Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL) win first prize in NPO Bourges against 6194 pigeons with Jana

Their unprecedented list of victories of 2015 has become even longer after the NPO race from Bourges, where the hen Jana won the triple crown.

Caretaker Gerard Boesveld flanked by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

The Eijerkamp team was doing great last weekend, having won the NPO race from Bourges for the third time in 11 seasons. In addition, the excellent hen Lynn claimed victory for the third time this season in the sprint race from Quievrain. The following is an overview of the seven races of 2015 in which Eijerkamp won the first prize:

17-05   Soissons          356 km   5392 p.       1-2-8-15-20-22-24-25-40-57-etc.(50/80)
24-05   NPO Gien          551 km   2576 p.       1-3-5-7-18-21-26-30-31-32-etc.(35/45)
06-06   Quiévrain         255 km   1309 p.       1-4-7-11-16-22-23-24-25-etc.(18/20)
06-06   NPO Châteaudun    564 km   2039 p.       1-2-4-5-15-16-22-28-33-34-etc.(27/38)
13-06   Soissons          356 km   1249 p.       1-3-8-10-12-51-60-63-etc.(33/58)
20-06   Quiévrain         255 km   1052 p.       1-5-6-7-39-49-59-etc.(12/18)
20-06   NPO Bourges       620 km   6187 p.       1-19-26-63-104-143-177-etc.(23/38)

In short: 7 victories in Kring De Ijssel, 4 wins in Region 4, and a first prize in Province GOU Zuid. In addition, team Eijerkamp had the fastest pigeon in Province 8 twice. They also managed to win eight teletext prizes in five different teletext races. 

Jana, Michelle and Miss Antonia pay homage to the Eijerkamp-van Loon breed

Eijerkamp has won the first prize NPO from Bourges for the third time in just eleven years’ time, and it is remarkable that their winning pigeon was always a hen. In addition, each of them is heavily based on the bloodline of Eijerkamp-Van Loon. We decided to take a closer look at each of the three winners, before discussing the influence of the Eijerkamp-Van Loon breed on Team Eijerkamp.

NL14-1603852 Jana, 1st NPO Bourges 2015 Province 8 (6187 pigeons)

Jana 1st NPO Bourges 2015

Last weekend's winning hen was Jana NL14-1603852. It characterises the way the Eijerkamp family is involved in the sport: they have had so many great seasons and yet they will continue to try and win important victories in pigeon racing. You can read on their excellent website that the Eijerkamp family was filled with emotions when news came through that they had officially won the NPO race. The 80 year old Hans Eijerkamp could not be happier. Jana had already won a teletext prize in the NPO from Chateauroux two weeks earlier, finishing in fourth place in Province 8 (3621 p.). Jana is a granddaughter of NL01-4140734 Fabio, a brother of Don Leo, 4th Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPNO. She is a granddaughter of Kain NL03-1911662 from her mother's side, winner of a 1st Peronne 5,535 pigeons. Kain is a son of BE93-6234444 Chicago. Click here for the full pedigree of Jana.

NL07-1371321 Michelle, 1st NPO Bourges 2009 (7600 p.)

Michelle 1st NPO Bourges 2009

The Bluewitpen hen Michelle took home the first prize NPO Bourges in 2009. Her dam is a granddaughter of NL94-1380745 Silver Shadow. This outstanding bird of Eijerkamp-Van Loon won three first prizes (including a 1st Etampes 6337 p.) before being transferred to the top quality breeding loft of the Eijerkamp family, where he became a highly renowned breeder. Several descendants of Michele have been successful as well, having won a 1st NPO Menen (12,047 p.) and a 1st NPO Sens (8744 p.). Click here for the pedigree of Michelle.

NL01-5120406 Miss Antonia, 1st NPO Bourges 2004 (10,040 p.)

Miss Antonia 1st NPO Bourges 2004

Silver Shadow played a role in the 2004 victory from Bourges NPO as well. He was paired to half sister Silver, and together they bred NL00-1488738 Silver Rolls, the dam of NL01-5120406 Miss Antonia. Click here for the full pedigree of Miss Antonia.

The Eijerkamp-Van Loon breed

The pigeons of the Eijerkamp-Van Loon bloodline manage to win a top prize in almost every race which the loft of Greenfield Stud competes in, especially in the most prestigious one day long distance races NPO. It was Gerard Koopman who introduced pigeons of Van Loon in The Netherlands. Hans Eijerkamp visited grandmaster Louis Van Loon (Poppel, BE) in the 1980s, and he obtained some pigeons from his stock pairs. Other pigeons that have really helped to strengthen this breed came from Staf Theeuwes (BE), the late Leo v.d. Werff, Ad van Berkel, Jaap Grotendorst, and a few other fanciers. One of the first really talented Van Loon pigeons in his collection was the renowned Flits, winner of 7 first prizes and Olympiad Pigeon in Utrecht. His granddaughter Miss Saigon was paired to Chicago, and together they formed one of the strongest breeding pairs ever. They are the grandparents of the iconic Ché. Clic here for an overview of all successful Van Loon racing birds and breeders in the loft of Eijerkamp.

NL14-1603367 Lynn, winner of three first prizes in 2015

The phenomenal Lynn

One of the pigeons that deserves special mention is the outstanding racing bird NL14-1603367 Lynn. She has won three first prizes this season as a one year old:

1st Soissons    356 km   5392 p. (and the fastest pigeon in Province 8 GOU)
1st Quievrain   255 km   1052 p.
1st Soissons    356 km   1249 p.

Lynn is a 100% Heremans-Ceusters hen, originating rom several stock breeders including Rossi, Jackpot and Nieuwe Olympiade. Click here for the pedigree of Lynn.

Gerard Boesveld and the hens' game

Caretaker Gerard Boesveld plays a crucial role in the hens’ game. According to his approach, the hens of the one day long distance are trained twice a day for at least an hour, together with a young birds’ loft. They are kept in the aviary during the day if weather allows. There is also a training flight from Heteren (35km) every Wednesday. Hemp seeds are provided in the morning, and in the evening they get a top mixture of Beijers, along with some peanuts and cheese. One of the secrets behind the successful team of hens is perhaps the close bond between Gerard and his pigeons. They have a special connection, which you can tell from the pigeons’ behaviour when he enters the loft. 


Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp continue to innovate as fanciers. Every week, their website shows pictures and maps of the pigeons that have just arrived home. Fanciers are watching these arrivals, and many of them have witnessed their victory from Bourges live on screen. We have a few more teletext races to come, and it seems that the pigeons from Brummen are not planning to slow down.