supplier of prize winning birds

The title says it all: an international supplier of prize winning birds. There are not too many pigeon fanciers with this status but Hardy Krüger is clearly one of them. His pigeons and their descendants have been performing exceptionally well in numerous lofts across the globe and in One Loft Races in particular.

And Hardy himself has been a very successful fancier from an early age as well. His repeated investments in top class pigeon breeds have really paid off. He knows it takes top class pigeons to win early prizes.

The overview below should give you an idea of the many successes of the Hardy Krüger pigeon breed across the world. 

Over 50,000 EURO worth of prize money in just a few weeks


1. One Loft Race Kuznica in Poland

Graham Guy wins a 2nd prize and 12,500 EURO with his GB-16 S64432. This pigeon is also his 1st Joker Bird, which results in an additional 6,250 EURO. This is her pedigree: her sire is a son of 07274-11-563, a son of Hardy Krüger's Da Vinci, and the dam is 07274-12-996, which is another original Hardy Krüger bred from Rambio and a daughter of Black Power.

2. One Loft Race Kuznica in Poland

Hardy Krüger finishes in 4th place and wins 3,750 EURO worth of prize money with 07274-16-71, which was bred from breeding cock Bastian, which won a 3rd national Poitiers (671km) against 5,426 pigeons. Bastian comes from Olympiad Pigeon Baily, which is in turn a son of Da Vinci. The dam comes from the loft of Norbert Ally; she is a sister of Federer x Sister Bolleke.

3. One Loft Race Algarve Golden Race Portugal

The Canalas & Zapater combination wins a 4th prize with their ESP 187520-16, as well as 15,000 Euro in prize money. The sire of this pigeon comes from Hardy Krüger; he is a dark coloured cock with ring number 07274-14-2735. He is in turn a son of Black Ocean, which comes from Black Power paired to Letizia. The dam of the 2735 is "Die Spanierin".

4. One Loft Race Algarve Golden Race Portugal

The 18th place goes to Team Daggerchads and their racing bird UK 16-L 20917, which also wins 1,500 Euro. This pigeon is a Hardy Krüger descendant as well.

5. One Loft Race Algarve Golden Race Portugal

South Kilruskin Farm Lofts win a 23rd prize with Kilruskin Babe SU 16 A 6606. His sire 07274-11-582 and his dam 07274-14-2718 are two Hardy Krüger pigeons. The sire comes from Da Vinci, the dam was bred from Barcardy paired to Letizia. Kilruskin Babe also wins 1,000 euro in prize money.

6. Preußen Derby Germany

The first prize and 14,500 euro worth of prize money goes to Team Rückert-Moll with racing bird Taube DV 03004-16-361. The parents of this pigeon come from Alfred Berger; they originate from his stock breeders. One of these stock breeders, the grandfather from his mother's side, is an original Hardy Krüger pigeon bred from Vialli paired to a daughter of Platini.

7. Danish One Loft Race

John Devenney wins an 11th prize with his racing bird GB 16-Z-43856, which also receives 700 EURO in prize money. The 856 comes from 07274-09-2000, which is yet another son of Black Power paired to Nelly, and she comes from Black Power as well.

The achievements of the Hardy Krüger pigeon breed in the One Loft Races are nothing short of impressive. And as you know, you can only really judge the value of a pigeon breed based on how well it performs in other lofts.