Hardy Krüger (Rommerskirchen, DE): creator of the Black Power dynasty of racing pigeons

The European racing pigeon scene has seen the evolution of some truly remarkable breeds during the last two decades. The names of Vandenabeele and Heremans come to mind amongst several other unique families. Considering the performances at their own loft in Germany and the increasing impact that they are having on results around Europe, the Black Power family of Hardy Krüger may soon be joining this eminent list.

Hardy Krüger of Rommerskirchen

An impressive history

Much has been written about the child sensation that was Hardy Krüger. Hardy is still relatively young amongst his pigeon racing peers although way back in the early 1990s, Hardy was achieving results such as: 1,2,5,7,12,14,15,17,18, 19 (3,012 birds) and 1,5,7,21,22,24 (3,666 birds).  Today Hardy traces his family back to the remarkable Carl Lewis in 1992, the 3rd National Ace Bird of Germany in 1992. In the Krüger loft, he has attained the notoriety of being the master bird; such has been his impact on the results achieved by Hardy. His most successful sons are Vialli and Churchil whilst the ace racer Naomi comes from Platini, the daughter of Carl Lewis. Once he had established this strong breeding base, the performances went from strength to strength with results such as: 1,4,5,11,21,23,25,26,28,29 (990 birds) and 1,3,4,10,17,31 (3103 birds). Racing with such quality birds made for impressive results week after week.

Black Power- the modern-day stamvader!

Within most successful breeding colonies, you will usually find a super breeder whose line flows throughout the family. In the case of the Krüger breed we find Black Power.  He was bred from two yearlings: 07274-99-950, a grandchild of Carl Lewis, was coupled with the hen B 99-6264813 of Kris Van Massenhoven. Whilst being a good performer in his own right, the legacy of Black Power will be his ability to pass on his winning genes to the generations that flow from him. His most prominent offspring have been:

07274-05-504 Black Jack. 3rd Pithiviers (453 km/2,331 birds), 8th Rekkem (251 km/2,096 birds), 21st Rethel (230 km/3,853 birds) and 68th Sezanne (327 km/2573 birds). He won 11 top prizes in 2007, as well as 4th prize Ace Cock at regional level.

07274-08-879 Black Pearl. 1st Orleans (499 km/1,788 birds), 1st Sezanne (330 km/1,403 birds), 1st Vierzon (542 km/1,196 birds), 1st Blois (543 km/745 birds), 1st Pithiviers (450 km/1,136 birds), 2nd Sezanne (330 km/2,361 birds), 9th Blois (546 km/925 birds) and 13th Troyes (345 km/1,857 birds). Black Pearl represented Germany at the Poznan Olympiad in 2011.

07274-09-2100 Black Soul. 1st Sens (391 km/2,274 birds), 14th Orleans (498 km/964 birsds), 16th Pithiviers (446 km/1,403 birds), 20th Rethel (231 km/1,671 birds) and 54th  Pithiviers (446 km/1,171 birds)

07274-10-1068 Blue Sky. 7th Pithiviers (453 km/899 birds), 10th Blois (540 km/767 birds), 13th Orleans (499 km/964 birds), 15th Pithiviers (446 km/1,052 birds), 17th Issoudun (562 km/988 birds), 17th Pithiviers (446 km/789 birds) and 17th Poitiers (671 km/1877 birds).

07274-10-1027  Black Sky. 1st Pithiviers (446 km/954 birds), 13th Marche (120 km/808 birds), 13th Pithiviers (446 km/894 birds), 14th Rethel (231 km/1,396 birds), 14th Pithiviers (446 km/1,052 birds), 15th Laon(268 km/1,357 birds), 18th Reims (266 km/532 birds) and 18th Arcis (327 km/1,278 birds).

07274-10-995 Black Ocean 1st Poitiers (671 km /360 birds 2nd national of 8067 birds), 1st Rethel (231 km /1029 birds), 2th Pithiviers (453 km/865 birds), 5th Pithiviers (453 km/479 birds), 9th Sourdun(360 km/1203 birds), 10th Issoudun(562 km/988 birds) and17th Tours (585km/501 birds)

Hardy often paired Black Power to several hens each season however the quality of the offspring rarely changed; they were always great racers. Black Power is a remarkable breeder!

The 2014 season

The season started with a team of 50 old bird racers and 80 young birds. Once again Hardy’s team achieved excellent results throughout the season:

