Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL) excel in the teletext races 2013

2012 turned out to be a truly exceptional season, even for the Eijerkamp family. It seems they have been going with the flow of 2012, leading to similarly exceptional results in 2013: they had a teletext notation in all four one day long distance races and of course the First prize from Nanteuil, this season’s first highlight. It illustrates the capabilities of the prize-winners from Brummen.

It has become one of the main goals in the lofts in Brommen: to excel in the Teletext races. Fanciers who try to win prizes in the demanding extreme middle distance and one day long distance competition NPO will agree that this is not an easy task, especially when you try to be successful in different races. Still, Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and their experienced assistant Gerard Boesveld seem to achieve their goals nonetheless. We should not forget that they have a breeding loft in which many bloodlines of the highest quality are represented, as well as a team of racing pigeons that are kept in top shape every week. They achieve very high prize percentages with high numbers of pigeons, which shows they are very skilled in racing and breeding pigeons.

Top 10 NPO/TT prizes
1st  TT Nanteuil (408 km)   – 5,887 p.
2nd  TT Nanteuil (408 km)   – 7,753 p.
4th  NPO Salbris (599 km)   - 3,218 p.
5th  NPO Orleans (556 km)   – 2,351 p.
7th  NPO Orleans (556 km)   – 2,351 p.
8th  NPO Orleans (556 km)   – 2,351 p.
9th  NPO Orleans (556 km)   – 2,351 p.
10th NPO Orleans (556 km)   – 2,351 p.

1st prizes in 2013
1st NPO Nanteuil (408 km)  – 5,887 p.
1st Nanteuil (408 km)      – 1,692 p.
1st Wolvertem (182 km)     – 2,059 p.
1st Vervins (299 km)       – 1,314 p.
1st Salbris (599 km)       -   969 p.
1st Orleans (556 km)       -   492 p.

Best races in 2013
15-06 Nanteuil (408 km)    – 3,447 p.; 1-9-10-11-12-13-23 -etc. (25/48)
08-06 Vervins (299 km)     – 1,314 p.; 1-4-9-15-16-29-25-etc. (35/48)
01-06 Nanteuil (408 km)    - 1,692 p.; 1-3-8-13-22-34-49-51-etc. (44/118) 
27-05 Orleans (556 km)     - 2,351 p.; 5-7-8-9-10-11-17-18-etc. (34/45)
25-05 St. Quentin (323 km) - 1,304 p.; 3-4-7-15-16-23-25-28-etc. (25/43)
04-05 Lessines (227 km)    - 7,384 p.; 2-3-4-5-11-12-14-etc. (69/101)
27-04 Wolvertem (182 km)   - 2,059 p.; 1-2-9-11-15-16-24-etc. (58/100)
20-04 Duffel (162 km)      - 2,257 p.; 2-3-5-26-27-34 –etc. (44/100)

Usain – 1st TT Nanteuil 5,901 p.

The winner in the southern region District 8 GOU indicates a new trend in the pigeon lofts in Greenfield Stud. The dark coloured pigeon BE12-6055556 Usain is in fact a direct descendant of Belgian Champion Stefaan Lambrechts, from which Eijerkamp purchased a group of young birds in 2012. Hans explains: “The introduction of these pigeons was similar to that of the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons. We also purchased a round of young birds from Heremans-Ceusters to basket them for the races and they brought success almost immediately. The same happened with the young birds from Stefaan’s loft. They seem to surprise us every week; it’s been a great experience. We are really satisfied with these top class sprinters and we think they have a great future in the international competition.”

Honda – 2nd TT Nanteuil 7,748 p.
Two weeks before Usain’s victory team Eijerkamp was close to a golden teletext result already. The magnificent hen BE12-6055556 took the second prize (and a first prize in the region against 1,692 pigeons), after having won for instance a 2nd Lessines 7,384 p., a 4th Vervins 1,314 p. and a 7th Peronne 2,623 p. The sire of Honda is Olympic Lucky 13, winner of nine first prizes and an Olympiad Pigeon for Croatia in 2011. He originates back from Eijerkamp’s Janssen breed and their iconic pigeons Flits, Rocky and Goldrush. The dam of Honda is a daughter of Messi (two first prizes in big races) x Hester (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2007). She is a pigeon with Janssen origins as well.

Royal Blue – 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint region 2013

No other pigeon has ever gained more points in the regional ranking than Royal Blue NL10-1273194 (with over 7,000 pigeons basketed). He is a crossing of Heremans-Ceusters (son Jackpot x Mysterious) x Janssen/Van Loon (Demeter, bred from Chicago x Miss Saigon). Royal Blue has won quite a few prizes in his career:

1st Ace Pigeon region 4 in 2013
2nd Duffel           –  2,257 p.
4th Lessines         –  7,384 p.
5th Pommeroeul       –    961 p.
7th NPO Morlincourt  – 14,598 p.

Karen – 3rd Ace Pigeon Sprint region 2013

The exceptional qualities of the noble Heremans-Ceusters pigeon breed continues to bring success to the Eijerkamp loft. The NL11-1341334 Karen is a highly talented pigeon as the granddaughter of such icons as Goochelaar, Moeder Euro, Den 426 and Chrisje. Karen was third Ace Pigeon Sprint at regional level and she has won a few top prizes as well:

1st  Quievrain    - 3,529 p.
7th  St. Ghislain - 4,270 p.
8th  Peronne      - 2,623 p.
14th Peronne      - 3,038 p.
14th Peronne      – 1,156 p.
14th Breuil       –   733 p.