26.04 Reims 275 km/738 birds 2,4,12,23,37,50,51 (29/46).

03.05 Reims 275 km/695 birds 7,8,16,19,27,29,30,39,40,59 (28/45).

17.05 Sourdun 367 km/682 birds 3,9,19,29,32,35,36,37,38,51,66 (21/44).

24.05 Pithiviers 453 km/624 birds 2,11,22,23,29,33,37,40,42,42,57,58,59,63,65,66 (28/39).

31.05 Pithiviers 453 km/635 birds 3,4,10,15,16,23,24,25,29,32,44,47,48,49,50,60 (29/39).

07.06 Pithiviers 453 km/577 birds 2,3,4,10,12,26,28,45,60,68 (17/37).

14.06 Pithiviers 453 km/513 birds 2,5,9,12,14,29,32,33,40,50,57 (17/35).

21.06 Blois 546 km/- 3,4,10,15,20,21,22,31 (18/30).

26.06 Pithiviers 453 km/211 birds 1,3,4,9,11,14,15,18,19,24 (12/19).

26.06 Pithiviers 453 km/1332 birds 1,6,7,50,72,86,94,104,105.

23.08 Chimay 198 km/714 birds 1,2,4,5,6,8,38,44,46,48,50 (23/45).

30.08 Laon 276 km/675 birds 2,3,21,23,38 (27/44).

Bailey: another Olympiad bird of Hardy Krüger

Making an impact in the UK

Barely a week has gone by during the 2014 season where the pigeons of Hardy Krüger have not been mentioned in the results columns in the UK pigeon magazines. Les Green is one such name who has performed with great success. Les was of course a partner in the Wall, Lunt and Green partnership that achieved phenomenal success over many years in Irlam, Manchester. In 2012, the partnership disbanded and so Les set about scouring Europe trying to find a family of pigeons in which to invest his future. Intensive research on many different fanciers from all over Europe was conducted with a final decision being made to see Hardy Krüger in Germany. Since this initial visit, Les has amassed a team of 32 pigeons direct from Hardy. 2014 was to be the first young bird season raced with his new team. Right from the word go they did not let him down and they performed well right through the young bird season. On 26th July from Stafford, Les won the first 4 in the federation and the first 4 in the amalgamation with one being a Krüger rung 14 X35009 which was bred via Black Power and Balisto lines. From Cheltenham the following weekend Les finished 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th federation and 11th, 12th, 13th and 15th amalgamation. The second pigeon on the clock was 14 X 35024bred from the line of Alina and Tiger Woods. The 4th pigeon on the clock was also a Krüger pigeon rung 14 X 35063 which is bred from a son of Streetfighter.

The Mangotsfield race was another highlight for the Green team as they won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the federation and also amalgamation being over 3 minutes clear. Les had 27 drop together with the majority being Hardy Krüger pigeons. The 6th and final race was from Portland. After 4 hours 20 minutes Les timed 14 X 35045, with 4 further arrivals close behind. They finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th club, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th Altrincham federation and 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th open Central Lancs. Combine. The combine winner is 100% Krüger. Her father is Otto, a son of Geronimo and Alisha with her mother being a daughter of Black Pearl. This proved to be the perfect ending to a highly impressive first season for the Hardy Krüger pigeons of Les Green.

The Scottish ace flyers G. W. and P. Macaloney have also enjoyed success with the Krüger line. One of their best performances of 2014 was from Otterburn, 145 miles In the club they won the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 14th (793 birds). In the section (2,018 birds) they won 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th whilst they achieved the same result in the federation against 5,776 birds. The winner of 2nd federation is 100% Krüger bred from the lines of Bacardy, Black Power, Andretti and Nadal.  Evans and Cuthbert are another partnership who have achieved some spectacular results. On Friday 6th June the North of England Homing Union Queens Cup race from Reims was flown. The partners were flying 705km from the French city. With their cock, 12 FUT39 (grandson of Black Pearl Bailey) they won 1st club, 1st federation, 1st section, 2nd Up North Combine, 2nd Queens Cup Open plus 1st North of England Championship Club from over 5,000 birds. Last year as a yearling he was 1st club, 3rd federation, 41st Up North Combine in the Fontenay National (720km/3190 birds.

International results

In addition to some impressive results in the UK, the German speedsters have been equally impressive around Europe. Recep Oztürk achieved a very good result in the Istanbul Derby One Loft Race where his pigeon won the title of 1st Ace Bird (831 pigeons). The mother was a daughter of Black Pearl. Additionally, the winner of the Carnival Winter Race 2014 of Alfons Klaas, is 25% Krüger blood from Black Power. Also the 2010 car winner in the Sun City Million Dollar Race and 118th final race in 2013 for Recep contain Krüger blood. In Belgium, at the Premier Lofts managed by Brian Bolton, Krüger birds have been responsible for 1st Antwerp Union yearlings (802 birds) with the sire being a grandchild of Black Power. They also won 1st NPO Nanteuil (33,737 birds) with their winner being bred from a winning daughter of Power Check when paired to Power Flight, both grandchildren of Black Power. 

Surely one of the best

Readers will surely appreciate that, since those beginnings with Carl Lewis back in 1992, Hardy Krüger has established a family of exceptional racing pigeons. They have not only proven their worth for Hardy but have made a significant impact on the results achieved by fanciers around the World. Even in the Sun City Million Dollar race in South Africa, the Krüger pigeons have excelled themselves by winning:

2000: 8th final race Million Dollar Race.

2004: 138th final race Million Dollar Race.

2008: 15th final race Million Dollar Race.

2010: 3rd final race Million Dollar Race with Cut the Cuterness (from Streetfighter x Dior d. Black Pearl).

2010: Car Winner in Millon Dollar Race 3908 birds with Dresaage Diva Father Da Vinci with Nelly (Daughter Black Power )

2012: 130th final race Million Dollar Race.

2013: 118th final race Millon Dollar Race

2014: 4th UK, 63rd open final race (Premier Stud), 9th UK, 91st open final race (Graham Guy), 1st UK, 6th open car race averages (Mr and Mrs Clayburn), 16th open final race (Alfons Klaas) and 25th open final race (Willi Holstiege).

Will the Krüger breed go on to match Vandenabeele? Time will tell.